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New Science Fiction - April 2015

These titles were added in March

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Author Title
Bennett, Christopher L. A choice of futures. (Rise of the Federation, #1.)
Briggs, Patricia. Dead heat. (Alpha and Omega novel, #4.)
Carr, Viola. The diabolical Miss Hyde: an electric empire novel
Carriger, Gail. Prudence. (Custard protocol, book 1.)
Cole, Myke. Gemini cell
Corey, James S. A. Honor among thieves. (Empire and rebellion, #2.)
Drake, David Into the maelstrom. (Citizen series, #2.)
Fisher, Sharon Lynn. Echo 8
Hearne, Kevin. Heir to the Jedi
Hobb, Robin. Ship of magic. (Liveship traders, book 1.)
Khanna, Rajan Falling sky
Laureano, C. E. Beneath the forsaken city. (Song of Seare, #2.)
Leigh, Stephen. Immortal muse
Maresca, Marshall Ryan. The thorn of Dentonhill
Modesitt, L. E., Jr. Madness in Solidar. (Imager portfolio, book 9.)
Monk, Devon. Infinity bell. (House immortal novel, #2.)
Nelson, J. C. Armageddon rules. (Grimm Agency novel, #2.)
Odom, Mel. Master sergeant. (Makaum war, book 1.)
Planck, M. C. Sword of the bright lady. (World of prime, book 1.)
Pratchett, Terry. A blink of the screen: collected shorter fiction
Shearin, Lisa. The dragon conspiracy. (SPI files novel, #2.)
Snyder, Maria V. Shadow study. (Soulfinder series, #1.)
Tettensor, E. L. Master of plagues: a Nicolas Lenoir novel
Tregillis, Ian. The mechanical. (Alchemy wars, book 1.)
Wells, Jaye. Deadly spells. (Prospero's war, book 3.)
Zahn, Timothy. Soulminder
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