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New Nonfiction - February 2016

These titles were added in January

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Call Number Author Title
001.9 B795s Brotherton, Rob. Suspicious minds: why we believe conspiracy theories
001.94 H191m Hancock, Graham. Magicians of the gods: the forgotten wisdom of Earth's lost civilization
004.165 Aw29h Hart-Davis, Guy. Teach yourself visually Apple watch
028.9 B326w 2016 Bauer, S. Wise. The well-educated mind: a guide to the classical education you never had
051 V746c Vinciguerra, Thomas J. Cast of characters: Wolcott Gibbs, E.B. White, James Thurber, and the golden age of the New Yorker
070.924 T373s Thompson, Juan F. Stories I tell myself: growing up with Hunter S. Thompson
111.85 K162a Kaufman, Sarah L. The art of grace: on moving well through life
153.98 W431g Weiner, Eric The geography of genius: a search for the world's most creative places from ancient Athens to Silicon Valley
155.937 In41t Inge, Denise. A tour of bones: facing fear and looking for life
158.1 B625p Bluestein, Jane. The perfection deception: why trying to be perfect is sabotaging your relationships, making you sick, and holding your happiness hostage
158.1 C179b Cardillo, Joseph Body intelligence: harness your body's energies for your best life
158.12 An76p Annesley, Mike. Practical mindfulness
158.12 H367s Heller, Rick Secular meditation: 32 practices for cultivating inner peace, compassion, and joy: a guide from the humanist community at Harvard
158.2 R647w Rollag, Keith. What to do when you're new: how to be confident, comfortable, and successful in new situations
178 M176w McGirr, Lisa The war on alcohol: prohibition and the rise of the American state
220.6 G591 . The good book: writers reflect on favorite Bible passages
241.4 B541c Bishop, Jeanne. Change of heart: justice, mercy, and making peace with my sister's killer
242.2 D225 . The Daniel plan 365-day devotional: daily encouragement for a healthier life
248.4 Os75f Osteen, Joel. Fresh start: the new you begins today
294.342 B314a Batchelor, Stephen. After Buddhism: rethinking the Dharma for a secular age
294.342 P114c Pace, Deborah A. Creating mandalas: how to draw and design zendala art
294.344 D28l David, Deborah Schoeberlein. Living mindfully: at home, at work, and in the world
299.94 M323w Mar, Alex. Witches of America
303.4 R437e Ridley, Matt. The evolution of everything: how new ideas emerge
303.625 M126i McCants, William Faizi, The ISIS apocalypse: the history, strategy, and doomsday vision of the Islamic State
303.69 Um11e Umbreit, Mark S. The energy of forgiveness: lessons from those in restorative dialogue
305.486971 Z73e Zoepf, Katherine. Excellent daughters: the secret lives of young women who are transforming the Arab world
305.8 Iy91w Iyer, Deepa We too sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim, and Sikh immigrants shape our multiracial future
306.7 F641w Flicker, Siggy. Write your own fairy tale: the new rules for dating, relationships, and finding love on your terms
306.8743 Og77d O'Grady, Colleen. Dial down the drama: reducing conflict and reconnecting with your teenage daughter: a guide for mothers everywhere
306.9 G658l Gordon, Steve Let's talk about death: asking the questions that profoundly change the way we live and die
320.5 Scr84f Scruton, Roger. Fools, frauds and firebrands: thinkers of the new left
328.73 Sp44u Spieler, Matthew. The U.S. House of Representatives: the fundamentals of American government
332.11 L952a Lowenstein, Roger. America's bank: the epic struggle to create the Federal Reserve
334.5 M565d Metcalf, Gabriel. Democratic by design: how carsharing, co-ops and community land trusts are reinventing America
338.47629 M614c Miller, G. Wayne. Car crazy: the battle for supremacy between Ford and Olds and the dawn of the automobile age
338.7663 Ac49a Acitelli, Tom. American wine: a coming-of-age story
355.07 J156p Jacobsen, Annie. The Pentagon's brain: an uncensored history of DARPA, America's top-secret military research agency
362.292 C162t Canfield, Jack The 30-day sobriety solution: how to cut back or quit drinking in the privacy of your own home
363.32 B917n Burke, Jason. The new threat: the past, present, and future of Islamic militancy
363.7387 N985u Nye, Bill. Unstoppable: harnessing science to change the world
363.7387 St45w Stephenson, Wen What we're fighting for now is each other: dispatches from the front lines of climate justice
364.1323 V491c Vecchione, Michael. Crooked Brooklyn: taking down corrupt judges, dirty politicians, killers, and body snatchers
364.163 Ab82c Abrahamian, Atossa Araxia. The cosmopolites: the coming of the global citizen
364.163 L578s Levin, Adam. Swiped: how to protect yourself in a world full of scammers, phishers, and identity thieves
364.168 L962c Lucas, Edward Cyberphobia: identity, trust, security and the Internet
371.58 F265b Fast, Jonathan. Beyond bullying: breaking the cycle of shame, bullying, and violence
373.236 L541p Leman, Kevin. Planet middle school: helping your child through the peer pressure, awkward moments & emotional drama
384.55 W832t Wolff, Michael Television is the new television: the unexpected triumph of old media in the digital age
392.5 T725c Tresemer, Lila Sophia. The conscious wedding handbook: how to create authentic ceremonies that express your love
