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New Books for Teens - May 2015

These titles were added in April

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Call Number Author Title
YA 155.9042 Vo Vo, Dzung X. The mindful teen: powerful skills to help you handle stress one moment at a time
YA 158.2 Van Dijk Van Dijk, Sheri. Relationship skills 101 for teens: your guide to dealing with daily drama, stress, and difficult emotions using DBT
YA 741.5 Ando #1 Ando, Natsumi Let's dance a waltz, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Aoyama #54 Aoyama, Gosho. Case closed, vol. 54
YA 741.5 Asada #17 Asada, Hiroyuki Late hire Chico. (Tegami bachi, vol. 17.)
YA 741.5 Ashihara #5 Ashihara, Daisuke. World trigger, vol. 5
YA 741.5 Crilley #6 Crilley, Mark. Brody's ghost, book 6
YA 741.5 Kamachi #10 Kamachi, Kazuma. A certain scientific railgun, vol. 10
YA 741.5 Kawahara #2 Kawahara, Reki. Sword Art Online: progressive, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Kishimoto #4 Kishimoto, Masashi Naruto omnibus, vol. 4
YA 741.5 Marvel #1 Marvel Comics Group Ultimate Spider-Man web warriors, vol. 1.
YA 741.5 Mashima #47 Mashima, Hiro. Fairy tail, vol. 47.
YA 741.5 Minami #10 Minami, Maki. Voice over! Seiyu Academy, vol. 10.
YA 741.5 Motomi #16 Motomi, Kyousuke. Dengeki Daisy, vol. 16
YA 741.5 Nakamura #34 Nakamura, Yoshiki. Skip beat!, vol. 34
YA 741.5 Oda #10 Oda, Eiichiro. Gold rush. (One piece omnibus, vol. 10.)
YA 741.5 Oda #74 Oda, Eiichiro. Ever at your side. (One piece, vol. 74.)
YA 741.5 Ohtaka #11 Ohtaka, Shinobu Magi: the labyrinth of magic, vol. 11
YA 741.5 Takahash #5 Takahashi, Rumiko Ranma 1/2 2-in-1 edition, vol. 5
YA 741.5 Takahashi #4 Takahashi, Rumiko Ranma 1/2 2-in-1 edition, vol. 4
YA 741.5 Yoshino #4 Yoshino, Satsuki. Barakamon, vol. 4
YA 741.5 Yumi #13 Yumi, Kiiro. Library wars: love & war, vol. 13
YA 920 Gill Gill, Joel Christian. Strange fruit, vol. 1, Uncelebrated narratives from Black history
YA Fic Arnold Arnold, Elana K. Infandous
YA Fic Easton Easton, Tom. Boys don't knit
YA Fic Gaughen #2 Gaughen, A. C. Lady thief. (Scarlet, vol. 2.): a Scarlet novel
YA Fic Gregorio Gregorio, I. W. None of the above
YA Fic Keplinger Keplinger, Kody. Lying out loud
YA Fic Lee Lee, Stacey. Under a painted sky
YA Fic M Armstrong #2 Armstrong, Kelley. Empire of night. (Age of legends, #2.)
YA Fic M Axelrod Axelrod, Amy. The bullet catch
YA Fic M Brewer Brewer, Heather. The cemetery boys
YA Fic M Delaney Delaney, Joseph The spook's bestiary. (Last apprentice): the guide to creatures of the dark
YA Fic M Delaney #13 Delaney, Joseph Fury of the seventh son. (The last apprentice, book 13.)
YA Fic M Ford Ford, John C. The cipher
YA Fic M Gier #1 Gier, Kerstin. Dream a little dream. (The Silver trilogy, book 1.)
YA Fic M Horowitz #5 Horowitz, Anthony Oblivion. (The gatekeepers, book 5.)
YA Fic M Kenyon #6 Kenyon, Sherrilyn Instinct. (Chronicles of Nick, vol. 6.)
YA Fic M Leonard #1 Leonard, Niall. Crusher. (Crusher, vol. 1.)
YA Fic M Ludwig #3 Ludwig, Elisa. Pretty wanted. (Pretty crooked, vol. 3.)
YA Fic M Preus Preus, Margi. Enchantment Lake: a Northwoods mystery
YA Fic M Ruby Ruby, Laura. Bone Gap
YA Fic M Stokes Stokes, Paula. Liars, Inc.
YA Fic Mathieu Mathieu, Jennifer. The truth about Alice
YA Fic Seigel Seigel, Andrea. Everybody knows your name
YA Fic SF Bowman #3 Bowman, Erin. Forged. (Taken novel, #3.)
YA Fic SF Chainani #2 Chainani, Soman. A world without princes. (School for Good and Evil, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Clare Clare, Cassandra. The Bane chronicles. (The mortal instruments.)
YA Fic SF Dawson Dawson, Delilah S. Hit
YA Fic SF Dayton #1 Dayton, Arwen. Seeker. (Seeker trilogy, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Derting #2 Derting, Kimberly. The replaced. (Taking trilogy, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Johnston #2 Johnston, E. K. Prairie fire
YA Fic SF Kade #3 Kade, Stacey. The trials. (Project paper doll, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Krengel #2 Krengel, Matthew John. The map maker's sister. (Map maker series, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Meadows #1 Meadows, Jodi. The orphan queen. (Orphan queen, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Morgan #2 Morgan, Kass. Day 21. (100 series, #2.)
YA Fic SF Oh #2 Oh, Ellen. Warrior. (Prophecy series, vol. 2.): a Prophecy novel
YA Fic SF Paige Paige, D. M. Dorothy must die: stories
YA Fic SF Paige #1 Paige, D. M. Dorothy must die. (Dorothy must die series, #1.)
YA Fic SF Paige #2 Paige, D. M. The wicked will rise. (Dorothy must die series, #2.)
YA Fic SF Patterson #5 Patterson, James The Lost. (Witch & wizard novels, #5.)
YA Fic SF Rags . Rags and bones: new twists on timeless tales
YA Fic SF Rubin #1 Rubin, Lance Denton Little's deathdate
YA Fic SF Ryan Ryan, Jeanne. Charisma
YA Fic SF Shull Shull, Megan. The swap
YA Fic SF Smith Smith, Andrew The Alex crow
YA Fic SF St. Crow #3 St. Crow, Lili. Kin: a tale of beauty and madness
YA Fic SF Thomas Thomas, Rhiannon. A wicked thing
YA Fic SF Wiggins #1 Wiggins, Bethany Stung. (Stung novel, #1.)
YA Fic SF Young #2 Young, Suzanne. The Treatment. (Program, vol. 2.)
YA Fic Shusterman Shusterman, Neal. Challenger Deep
YA Fic Summers Summers, Courtney. All the rage
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