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New Books for Teens - August 2015

These titles were added in July

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Call Number Author Title
YA 001.9 Grant Grant, John Debunk it!: how to stay sane in a world of misinformation
YA 158.1 Reber Reber, Deborah. Doable: the girls' guide to accomplishing just about anything
YA 158.2 Roberts Roberts, Emily. Express yourself: a teen girl's guide to speaking up and being who you are
YA 211.8 Seidman Seidman, David What if i'm an atheist?: a teen's guide to exploring a life without religion
YA 248.833 Colopy Colopy, Elsa Kok. Pure love, pure life: exploring God's heart on purity
YA 248.833 Kampakis Kampakis, Kari 10 ultimate truths girls should know
YA 305.23 McCarney McCarney, Rosemary A. Because I am a girl: I can change the world
YA 306 Faulk Faulk, Richard. Next big thing: a history of the boom-or-bust moments that shaped the modern world
YA 306.768 Kuklin Kuklin, Susan. Beyond magenta: transgender teens speak out
YA 366 Tibbott Tibbott, Julie. Members only: secret societies, sects, and cults-- exposed!
YA 378.161 Nevin Nevin, Justin. Is it easy being green?: writing the new college application essay
YA 378.166 Domzalski 2015 Domzalski, Shawn Michael. Crash course for the ACT: your last-minute guide to scoring high
YA 636.70886 Ritland Ritland, Mike. Navy SEAL dogs: my tale of training canines for combat
YA 646.72 Carmindy Carmindy. Bloom: a girl's guide to growing up gorgeous
YA 741.5 Amemiya #17 Amemiya, Yuki. 07-ghost., vol. 17.
YA 741.5 Aoyama #55 Aoyama, Gosho. Case closed, vol. 55
YA 741.5 Ashihara #6 Ashihara, Daisuke. World trigger, vol. 6
YA 741.5 Chmakova Chmakova, Svetlana Awkward
YA 741.5 Crofts #1 Crofts, Jackie. Early fall: taste buddies. (Nutmeg, vol. 1.)
YA 741.5 DC Comics #1 DC Comics, Inc. Welcome to Gotham Academy. (Gotham Academy, vol. 1.)
YA 741.5 Girls #2 . Girls & Panzer: little army, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Ikeyamada #1 Ikeyamada, Go. So cute it hurts!!, vol. 1
YA 741.5 Kawahara #4 Kawahara, Reki. Accel world, vol. 4
YA 741.5 Komi #10 Komi, Naoshi. Shu's crush. (Nisekoi = false love, vol. 10.)
YA 741.5 Kubo #64 Kubo, Tite. Death in vision. (Bleach, vol. 64.)
YA 741.5 Marvel #2 Marvel Comics Group. Revelations. (Miles Morales: the ultimate Spider-Man, vol. 2.)
YA 741.5 Mashima #49 Mashima, Hiro. Fairy tail, vol. 49.
YA 741.5 Nakamura #11 Nakamura, Yoshiki. Skip beat! 3-in-1 edition, vol. 11
YA 741.5 Narita #3 Narita, Ryohgo. Durarara!! Yellow Scarves ARC, vol. 3
YA 741.5 Oda #8 Oda, Eiichiro. Baroque works. (One piece omnibus, vol. 8.)
