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New Nonfiction - November 2014

These titles were added in October

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Call Number Author Title
004.03 D561 . Dictionary of computer and Internet terms
004.092 Is16i Isaacson, Walter. The innovators: how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution
004.165 Sa49s . Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for seniors: get started quickly with this user-friendly tablet.
004.68 M616w Miller, Michael Wireless networking: absolute beginner's guide
005.133 T238i Telles, Matthew A. Beginning programming
021.7 P854l Potter, Ned The library marketing toolkit
070.195 W458n Weller, Sheila. The news sorority: Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Christiane Amanpour and the (ongoing, imperfect, complicated) triumph of women in TV news
070.4497 R952AAs Ryan, Bob Scribe: my life in sports
128 W692m Wilson, Edward O. The meaning of human existence
133.1 B284g Bartlett, Sarah. National geographic guide to the world's supernatural places: more than 250 spine-chilling destinations around the globe
133.9 V348a Van Praagh, James. Adventures of the soul: journeys through the physical and spiritual dimensions
133.9013 Al26m Alexander, Eben. The map of heaven: how science, religion, and ordinary people are proving the afterlife
152.335 M639y Milsom, Lauren. Your left-handed child: making things easy for left-handers in a right-handed world
153.8 M379t Maslow, Abraham H. Toward a psychology of being
155.2 L721m Little, Brian R. Me, myself, and us: the science of personality and the art of well-being
158.1 P197p Pape, Baptist de. The power of the heart: finding your true purpose in life
158.1 Sch95m Schwartz, David J. The magic of thinking big
160 Al68i Almossawi, Ali. An illustrated book of bad arguments
248.4 Os75yc Osteen, Joel. You can, you will: 8 undeniable qualities of a winner
248.86 M575l Meyer, Joyce Living courageously: you can face anything, just do it afraid
291.17833 Ar57f Armstrong, Karen Fields of blood: religion and the history of violence
296.12 F875t Freedman, H. The Talmud: a biography: banned, censored and burned, the book they couldn't suppress
296.8332 B453p Berger, Joseph The pious ones: the world of Hasidim and their battles with America
303.483 C23g Carr, Nicholas G. The glass cage: automation and us
303.483 J637h Johnson, Steven How we got to now: six innovations that made the modern world
303.483 T216s Taylor, Mark C. Speed limits: where time went and why we have so little left
305.486971 G139m Galpin, Shannon. Mountain to mountain: a journey of adventure and activism for the women of Afghanistan
305.569 T511h Tirado, Linda. Hand to mouth: living in bootstrap America
306.742 R723s Rosenblatt, Katariina. Stolen: the true story of a sex trafficking survivor
306.872 M954e Murphy, Ian. Eight twenty eight: when love didn't give up
320.1 F955op Fukuyama, Francis. Political order and political decay: from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy
327.12 St74a Storm, Morten. Agent Storm: my life inside Al Qaeda and the CIA
327.59 H334s Hayton, Bill. The South China Sea: the struggle for power in Asia
330.973 G131e Galbraith, James K. The end of normal: the great crisis and the future of growth
332.024 M855y Moss, Wes. You can retire sooner than you think: the 5 money secrets of the happiest retirees
333.8232 P442f Peters, Lisa Westberg. Fractured land: the price of inheriting oil
333.91 P661p Piper, Karen Lynnea The price of thirst: global water inequality and the coming chaos
345.05 St48j Stevenson, Bryan. Just mercy: a story of justice and redemption
346.048 B193c Baldwin, Peter The copyright wars: three centuries of trans-Atlantic battle
353.0318 W771a Witcover, Jules. America's vice presidents: from irrelevance to power
361.74 K898p Kristof, Nicholas D. A path appears: transforming lives, creating opportunity
362.175 G248b Gawande, Atul. Being mortal: medicine and what matters in the end
362.76 B937c Burns, Amy Jo Cinderland: a memoir
363.1196 T551d Tobar, Hector Deep down dark: the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine, and the miracle that set them free
