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New Science Fiction - December 2014

These titles were added in November

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Author Title
Brennan, M. L. Tainted blood. (Generation V novel, #3.)
Czerneda, Julie A play of shadows. (Night's edge, book 2.): Mellynne
Dalglish, David. A dance of ghosts. (Shadowdance, book 5.)
Ellinwood, Tye. Escape to Proxima
Erikson, Steven. Willful Child
Flint, Eric. 1636: the Viennese waltz. (Ring of fire series, book 17.)
Henry, Christina. Black spring. (Black wings novel, #7.)
Lawhead, Steve. The fatal tree. (Bright Empires, #5.)
Lindsay, Erin. The bloodbound
Liu, Cixin. The three-body problem
. Lowball. (Wild cards XXII.): a wild cards mosaic novel
Luceno, James Tarkin
Marillier, Juliet. Dreamer's pool. (Blackthorn & Grim novel, #1.)
McCullough, Kelly. Drawn blades. (Fallen blade series, #5.)
McDevitt, Jack. Coming home. (Alex Benedict series, #7.)
Schwarz, Liesel. Sky pirates. (Chronicles of light and shadow, book 3.)
Shinn, Sharon. The turning season. (Shifting circle novel, #3.)
Shirley, John Halo: broken circle
Tepper, Sheri S. Fish tails
Wells, Martha. Razor's edge. (Empire and rebellion, #1.)
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