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New Books for Teens - June 2015

These titles were added in May

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Call Number Author Title
YA 305.3 Rosen Rosen, Michael J. Girls vs. guys: surprising differences between the sexes
YA 306.362 Behnke Behnke, Alison. Up for sale: human trafficking and modern slavery
YA 378.166 Ma 2014 Ma, William. CliffsNotes ACT cram plan
YA 378.198 Shoket Shoket, Ann Seventeen ultimate guide to college: everything you need to know to walk onto campus and own it!
YA 741.5 Amemiya #16 Amemiya, Yuki. 07-ghost., vol. 16.
YA 741.5 Clamp #2 Clamp Drug & drop, vol. 2: a drugstore with medicine and a danger
YA 741.5 Clamp #2 Clamp XxxHolic rei, 2
YA 741.5 Clamp #3 Clamp XxxHolic rei, 3
YA 741.5 DeFilippis #10 DeFilippis, Nunzio. Amazing agent Luna, vol. 10
YA 741.5 Dukihiro #5 Dukihiro, Utako. Devils and realist, vol. 5
YA 741.5 Kawahara #1 Kawahara, Reki. Sword art online: girls' ops, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Koge Donbo #2 Koge Donbo Kamichama Karin, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Komi #9 Komi, Naoshi. Kamikaze. (Nisekoi = false love, vol. 9.)
YA 741.5 Marvel #2 Marvel Comics Group Generation Why. (Ms. Marvel, vol. 2.)
YA 741.5 Mizuno#1 Mizuno, Toko. Haruka: beyond the stream of time, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Moriyama #4 Moriyama, Daisuke. Chrono crusade, vol. 4
YA 741.5 Satou #1 Satou, Mahiro. Kagerou daze, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Stevenson Stevenson, Noelle. Nimona
YA 741.5 Takahashi #1 Takahashi, Kazuki Yu-Gi-Oh! 3-in-1 edition, vol 1
YA 741.5 Takahashi #2 Takahashi, Kazuki Yu-Gi-Oh! 3-in-1 edition, vol 2
YA 741.5 Tamaki Tamaki, Jillian SuperMutant Magic Academy
YA 741.5 Telgemeier Telgemeier, Raina. Sisters
YA 741.5 Touno #1 Touno, Mamare. Log horizon, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Wade #1 Wade, Martheus Shinobi ninja princess, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Watsuki #4 Watsuki, Nobuhiro. Rurouni Kenshin VizBig edition, vol. 4: Meiji swordsman romantic story
YA 741.5 Watsuki #8 Watsuki, Nobuhiro. Rurouni Kenshin Vizbig edition, vol. 8: Meiji swordsman romantic story
YA 741.5 Watsuki #9 Watsuki, Nobuhiro. Rurouni Kenshin VizBig edition, vol. 9: Meiji swordsman romantic story
YA 921 Su726AAw Sundquist, Josh. We should hang out sometime: embarrassingly, a true story
YA Fic Albertalli Albertalli, Becky. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda
YA Fic Alderson Alderson, Sarah. Out of control
YA Fic Almond Almond, David The tightrope walkers
YA Fic Alsaid Alsaid, Adi. Let's get lost
YA Fic Anderson Anderson, T. Neill. Massacre of the miners. (Horrors of history)
YA Fic Beaufrand Beaufrand, Mary Jane. The rise and fall of the Gallivanters
YA Fic Blankman #1 Blankman, Anne. Prisoner of night and fog
YA Fic Blankman #2 Blankman, Anne. Conspiracy of blood and smoke
YA Fic Brockenbrough Brockenbrough, Martha. The game of Love and Death
YA Fic Bruchac Bruchac, Joseph Walking two worlds
YA Fic Cameron Cameron, Sharon Rook
YA Fic de la Pena #2 de la Pena, Matt. The hunted
YA Fic Dessen Dessen, Sarah. Saint Anything
YA Fic Emerson #2 Emerson, Kevin. Encore to an empty room. (Exile trilogy, vol. 2.)
YA Fic Finn #1 Finn, Katie. Broken hearts, fences, and other things to mend. (Broken hearts & revenge, vol. 1.)
YA Fic Finn #2 Finn, Katie. Revenge, ice cream, and other things best served cold. (Broken hearts & revenge, vol. 2.)
YA Fic Fixmer Fixmer, Elizabeth Down from the mountain
YA Fic Gaughen #3 Gaughen, A. C. Lion heart. (Scarlet, vol. 3.): a Scarlet novel
YA Fic Gilbert Gilbert, Kelly Loy. Conviction
YA Fic Gregory #4 Gregory, Kristiana. Hope springs eternal. (Prairie River, #4.)
