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New Books for Teens - July 2015

These titles were added in June

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Call Number Author Title
YA 378.166 Ma 2014 Ma, William. CliffsNotes SAT cram plan
YA 378.166 Stewart 2014 Stewart, Brian W. Pass key to the ACT
YA 646.7245 Butcher Butcher, Christina. Braids, buns, and twists!: step-by-step tutorials for 82 fabulous hairstyles
YA 646.7245 Coefield Coefield, Sasha. DIY braids: from crowns to fishtails, easy, step-by-step hair braiding instructions
YA 741.5 Girls #4 . Girls & Panzer, vol. 4
YA 741.5 Kazue #13 Kazue, Kato Blue Exorcist, vol. 13.
YA 741.5 Kishimoto #70 Kishimoto, Masashi Naruto and the sage of six paths. (Naruto, vol. 70.)
YA 741.5 Marvel #1 Marvel Comics Group. Revival. (Miles Morales: the ultimate Spider-Man, vol. 1.)
YA 741.5 Marvel #3 Marvel Comics Group Crushed. (Ms. Marvel, vol. 3.)
YA 741.5 Mashima #48 Mashima, Hiro. Fairy tail, vol. 48.
YA 741.5 Midorikawa #18 Midorikawa, Yuki Natsume's book of friends, vol. 18
YA 741.5 Minami #11 Minami, Maki. Voice over! Seiyu Academy, vol. 11.
YA 741.5 Ohtaka #12 Ohtaka, Shinobu Magi: the labyrinth of magic, vol. 12
YA 741.5 Omori #1 Omori, Fujino. Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? manga, vol. 1.
YA 741.5 Sakaki #1 Sakaki, Ichirou. Chaika: the coffin princess, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Shestakova #8 Shestakova, Anastasia. World War Blue, vol. 8
YA 741.5 Shiina #21 Shiina, Karuho. Kimi ni todoke, vol. 21 = From me to you
YA 741.5 Stevenson #1 Stevenson, Noelle. Beware the Kitten Holy. (Lumberjanes, vol. 1.)
YA 741.5 Suzuki #18 Suzuki, Julietta. Kamisama kiss, vol. 18
YA 741.5 Suzuki #8 Suzuki, Nakaba The seven deadly sins, vol. 8
YA 741.5 Watase #22 Watase, Yuu Arata, the legend, vol. 22
YA 741.5 Whedon #2 Whedon, Joss Lost and found. (Angel & Faith, season 10, vol. 2.)
YA 745.5942 McNeill McNeill, Suzanne. Friendship bracelets all grown up: hemp, floss, and other boho chic designs to make
YA 746.434 Boho . Boho crochet: 30 hip and happy projects
YA 791.4572 Doctor 2014 Doctor Who Doctor Who: the visual dictionary
YA 921 H3746AAi Hemingway, Mariel. Invisible girl
YA Fic Great . The Great War: stories inspired by items from the First World War
YA Fic Abawi Abawi, Atia. The secret sky: a novel of forbidden love in Afghanistan
YA Fic Adrian Adrian, Emily. Like it never happened
YA Fic Aguirre Aguirre, Ann. The queen of bright and shiny things
YA Fic Berry Berry, Nina. The notorious Pagan Jones
YA Fic Cotugno Cotugno, Katie. 99 days
YA Fic Frank Frank, E. R. Dime
YA Fic Han Han, Jenny. To all the boys I've loved before
YA Fic Han #2 Han, Jenny. P.S. I still love you
YA Fic Hautman Hautman, Pete Eden west
YA Fic Juby Juby, Susan The truth commission
YA Fic Katcher Katcher, Brian. The improbable theory of Ana and Zak
YA Fic Kinsella Kinsella, Sophie. Finding Audrey
YA Fic Konigsberg Konigsberg, Bill. The porcupine of truth
YA Fic Lynch Lynch, Chris Hit count: a novel
YA Fic M Carey #2 Carey, Anna. Deadfall. (Blackbird, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Cosimano Cosimano, Elle. Nearly found
YA Fic M Despain #2 Despain, Bree The eternity key. (Into the dark, book 2.)