363.31 D251c Darnton, Robert. Censors at work: how states shaped literature
363.61 L471y Leahy, Stephen Your water footprint: the shocking facts about how much water we use to make everyday products
363.7387 K672t Klein, Naomi This changes everything: capitalism vs. the climate
363.75 D744s Doughty, Caitlin. Smoke gets in your eyes & other lessons from the crematory
363.96 Ei41b Eig, Jonathan. The birth of the pill: how four crusaders reinvented sex and launched a revolution
364.1092 B514sw Swanson, Doug J. Blood aces: the wild ride of Benny Binion, the Texas gangster who created Vegas poker
364.1523 B459p Berry, Daleen. Pretty little killers: the truth behind the savage murder of Skylar Neese
364.1523 Ed98n Edwards, Russell Naming Jack the Ripper: new crime scene evidence: a stunning forensic breakthrough: the killer revealed
364.1523 M315t Mann, William J. Tinseltown: murder, morphine, and madness at the dawn of Hollywood
364.154 Sw24s Swanson, William Stolen from the garden: the kidnapping of Virginia Piper
364.168 C498h Citron, Danielle Keats Hate crimes in cyberspace
365.43 K458o Kerman, Piper. Orange is the new black: my year in a women's prison
371.1 G578t Goldstein, Dana. The teacher wars: a history of America's most embattled profession
384.53 W918s Woyke, Elizabeth. The smartphone: anatomy of an industry
394.268 W124hc Waggoner, Susan. Handcrafted Christmas: ornaments, decorations, and cookie recipes to make at home
419 R444j 2014 Riekehof, Lottie L. The joy of signing: a dictionary of American signs
427 G823v Green, Jonathon The vulgar tongue: Green's history of slang
508 B464 2014 . The best American science and nature writing
523.1 Sch17c Scharf, Caleb A. The Copernicus complex: our cosmic significance in a universe of planets and probabilities
551.489 C998f Czuba, Christiana R. Floods of June 2012 in Northeastern Minnesota
557.76 H379s Hemstad, Christopher B. A story written in the rocks: the geology of Voyageurs National Park
574.092 Ar46l Leroi, Armand Marie. The lagoon: how Aristotle invented science
574.5 Eh89h Ehrlich, Paul R. Hope on Earth: a conversation
613.25 W331s Watson, Brenda. The skinny gut diet: balance your digestive system for permanent weight loss
613.26 B669gs Boutenko, Victoria. The green smoothie prescription: a complete guide to total health
613.28 H537s High Voltage. Sugar savvy solution: kick your sugar addiction for life and get healthy
613.28 M784k Moore, Jimmy. Keto clarity: your definitive guide to the benefits of a low-carb, high-fat diet
613.71 Is17p 2014 Isacowitz, Rael Pilates
614.47 B543o Biss, Eula. On immunity: an inoculation
614.532 M393m Masterson, Karen The malaria project: the U.S. government's secret mission to find a miracle cure
615.324 F466c Fife, Bruce The coconut oil miracle
615.788 Sh87a Shroder, Tom. Acid test: LSD, Ecstasy, and the power to heal
615.82 B684m Bowman, Katy. Move your DNA
616.34 F683 . The FODMAP solution: a low-FODMAP diet plan and cookbook to manage IBS and improve degestion.
616.62 K154b Kassai, Kathryn. The bathroom key: put an end to incontinence
616.849 R723s Rosenberg, Robert S. Sleep soundly every night, feel fantastic every day: a doctor's guide to solving your sleep problems
616.85223 M421u Mathew, Hal. Un-agoraphobic: overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia for good: a step-by-step plan
616.85223 T788r Tsilimparis, John. Retrain your anxious brain: practical and effective tools to conquer anxiety
616.8585 Ag94b Aguirre, Blaise A. Borderline personality disorder in adolescents: what to do when your teen has BPD: a complete guide for families
616.8585 C366b Chapman, Alexander L. Borderline personality disorder: a guide for the newly diagnosed
616.8585 N867h Nowinski, Joseph. Hard to love: understanding and overcoming male borderline personality disorder
616.92898 Sa66g Saperstein, Jesse A. Getting a life with Asperger's: lessons learned on the bumpy road to adulthood
617.092 M984a Aptowicz, Cristin O'Keefe Dr. Mutter's marvels: a true tale of intrigue and innovation at the dawn of modern medicine
