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New Picture Books & Easy Readers - November 2014

These titles were added in October

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Key to Call Numbers:
j = Picture Book
E = Easy Reader

Call Number Author Title
E Arnold Arnold, Tedd. Fly Guy's amazing tricks
E Barbie Barbie. Ballet dreams
E Barbie Barbie. Barbie I can be...story collection a collection of five early readers.
E Barbie Barbie. Dream closet: a comic reader
E Barbie Barbie. Fairy dreams
E Barbie Barbie. Happy birthday, Chelsea!: a comic reader
E Barbie Barbie. I can be a gymnast
E Barbie Barbie. Licensed to drive
E Barbie Barbie. Little lost dolphin
E Barbie Barbie. Magic friends
E Barbie Barbie. Pretty pearl mermaid
E Barbie Barbie. Too many puppies!
E DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Meet the Teen Titans
E DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Who is Clayface?
E Dean Dean, James Pete the cat: play ball!
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Fight to the finish
E Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The big battle
E Dora Dora the explorer. Fairytale magic
E Dora Dora the explorer. Meet my friends!
E Falconer Falconer, Ian Olivia loves Halloween
E Hayes Hayes, Geoffrey. Benny and Penny in Lost and found: a Toon book
E LEGO LEGO toys. Awesome adventures
E LEGO LEGO toys. Calling all master builders!
E LEGO LEGO toys. Heroes' quest
E LEGO LEGO toys. Let's mix!
E LEGO LEGO toys. Meet the Mixels
E LEGO LEGO toys. Need for speed!
E LEGO LEGO toys. Perfect pets
E LEGO LEGO toys. Techno strike!
E Manushkin Manushkin, Fran. Katie and the fancy substitute
E Mike Mike the Knight Mike and the snow dragon
E Mike Mike the Knight The jewel of Glendragon
E Mike Mike the Knight The knightly campout
E Mike Mike the Knight The tricky trail
E Star Wars Star Wars. Ezra and the pilot
E Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars: a new hope
E Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars: the empire strikes back
E Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars: the return of the Jedi
E Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars: the Yoda chronicles trilogy
E Star Wars Star Wars. Meet the rebels. (Star Wars rebels)
E Star Wars Star Wars. Zeb to the rescue
j Ajmera Ajmera, Maya. Global baby boys
j All , All about me.
j American American Museum of Natural History. ABC insects
j Awdry Awdry, W. The fearsome footprints ; Thomas the brave
j Aylesworth Aylesworth, Jim. My grandfather's coat
j Barbie Barbie. Sleepover fun!
j Bardhan-Quallen Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta. Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!
j Barnett Barnett, Mac. Sam & Dave dig a hole
j Barnett Barnett, Mac. Telephone
j Base Base, Graeme. The last king of Angkor Wat
j Beauvais Beauvais, Garcelle I am living in 2 homes
j Becker Becker, Aaron Quest
j Bee Bee, William. Stanley the builder
j Bee Bee, William. Stanley's garage
j Bently Bently, Peter Those magnificent sheep in their flying machine
j Berenstain Berenstain, Michael The Berenstain Bears blessed are the peacemakers
j Bergren Bergren, Lisa Tawn. God gave us angels
j Berne Berne, Jennifer. Calvin, look out!: a bookworm birdie gets glasses
j Bertier Bertier, Anne. Wednesday
j Biedrzycki Biedrzycki, David. Breaking news: bear alert
j Bijsterbosch Bijsterbosch, Anita. Whose hat is that?
j Bingham Bingham, Kelly L. Circle, square, Moose
j Bloom Bloom, Suzanne Alone together
j Boldt Boldt, Mike. Colors versus shapes
j Border Border, Terry Peanut Butter & Cupcake
j Bowen Bowen, James My name is Bob
j Boyd Boyd, Lizi Flashlight
j Brandt Brandt, Lois Maddi's fridge
j Brannen Brannen, Sarah S. Madame Martine
j Braun Braun, Sebastien. Can you say it, too? growl! growl!
j Braun Braun, Sebastien. Can you say it, too? roar! roar!
j Braun Braun, Sebastien. Who can jump?
j Braun Braun, Sebastien. Who can swim?
j Brendler Brendler, Carol. Not very scary
j Brenner Brenner, Tom. And then comes Christmas
j Brett Brett, Jan The animals' Santa
j Bright Bright, Rachel. Love Monster and the perfect present
j Browne Browne, Anthony What if ...?
j Bucay Bucay, Jorge The king and the magician
j Bugs , Bugs
j Busch Busch, Miriam. Lion, lion
j Cabatingan Cabatingan, Erin. The world according to Musk Ox
j Campbell Campbell, K. G. The mermaid and the shoe
j Campbell Campbell, Scott Hug machine
j Carlson Carlson, Nancy L. Sometimes you barf
j Chaud Chaud, Benjamin. The bear's sea escape
j Christmas , A Christmas prayer
j Ciraolo Ciraolo, Simona. Hug me
j Colón Colon, Raul. Draw!