YA Fic M Garcia #2 Garcia, Kami. Dangerous deception. (Dangerous creatures, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M George #3 George, Elizabeth The edge of the shadows. (Saratoga Woods, #3.)
YA Fic M Henry #2 Henry, April. Blood will tell. (Point last seen, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Higson #6 Higson, Charles The hunted. (Enemy series, vol. 6.)
YA Fic M Holder Holder, Nancy. The rules
YA Fic M Morgan #1 Morgan, Page. The beautiful and the cursed. (Dispossessed, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Shepard #2 Shepard, Sara The good girls. (Perfectionists series, vol. 2.)
YA Fic McKay McKay, Sharon E. War brothers: the graphic novel
YA Fic Meyer Meyer, Carolyn Diary of a waitress: the not-so-glamorous life of a Harvey girl
YA Fic Nix Nix, Garth. To hold the bridge
YA Fic Ockler Ockler, Sarah. The summer of chasing mermaids
YA Fic Priest Priest, Cherie. I am Princess X
YA Fic Rabb Rabb, Margo. Kissing in America
YA Fic Russell #9 Russell, Rachel Renee. Tales from a not-so-dorky drama queen. (Dork diaries, vol. 9.)
YA Fic SF Alpert Alpert, Mark The six
YA Fic SF Bao #1 Bao, Karen. Dove arising. (Dove chronicles, #1.)
YA Fic SF Black #2 Black, Peter Jay. Blackout. (Urban outlaws, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Boecker #1 Boecker, Virginia. The witch hunter. (Witch hunter, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Buckley #1 Buckley, Michael Undertow. (Undertow trilogy, #1.)
YA Fic SF Dashner Dashner, James Maze runner. The Scorch trials: official graphic novel prelude
YA Fic SF Doctor Doctor Who The English way of death
YA Fic SF Doctor Doctor Who Witch hunters
YA Fic SF Dolamore #2 Dolamore, Jaclyn. Glittering shadows. (Dark metropolis, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Eye #1 Eye, Lelia Thorny. (Smothered rose trilogy, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Grey #1 Grey, Melissa. The girl at midnight. (Girl at midnight series, #1.)
YA Fic SF Headley Headley, Maria Dahvana Magonia
YA Fic SF Jury #2 Jury, Walter. Burn. (Scan, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Kamiya #1 Kamiya, Yuu. No game, no life, vol. 1
YA Fic SF Maas #1 Maas, Sarah J. A court of thorns and roses. (Court of thorns and roses series, #1.)
YA Fic SF Patterson #9 Patterson, James Maximum Ride forever. (Maximum Ride, #9.)
YA Fic SF Picoult #2 Picoult, Jodi Off the page
YA Fic SF Reichs #5 Reichs, Kathy. Terminal. (Virals novel, #5.)
YA Fic SF Rose #2 Rose, Kathryn. Avalon rising. (Metal and lace, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Roth #3 Roth, Veronica. Allegiant. (Divergent series, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Silver #3 Silver, Eve. Crash. (The game, book 3.)
YA Fic SF Somper #2 Somper, Justin. A conspiracy of princes. (Enemies of the Prince, book 2.): an allies & assassins novel
YA Fic SF Tahir Tahir, Sabaa. An ember in the ashes
YA Fic SF Vincent Vincent, Rachel. The stars never rise
YA Fic Sheldon Sheldon, Dyan. The truth about my success
YA Fic Sullivan Sullivan, Derek E. Biggie
YA Fic Walton Walton, Will. Anything could happen
YA Fic Zadoff #3 Zadoff, Allen. I am the traitor. (Unknown assassin, book 3.)
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