617.56 St45e Stern, Jack. Ending back pain: 5 powerful steps to diagnose, understand, and treat your ailing back
623.7469 W619p Whittle, Richard. Predator: the secret origins of the drone revolution
628.168 N335w Nelson, Mark The wastewater gardener: preserving the planet one flush at a time!
630.6 B977r Butler, Kiera Raise: what 4-H teaches seven million kids and how its lessons could change food and farming forever
634.11 J156a Jacobsen, Rowan. Apples of uncommon character: 123 heirlooms, modern classics, & little-known wonders
635.9772 W254b Warren, Peter. Bonsai: [techniques, styles, display ideas]
635.982 M357g Marshall, Roger The greenhouse gardener's manual
636.72 Se914b Sexton, Linda Gray Bespotted: my family's love affair with thirty-eight Dalmatians
636.8 B675w Bowen, James The world according to Bob: the further adventures of one man and his streetwise cat
641.5 H118c Haedrich, Ken Old farmer's almanac comfort food: every dish you love, every recipe you want
641.5 P76p Pollan, Corky. The Pollan family table: the best recipes and kitchen wisdom for delicious, healthy family meals
641.555 B548h Bittman, Mark. How to cook everything fast: a better way to cook great food
641.555 G196m Garten, Ina. Make it ahead: a Barefoot Contessa cookbook
641.563 Se37w Segersten, Alissa. The whole life nutrition cookbook: over 300 delicious whole foods recipes, including gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free dishes
641.5636 C82cvi Coscarelli, Chloe. Chloe's vegan Italian kitchen: 150 pizzas, pastas, pestos, risottos, & lots of creamy Italian classics
641.5638 B326p Bauer, Juli. The paleo kitchen: finding primal joy in modern cooking
641.5638 D299wb Davis, William Wheat belly 30-minute (or less!) cookbook: 200 quick and simple recipes to lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health
641.5638 H444g Hertzberg, Jeff. Gluten-free artisan bread in five minutes a day: the baking revolution continues with 90 new, delicious, and easy recipes made with gluten-free flours
641.59 K965i Kurlansky, Mark. International night: a father and daughter cook their way around the world: including more than 250 recipes
641.59495 K811i Kochilas, Diane. Ikaria: lessons on food, life, and longevity from the Greek island where people forget to die
641.5951 T787s Tse, Helen. Sweet Mandarin cookbook: classic and contemporary Chinese recipes with gluten- and dairy-free variations
641.5973 B311a Batali, Mario. America-- farm to table: simple, delicious recipes celebrating local farmers
641.5973 T187 . The taste of home cookbook: best [heart] loved recipes from home cooks like you
641.5977 G374m Gilbert, Melissa My prairie cookbook: memories and frontier food from my Little House to yours
641.59795 Ar55p Armisen, Fred The Portlandia cookbook: cook like a local
641.65 Ot89p Ottolenghi, Yotam. Plenty more: vibrant vegetable cooking from London's Ottolenghi
641.65 R435b Ridge, Brent. The Beekman 1802 heirloom vegetable cookbook: 100 delicious heritage recipes from the farm and garden
641.66 C776 . The cook's illustrated meat book: the game-changing guide that teaches you how to cook meat and poultry with 425 bulletproof recipes
641.815 R275b Reinhart, Peter. Bread revolution: world-class baking with sprouted & whole grains, heirloom flours, & fresh techniques
641.82 On23 . One pot: 120-plus easy meals from your skillet, slow cooker, stockpot, and more
641.86 Iu99s Iuzzini, Johnny. Sugar rush: master tips, techniques, and recipes for sweet baking
641.86 L587b Lewis, Matt. Baked occasions: desserts for leisure activities, holidays, and informal celebrations
641.87 En36q English, Ashley Quench: handcrafted beverages to satisfy every taste & occasion
646.2044 F151j Fairbanks-Critchfield, Caroline Just for you: selfish sewing with your favorite SewCanShe bloggers: 24 simply stylish projects
646.34 W842 . Women in clothes
646.72 P492m Phan, Michelle. Make up: your life guide to beauty, style, and success--online and off
649.68 H497h Hewitt, Ben Home grown: adventures in parenting off the beaten path, unschooling, and reconnecting with the natural world