j Corderoy Corderoy, Tracey. Just right for two
j Corn Corn, Tori. Dixie wants an allergy
j Craig Craig, Lindsey. Dancing feet!
j Czajak Czajak, Paul. Monster needs a Christmas tree: a story
j Daniel Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel visits the doctor
j Daniel Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Goodnight, Daniel Tiger
j Davis Davis, Jon Small Blue and the deep dark night
j Dean Dean, James Pete the Cat and the new guy
j Dean Dean, James Pete the cat saves Christmas
j Delaporte Delaporte, Berengere Superfab saves the day
j Dellevoet Dellevoet, Alexandra. Rafa was my robot
j Dempsey Dempsey, Sheena. Bruno and Titch: the tale of a boy and his guinea pig
j Denise Denise, Anika. Baking day at Grandma's
j DePaola DePaola, Tomie Jack
j Dewdney Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama jingle bells
j Dewdney Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama trick or treat
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Big Hero 6
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Hiro and Tadashi
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Team-up!
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The enchanted science fair
j Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Toy story of terror!
j Dora Dora the explorer. A fairytale adventure
j Dotlich Dotlich, Rebecca Kai. All aboard!
j Dudley Dudley, Rebecca Hank has a dream
j Elliott Elliott, David This orq. (he cave boy)
j Escoffier Escoffier, Michael Take away the A
j Escoffier Escoffier, Michael The day I lost my superpowers
j Falconer Falconer, Ian A guide to being a friend
j Fearing Fearing, Mark. The great Thanksgiving escape
j Feiffer Feiffer, Jules. Rupert can dance
j Fox Fox, Diane. The cat, the dog, Little Red, the exploding eggs, the wolf, and Grandma
j Frazee Frazee, Marla. The farmer and the clown
j Gall Gall, Chris. Dog vs. Cat
j Gerber Gerber, Carole. Tuck-in time
j Gibson Gibson, Amy By day, by night
j Gliori Gliori, Debi. Dragon's extraordinary egg
j Grant Grant, Callie. Your core
j Graves Graves, Keith. The monsterator
j Grey Grey, Mini. Hermelin the detective mouse
j Hall Hall, Hannah C. God bless our Christmas
j Halpern Halpern, Shari. Dinosaur parade
j Haughton Haughton, Chris. Shh! we have a plan
j Hello Hello Kitty. Best friends: Hello Kitty & me
j Hello Hello Kitty. Happy birthday, Hello Kitty
j Hello Hello Kitty. Hugs: Hello Kitty & me
j Hello Hello Kitty. Let's go to school: Hello Kitty & me
j Henry Henry, Rohan. The gift box
j Hibbs Hibbs, Gillian Tilly's staycation
j Hill Hill, Eric Spot goes shopping
j Hodgkinson Hodgkinson, Jo. A big day for Migs
j Holabird Holabird, Katharine. A Chipping cheddar Christmas
j Horvath Horvath, James Work, dogs, work!: a speedy tail
j How How to train your dragon Gift of the night fury
j How How to train your dragon What flies beneath
j Idle Idle, Molly Schaar. Flora and the penguin
j Johnston Johnston, Teresa. Thanksgiving for Emily Ann
j Judge Judge, Chris. Tin
j Kanevsky Kanevsky, Polly. Here is the baby
j Kang Kang, Anna. You are (not) small
j Karas Karas, G. Brian. As an oak tree grows
j Katz Katz, Karen. Baby loves summer!: a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book
j Ketteman Ketteman, Helen. At the old haunted house
j Kirk Kirk, Daniel. Ten thank-you letters
j Kishira Kishira, Mayuko. Who's next door
j Kurtzman-Counter Kurtzman-Counter, Samantha. Miles is the boss of his body
j Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy. Star of the show
j LEGO LEGO toys. Catch that crook!
j LEGO LEGO toys. Detective Chase McCain: save that cargo!
j LEGO LEGO toys. Fix that truck!
j LEGO LEGO toys. Halloween rescue!
j LEGO LEGO toys. Mystery on the LEGO express
j Lickens Lickens, Alice V. Can you dance to the boogaloo?
j Light Light, Kelly Louise loves art
j Light Light, Steve. Planes go
j Litwin Litwin, Eric. The Nuts: bedtime at the Nut house
j Long Long, Loren. Otis and the scarecrow
j Lynch Lynch, Jane Marlene, Marlene, Queen of Mean
j Mack Mack, Jeff. Duck in the fridge
j Mackintosh Mackintosh, David. Lucky
j Mahy Mahy, Margaret. Boom, Baby, boom boom!
j Mathers Mathers, Petra. When Aunt Mattie got her wings
j Mayer Mayer, Mercer Being thankful
j Mayer Mayer, Mercer We all need forgiveness
j McClurkan McClurkan, Rob. Aw, nuts!
j McDonnell McDonnell, Patrick A perfectly messed-up story
j McMullan McMullan, Kate. I'm brave
j McPhail McPhail, David Andrew draws
j McPhail McPhail, David Brothers
j McPhail McPhail, David Peter loves Penguin
j McQuinn McQuinn, Anna. Lola plants a garden
j Monroe Monroe, Chris. Bug on a bike
j Muncaster Muncaster, Harriet. I am a witch's cat
j Murguia Murguia, Bethanie Deeney. I feel five!