YA 741.5 Satou #2 Satou, Mahiro. Kagerou daze, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Scott Scott, Jerry Peace, love, and wi-fi: a Zits treasury
YA 741.5 Shimura #8 Shimura, Takako Wandering son, vol. 8
YA 741.5 Sukeno #1 Sukeno, Yoshiaki Twin star exorcists, vol. 1: Onmyoji
YA 741.5 Takahashi #18 Takahashi, Rumiko Rin-ne, vol. 18
YA 741.5 Takemiya #7 Takemiya, Yuyuko. Toradora!, vol. 7
YA 741.5 Tiger #7 . Tiger & Bunny, vol. 7
YA 741.5 Toboso #20 Toboso, Yana. Black butler, vol. 20
YA 741.5 Wagahara #2 Wagahara, Satoshi The devil is a part-timer, vol. 2
YA 741.5 Yoshino #5 Yoshino, Satsuki. Barakamon, vol. 5
YA 743.87 Destefano Destefano, Merrie How to draw Grimm's dark tales, fables & folklore
YA 796.522 Mills Mills, James Edward The adventure gap: changing the face of the outdoors
YA 811.6 Please . Please excuse this poem: 100 new poets for the next generation
YA 940.5348 Hoose Hoose, Phillip M. The boys who challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club
YA Fic Allen Allen, Rachael The revenge playbook
YA Fic Bross Bross, Lee. Tangled webs
YA Fic Hillyer Hillyer, Lexa. Proof of forever
YA Fic M Archer Archer, Jennifer The shadow girl
YA Fic M Barnes Barnes, Jennifer The fixer
YA Fic M Cooney Cooney, Caroline B. No such person
YA Fic M Creagh #3 Creagh, Kelly. Oblivion. (A Nevermore book, #3.)
YA Fic M George George, Jessica Day Silver in the blood
YA Fic M Hall Hall, Tim K. Shadow of the wolf
YA Fic M Heltzel Heltzel, Anne. Charlie, presumed dead
YA Fic M Johansson #3 Johansson, J. R. Mania. (Night Walkers, book 3.)
YA Fic M Lindquist Lindquist, Lynn. Secret of the Sevens
YA Fic M Maetani Maetani, Valynne E. Ink and ashes
YA Fic M McCarry #2 McCarry, Sarah. Dirty wings. (Metamorphoses, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M McCarry #3 McCarry, Sarah. About a girl. (Metamorphoses, vol. 3.)
YA Fic M McNeil #2 McNeil, Gretchen. Get dirty. (Don't get mad, vol. 2.)
YA Fic M Narita #1 Narita, Ryohgo. Durarara!! novel, vol. 1
YA Fic M Painchaud Painchaud, Michelle. Pretending to be Erica
YA Fic Mathieu Mathieu, Jennifer. Devoted
YA Fic Muchamore #2 Muchamore, Robert. Guardian angel. (CHERUB 2, mission 2.)
YA Fic Oakes Oakes, Stephanie. The sacred lies of Minnow Bly
YA Fic Rudetsky Rudetsky, Seth. The rise and fall of a theater geek
YA Fic Schroeder Schroeder, Lisa. All we have is now
YA Fic SF Carriger #2 Carriger, Gail. Curtsies & conspiracies. (Finishing school, book the second.)
YA Fic SF Chainani #3 Chainani, Soman. The last ever after. (School for Good and Evil, vol. 3.)
YA Fic SF Connolly Connolly, Tina. Seriously wicked
YA Fic SF Dockter Dockter, Debra. Deadly design
YA Fic SF Grove #2 Grove, S. E. The golden specific. (Mapmakers, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Lloyd-Jones #2 Lloyd-Jones, Emily. Deceptive. (Illusive, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Lough #2 Lough, Amber. The blind wish. (Jinni wars, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Older Older, Daniel Jose. Shadowshaper
YA Fic SF Patterson #6 Patterson, James Lights out. (Daniel X, #6.)
YA Fic SF Pearson #2 Pearson, Mary The heart of betrayal. (Remnant chronicles, vol. 2.)
YA Fic SF Sandford #2 Sandford, John Outrage. (The Singular menace, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Steiger Steiger, A. J. Mindwalker
YA Fic SF Touno #1 Touno, Mamare. The beginning of another world. (Log horizon novel, vol. 1.)
YA Fic SF Weber #2 Weber, Mary. Siren's fury. (Storm siren trilogy, book 2.)
YA Fic SF Weitz #2 Weitz, Chris The new order. (Young world trilogy, #2.)
YA Fic Silvera Silvera, Adam More happy than not
YA Fic Smale #1 Smale, Holly. Geek girl. (Geek girl, vol. 1.)
YA Fic Smale #2 Smale, Holly Model misfit. (Geek girl, vol. 2.)
YA Fic Stone Stone, Tamara Ireland. Every last word
YA Fic Teran Teran, Andi. Ana of California
YA Fic Wettersten Wettersten, Laura. My faire lady
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