649.7 C366g Chapman, Gary D. Growing up social: raising relational kids in a screen-driven world
650.1 C366r Chapman, Gary D. Rising above a toxic workplace: taking care of yourself in an unhealthy environment
650.1 H55so Hill, Napoleon The science of success: Napoleon Hill's proven program for prosperity and happiness
650.1 R747c Rottenberg, Linda. Crazy is a compliment: the power of zigging when everyone else zags
650.14 Y27r Yate, Martin John. Knock 'em dead resumes: A killer resume gets more job interviews
658.11 T346z Thiel, Peter A. Zero to one: notes on startups, or how to build the future
658.4053 C677m Coleman, Peter T. Making conflict work: harnessing the power of disagreement
658.4092 B735v Branson, Richard. The Virgin way: everything I know about leadership
684.08 B882d Bunde, Karah. DIY wood pallet projects: 35 rustic modern upcycling ideas to personalize your space
707.5 H763b Hook, Philip. Breakfast at Sotheby's: an A-Z of the art world
709.73 Ar753 . Art in America, 1945-1970: writings from the age of abstract expressionism, pop art, and minimalism
728.8 M619m Millett, Larry Minnesota's own: preserving our grand homes
741.5 D294gt Davis, Jim Garfield goes to his happy place
745.5 H717 2014 . Holiday crafts.
745.5068 C365h Chapin, Kari. The handmade marketplace
745.5941 H1582 . Halloween tricks & treats
746.0463 R697f Rorseth, Tone. Felt so good: 70+ felted and plain wool designs for you and your home
746.432 N356n Nerjordet, Arne Norwegian knits with a twist
746.432 So139 . Sockupied: 20 knit projects to satisfy your sock obsession
780.92 H19h Harris, Ellen T. George Frideric Handel: a life with friends
782.14 Am35 . American musicals: 1927-1949: the complete books & lyrics of eight Broadway classics
782.14 Am351 . American musicals: 1950-1969: the complete books & lyrics of eight Broadway classics
782.4092 C624a Allister, Mark Christopher Chasing the light: the Cloud Cult story
782.4092 P4296AAr Perry, Joe Rocks: my life in and out of Aerosmith
782.4092 Y862AAs Young, Neil Special deluxe
784.092 D992be2 Bell, Ian Time out of mind: the lives of Bob Dylan
784.092 D992may Maymudes, Victor. Another side of Bob Dylan: a personal history on the road and off the tracks
784.092 P926a Alden, Ginger. Elvis & Ginger
784.092 Ut11j Jobling, John, U2: the definitive biography
786.1092 H191AAp Hancock, Herbie Possibilities
791.43 Al54b Bailey, Jason The ultimate Woody Allen film companion
791.4372 P935e Elwes, Cary As you wish: inconceivable tales from the making of The princess bride
791.4372 W792l . The wizard of Oz: 75 years along the yellow brick road.
791.4375 T212h Taylor, Chris How Star Wars conquered the universe: the past, present, and future of a multibillion dollar franchise
791.4572 T614be Berg, Dave Behind the curtain: an insider's view of Jay Leno's Tonight show
796.21 B453h Berger, Matt. The handmade skateboard: design & build a custom longboard, cruiser, or street deck from scratch
796.332 Ed59w Edmundson, Mark Why football matters: my education in the game
796.357 D672m Doepner, Clyde. Minnesota Twins through memorabilia
796.42 M272b Magill, Pete. Build your running body: a total-body fitness plan for all distance runners, from milers to ultramarathoners: run farther, faster, and injury-free
796.962 B644b Branch, John. Boy on ice: the life and death of Derek Boogaard
798.8 M722s Moe, Frank. Sled dogs to Saint Paul
808.001 B223a Bane, Rosanne Around the writer's block: using brain science to solve writer's resistance: including writer's block, procrastination, paralysis, perfectionism, postponing, distractions, self-sabotage, excessive criticism, overscheduling, and endlessly delaying your w
808.042 P655s Pinker, Steven The sense of style: the thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century