j My My little pony. Tricks and treats
j My My little pony. Welcome to the Everfree Forest!
j Myers Myers, Anna. Tumbleweed Baby
j Novak Novak, B. J. The book with no pictures
j O'Connor O'Connor, Jane. Fancy Nancy and the fall foliage
j Offill Offill, Jenny While you were napping
j Orloff Orloff, Karen Kaufman. I wanna go home
j Palatini Palatini, Margie. No nap! yes nap!
j Paul Paul, Ruth. Bad dog Flash
j Phelan Phelan, Matt. Druthers
j Polacco Polacco, Patricia. Fiona's lace
j Pomranz Pomranz, Craig. Made by Raffi
j Preston-Gannon Preston-Gannon, Frann. Dinosaur farm
j Princesse Princesse Camcam Fox's garden
j Raschka Raschka, Christopher. Give and take
j Rice Rice, Clay. The stick
j Rivoal Rivoal, Marine. Three little peas
j Roberts Roberts, Justin. The smallest girl in the smallest grade
j Roscoe Roscoe, Lily. The night parade
j Rosen Rosen, Michael Send for a superhero!
j Rosenthal Rosenthal, Amy Krouse. Uni the unicorn
j Schertle Schertle, Alice. Little Blue Truck's Christmas
j Schwartz Schwartz, Amy. 100 things that make me happy
j Schwartz Schwartz, Corey Rosen. Ninja Red Riding Hood
j Scotton Scotton, Rob. Splat the cat and the pumpkin-picking plan
j Scotton Scotton, Rob. Splat the cat goes to the doctor
j Sesame Sesame Workshop. All tucked in on Sesame Street
j Sesame Sesame Workshop. Happy Halloween!
j Seuss Seuss, Dr. Horton and the Kwuggerbug and more lost stories
j Shaw Shaw, Stephanie. A cookie for Santa
j Shea Shea, Bob. Kid sheriff and the terrible Toads
j Siddals Siddals, Mary McKenna. Shivery shades of Halloween: a spooky book of colors
j Sif Sif, Birgitta. Frances Dean, who loved to dance and dance
j Singer Singer, Marilyn. I'm gonna climb a mountain in my patent leather shoes
j Sitomer Sitomer, Alan Lawrence. Daddy's zigzagging bedtime story
j Slack Slack, Michael H. Wazdot?
j Soman Soman, David. Ladybug Girl and the dress-up dilemma
j Spelman Spelman, Cornelia. When I feel worried
j Sperring Sperring, Mark. Max and the won't go to bed show
j Srinivasan Srinivasan, Divya. Little Owl's day
j Star Wars Star Wars. Chopper saves the day
j Star Wars Star Wars. These aren't the droids you're looking for: a search-and-find book.
j Stead Stead, Philip Christian. Sebastian and the balloon
j Steggall Steggall, Susan. Following the tractor
j Stein Stein, David Ezra. I'm my own dog
j Stille Stille, Ljuba. Mia's thumb
j Stoeke Stoeke, Janet Morgan. Oh no! a fox!
j Stoop Stoop, Naoko. Red Knit Cap Girl and the reading tree
j Story , The story of Manoomin
j Strawberry Strawberry Shortcake. Happy New Year!
j Sutton Sutton, Sally. Construction
j Swenson Swenson, Jamie. If you were a dog
j This , This little light of mine: a collection of joyful songs
j Transformers Transformers. The ghosts of Griffin Rock
j Tullet Tullet, Herve. Mix it up!
j Underwood Underwood, Deborah. Here comes Santa Cat
j Van Laan Van Laan, Nancy. Forget me not
j Verdick Verdick, Elizabeth. Play
j Verdick Verdick, Elizabeth. Rest
j Villeneuve Villeneuve, Anne. Loula and the sister recipe
j Viorst Viorst, Judith. Alexander, who's trying his best to be the best boy ever
j Viorst Viorst, Judith. And two boys booed
j Wegman Wegman, William. Flo & Wendell explore
j Wells Wells, Rosemary. Max an the fall parade
j Whelan Whelan, Gloria. Queen Victoria's bathing machine
j Wigger Wigger, J. Bradley. Thank you, God
j Wilson Wilson, Karma. Bear sees colors
j Winters Winters, Kari-Lynn No-matter-what friend
j Wissinger Wissinger, Tamera Will. This old band
j Wohnoutka Wohnoutka, Mike. Little puppy and the big green monster
j Wood Wood, Douglas When a grandpa says "I love you"
j Yoon Yoon, Salina. Penguin and pumpkin
j Ziefert Ziefert, Harriet. What ship is not a ship?
j Zuckerman Zuckerman, Andrew. Creature baby animals
j Zuckerman Zuckerman, Andrew. Creature sounds
j Bird Bird, Benjamin There's a mouse hiding in this book!
j Luxbacher Luxbacher, Irene Mr. Frank
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