YA Fic Haddix #3 Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Palace of lies. (Palace chronicles, vol. 3.)
YA Fic Halbrook Halbrook, Kristin Every last promise
YA Fic Han Han, Jenny. To all the boys I've loved before
YA Fic Heathfield Heathfield, Lisa. Seed
YA Fic Hoyle Hoyle, Tom. Thirteen
YA Fic Jaskulka Jaskulka, Marie The lost marble notebook of Forgotten Girl & Random Boy
YA Fic Jenkins #1 Jenkins, Jerry B. The vanishings. (Left behind: the kids, #1.)
YA Fic Kephart Kephart, Beth. One thing stolen
YA Fic Knowles Knowles, Johanna Read between the lines
YA Fic Littman Littman, Sarah. Backlash
YA Fic Lord Lord, Emery. The start of me and you
YA Fic M Armentrout Armentrout, Jennifer L. Don't look back
YA Fic M Caine #1 Caine, Rachel. Glass houses and dead girls' dance. (The Morganville vampires rebind, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Carey #1 Carey, Anna. Blackbird. (Blackbird, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Christie Christie, Agatha Hickory dickory dock
YA Fic M Christie Christie, Agatha Three blind mice and other stories
YA Fic M Cooper Cooper, E. E. Vanished
YA Fic M Darrows Darrows, Eva The awesome
YA Fic M Delaney #5 Delaney, Joseph Wrath of the bloodeye. (The last apprentice, book 5.)
YA Fic M Dellaira Dellaira, Ava. Love letters to the dead: a novel
YA Fic M Despain #1 Despain, Bree The shadow prince. (Into the dark, book 1.)
YA Fic M Galante Galante, Cecilia. Be not afraid
YA Fic M Giles Giles, L. R. Endangered
YA Fic M Hawkins Hawkins, Rachel Rebel belle. (Rebel belle, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Hawkins #2 Hawkins, Rachel Miss Mayhem. (Rebel Belle, vol. 2,)
YA Fic M Higson #4 Higson, Charles The sacrifice. (Enemy series, vol. 4.)
YA Fic M Latham Latham, Jennifer. Scarlett undercover
YA Fic M Leonard #2 Leonard, Niall. Incinerator. (Crusher, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Leonard #3 Leonard, Niall. Shredder. (Crusher, vol. 3.)
YA Fic M Maberry Maberry, Jonathan. Warrior smart. (Rot & ruin graphic novel)
YA Fic M MacColl MacColl, Michaela. The revelation of Louisa May: a novel of intrigue and romance
YA Fic M McKenzie #1 McKenzie, Paige. The haunting of Sunshine girl. (Sunshine girl, book one.)
YA Fic M Morgan #2 Morgan, Page. The lovely and the lost. (Dispossessed, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Morgan #3 Morgan, Page. The Wondrous and the wicked. (Dispossessed, vol. 3.)
YA Fic M Preble Preble, Joy. Finding Paris
YA Fic M Preus Preus, Margi. Enchantment Lake: a Northwoods mystery
YA Fic M Scott Scott, Kieran What waits in the woods
YA Fic M Shepard #15 Shepard, Sara Toxic. (Pretty little liars, v.15.)
YA Fic M Stine Stine, R. L. Don't stay up late: a Fear Street novel
YA Fic M Suma Suma, Nova Ren. The walls around us
YA Fic M Turner Turner, Henry Ask the dark
YA Fic M Warman Warman, Jessica. The last good day of the year
YA Fic M Waters Waters, Daniel Break my heart 1,000 times
YA Fic Matson Matson, Morgan. Since you've been gone
YA Fic McLachlan McLachlan, Jenny. Flirty dancing
YA Fic Muchamore #3 Muchamore, Robert. Black Friday. (CHERUB 2, mission 3.)
YA Fic Muchamore #7 Muchamore, Robert. The fall. (CHERUB, a division of MI5, mission 7.)
YA Fic Muchamore #8 Muchamore, Robert. Mad dogs. (CHERUB, a division of MI5, mission 8.)
YA Fic Nielsen #3 Nielsen, Jennifer A. The shadow throne. (The ascendance trilogy, book 3.)