808.80358 N659 . No man's land: fiction from a world at war: 1914-1918
811.54 Ol44bh Oliver, Mary Blue horses: [poems]
813.009 N13r Nafisi, Azar. The republic of imagination: America in three books
813.54 W527g Westlake, Donald E. The getaway car: a Donald Westlake nonfiction miscellany
814.54 P271t Patchett, Ann This is the story of a happy marriage
814.54 P586a Pickering, Sam All my days are Saturdays
817.54 G12f Gaffigan, Jim. Food: a love story
817.6 D92n Dunham, Lena Not that kind of girl: a young woman tells you what she's "learned"
818.54 B513b Bingham, Sallie. The blue box: three lives in letters
820.99282 B532w Bird, Betsy. Wild things!: acts of mischief in children's literature
821.912 M964n Murray, Les A. New selected poems
822.33 DG588h Gontar, David P. Hamlet made simple: and other essays
823.914 P887sl Pratchett, Terry. A slip of the keyboard: collected nonfiction
909.07 C289i Catlos, Brian A. Infidel kings and unholy warriors: faith, power, and violence in the age of crusade and jihad
910.453 Ab82l Abrahamson, Robert M. Luck of the draw: the Mataafa story
914.7 G831m Greene, David Midnight in Siberia: a train journey into the heart of Russia
921 C3646ac Ackroyd, Peter Charlie Chaplin: a brief life
921 C472AAw Chung, Vinh Where the wind leads: a refugee family's miraculous story of loss, rescue, and redemption
921 C819w Whitaker, Mark. Cosby: his life and times
921 C907AAn Cumming, Alan Not my father's son: a memoir
921 Ei83j Johnson, Paul Eisenhower: a life
921 En78AAw Enslin, Elizabeth While the gods were sleeping: a journey through love and rebellion in Nepal
921 H396Wp Junor, Penny. Prince Harry: brother, soldier, son
921 H5521AAo Hill, Christopher R. Outpost: life on the frontlines of American diplomacy: a memoir
921 K3831a2 Andersen, Christopher P. The good son: JFK Jr. and the mother he loved
921 L4775AAe Lear, Norman. Even this I get to experience
921 L638gu Guelzo, Allen C. Lincoln: an intimate portrait
921 L638hol2 Holzer, Harold. Lincoln and the power of the press: the war for public opinion
921 M526AAm Menino, Thomas M. Mayor for a new America
921 N239AAo Ndesandjo, Mark Obama. An Obama's journey: my odyssey of self-discovery across three cultures
921 On22e Dowling, Robert M. Eugene O'Neill: a life in four acts
921 P4166AAh Perez, Rosie. Handbook for an unpredictable life: how I survived Sister Renata and my crazy mother, and still came out smiling (with great hair)
921 P7522AAy Poehler, Amy Yes please
921 R5482AAu Robertson, Phil UnPHILtered: the way I see it
921 So785b Biskupic, Joan. Breaking in: the rise of Sonia Sotomayor and the politics of justice
921 W2773l Larson, Edward J. The return of George Washington: 1783-1789
940.3 T235 . The Telegraph book of readers' letters from the Great War
940.5314 B957y Buruma, Ian. Year zero: a history of 1945
942.081 G623h Goodman, Ruth How to be a Victorian: a dawn-to-dusk guide to Victorian life
952.04 M834s Morris, Seymour Supreme commander: MacArthur's triumph in Japan
955.06 N227c Navai, Ramita. City of lies: love, sex, death and the search for truth in Tehran
958.1047 G581l Golembesky, Michael. Level zero heroes: the story of U.S. Marine Special Operations in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan
970.00497 T726a Treuer, Anton. Atlas of Indian nations
973.0496 B229h Baptist, Edward E. The half has never been told: slavery and the making of American capitalism
973.713 M241e McPherson, James M. Embattled rebel: Jefferson Davis as commander in chief
973.927 B149a Bai, Matt. All the truth is out: the week politics went tabloid
976.335 K898e Krist, Gary. Empire of sin: a story of sex, jazz, murder, and the battle for modern New Orleans
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