YA Fic Nielsen-Fernlund Nielsen-Fernlund, Susin We are all made of molecules
YA Fic Novak Novak, Ali. My life with the Walter boys
YA Fic Osborne Osborne, Mary Ann. Alchemy's daughter
YA Fic Oseman Oseman, Alice. Solitaire
YA Fic Polak Polak, Monique. Learning the ropes
YA Fic Prendergast Prendergast, Gabrielle. The frail days
YA Fic Schantz Schantz, Sarah Elizabeth. Fig
YA Fic SF Ahdieh Ahdieh, Renee. The wrath & the dawn
YA Fic SF Akins #2 Akins, Karen. Twist. (Loop, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Blackburne Blackburne, Livia. Midnight thief
YA Fic SF Blake #2 Blake, Kendare. Mortal gods. (Goddess war, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Cass Cass, Kiera. The Selection stories: the prince & the guard
YA Fic SF Cass #4 Cass, Kiera. The heir. (A Selection novel, #4.)
YA Fic SF Chainani #2 Chainani, Soman. A world without princes. (School for Good and Evil, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Chima #4 Chima, Cinda Williams. The enchanter heir. (Heir chronicles, vol. 4.)
YA Fic SF Clare #4 Clare, Cassandra. City of fallen angels. (The mortal instruments, book 4.)
YA Fic SF Dashner #2 Dashner, James The Scorch Trials. (Maze runner trilogy, #2.)
YA Fic SF Deebs #2 Deebs, Tracy. Tempest unleashed. (Tempest series, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Derting #1 Derting, Kimberly. The taking. (Taking trilogy, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Dixon Dixon, Heather Illusionarium
YA Fic SF Fisher #3 Fisher, Catherine The door in the moon. (Chronoptika, book 3.)
YA Fic SF Gabel #2 Gabel, Claudia. Etherworld. (Elusion, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Gaiman #3 Gaiman, Neil. Eternity's wheel. (An InterWorld novel, #3.)
YA Fic SF Hardinge Hardinge, Frances. Cuckoo song
YA Fic SF Helget Helget, Nicole Lea Wonder at the edge of the world
YA Fic SF Hocking #2 Hocking, Amanda. Ice kissed. (The Kanin chronicles, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Hodge Hodge, Rosamund. Crimson bound
YA Fic SF Jarzab #2 Jarzab, Anna. Tether. (Many-worlds trilogy, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Kang #2 Kang, Lydia. Catalyst. (Control, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Kornher-Stace Kornher-Stace, Nicole. Archivist wasp
YA Fic SF Leicht #3 Leicht, Martin. The world forgot. (Ever-expanding universe, book 3.)
YA Fic SF Matharu #1 Matharu, Taran. The novice. (Summoner, book 1.)
YA Fic SF Nolan #2 Nolan, Lea. Allure. (The hoodoo apprentice, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Oh #3 Oh, Ellen. King. (Prophecy series, vol. 3.): a Prophecy novel
YA Fic SF Omori #2 Omori, Fujino. Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?, vol. 2.
YA Fic SF Pearson #1 Pearson, Mary The kiss of deception. (Remnant chronicles, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Reichs #4 Reichs, Kathy. Exposure. (Virals novel, #4.)
YA Fic SF Rose #1 Rose, Kathryn. Camelot burning. (Metal and lace, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Rutkoski #1 Rutkoski, Marie. The winner's curse. (Winner's trilogy, book 1.)
YA Fic SF Scott #1 Scott, Victoria. Fire & flood. (Fire & flood trilogy, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Shine Shine, Joe I become Shadow
YA Fic SF Smith #2 Smith, Lindsay Skandal. (Sekret, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Taylor-Butler Taylor-Butler, Christine. The lost tribes
YA Fic SF Vaughn #1 Vaughn, J. D. The Second Guard. (Second Guard, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Wallace #1 Wallace, Becky. The storyspinner. (Keepers' chronicles, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Wiggins #2 Wiggins, Bethany. Cured. (Stung novel, #2.)
YA Fic SF Young Young, Suzanne. The Remedy. (Program companion)
YA Fic Smith Smith, Cynthia Leitich. Rain is not my Indian name
YA Fic Smith Smith, Jennifer E. The geography of you and me
YA Fic Spalding Spalding, Amy. Kissing Ted Callahan (and other guys)
YA Fic Stone Stone, Juliana. Boys like you
YA Fic Talley Talley, Robin. Lies we tell ourselves
YA Fic Toten Toten, Teresa The unlikely hero of room 13B
YA Fic Wagahara #1 Wagahara, Satoshi. The devil is a part-timer! light novel, vol. 1
YA Fic Wallach Wallach, Tommy. We all looked up
YA Fic Warga Warga, Jasmine. My heart and other black holes
YA Fic Wilke Wilke, Daria. Playing a part
YA Fic Wood Wood, Jennie. A boy like me
YA Fic Yee Yee, Lisa. The kidney hypothetical, or, how to ruin your life in seven days
YA Fic Zink Zink, Michelle. Lies I told
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