398.4 K141s Kaplan, Matt Science of the magical: from the holy grail to love potions to superpowers
422 St47w Stevens, Chris Written in stone: a journey through the Stone Age and the origins of modern language
509 W889i Wootton, David The invention of science: a new history of the scientific revolution
512 Al335 . Algebra success in 20 minutes a day.
520 N191e Nataraj, Nirmala. Earth + space: photographs from the archives of NASA
522.622 T375a Thompson, Mark. Astrophotography: the essential guide to photographing the night sky
551.46 Sa31p Sala, Enric. Pristine seas: journeys to the ocean's last wild places
575 Ev642 . Evolution, the whole story
598.97 W426o Weidensaul, Scott. Owls of North America and the Caribbean
610.28 M227h MacManus, Richard. Health trackers: how technology is helping us monitor and improve our health
610.92 R167a Rankin, Lissa The anatomy of a calling: a doctor's journey from the head to the heart and a prescription for finding your life's purpose
612.82 Sm56c Smith, Fraser The complete brain exercise book: train your brain!: improve memory, language, motor skills & more + a health & diet plan with 100 recipes
613 Ag96l Agus, David The lucky years: how to thrive in the brave new world of health
613.2 Sm59s Smith, Ian K. The SHRED power cleanse: eat clean, get lean, burn fat
613.25 C23c Carr, Kris. Crazy sexy juice: 100+ simple juice, smoothie & nut milk recipes to supercharge your health
613.25 K898j Kristeller, Jean. The joy of half a cookie: using mindfulness to lose weight and end the struggle with food
613.69 Ak55c Akkermans, Anthonio. The complete survival shelters handbook: a step-by-step guide to building lifesaving structures for every climate and wilderness situation
613.7046 L435b Lawrence, Gwen. Body sculpting with yoga: [the revolutionary way to sculpt and shape your body]
613.71 It99l Itzler, Jesse. Living with a SEAL: 31 days training with the toughest man on the planet
613.71 L622ae Liebman, Hollis Lance. Anatomy of exercise for longevity
613.713 k639s Kirschen, David. Strength training bible: the complete guide to lifting weights for power, strength & performance
616.8983 K846o Kosik, K. S. Outsmarting alzheimer's: what you can do to reduce your risk
616.99463 R742m Roth, Andrew J. Managing prostate cancer: a guide for living better
617.481 R18t Rao, Vani The traumatized brain: a family guide to understanding mood, memory, and behavior after brain injury
618.92 F914b Friedman, Jeremy. Baby care basics
621.381 G355e Gibilisco, Stan. Electronics workshop companion for hobbyists
621.9 C615t Cline, Lydia Sloan. 3D printing and CNC fabrication with SketchUp
623.7469 K551m 2016 Kilby, Terry. Make: getting started with drones
623.7469 L131d 2015 Lafay, Mark. Drones for Dummies
629.132 Ai78 . Airplane flying handbook.
629.222 F464c Fiesinger, Brooks R. Car$: the ins and outs of buying and selling
631.4 M766h Montgomery, David R. The hidden half of nature: the microbial roots of life and health
635.9 N794p Norris, Kelly D. Plants with style: a plantsman's choices for a vibrant, 21st-century garden
636.0832 St49d Stewart, Tracey Do unto animals: a friendly guide to how animals live, and how we can make their lives better
636.5 Ur66s Urquhart, Kristina Mercedes. The suburban chicken: the guide to keeping healthy, thriving chickens in your backyard
637 H553k Hill, Louella. Kitchen creamery: making yogurt, butter & cheese at home
641.013 F913e Friedland, Josh. Eatymology: the dictionary of modern gastronomy
641.013 W691f Wilson, Bee. First bite: how we learn to eat
641.22 L991m Lynch, Diane. Minnesota winery stories: Minnesota's wineries, wines & winemakers
641.22 W725 . Wine trails: plan 52 perfect weekends in wine country
641.255 B791g Broom, Dave. Gin: the manual
641.302 N335u Nelson, Michelle Catherine The urban homesteading cookbook: forage, farm, ferment and feast for a better world
641.302 P635f Pike, Charlotte Fermented: a beginner's guide to making your own sourdough, yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, and more
641.552 G955w Gunders, Dana. Waste free kitchen handbook: a guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food
641.563 D558b Dickerman, Sara Bon appetit the food lover's cleanse: 140 delicious, nourishing recipes that will tempt you back into healthful eating
641.5636 H469e Hester, Kathy. The easy vegan cookbook: make healthy home cooking practically effortless
641.5636 L58v Lewando, Fania The Vilna vegetarian cookbook: garden-fresh recipes rediscovered and adapted for today's kitchen
641.587 H398s Hensperger, Beth. So fast, so easy pressure cooker cookbook: more than 725 fresh, delicious recipes for electric and stovetop oressure cookers
641.591822 Ac75m Acquista, Angelo. The Mediterranean family table: 125 simple, everyday recipes made with the most delicious and healthiest food on earth
641.5951 K528p Kho, Kian Lam. Phoenix claws and jade trees: essential techniques of authentic Chinese cooking
641.59593 T326t Thaimee, Hong. True Thai: real flavors for every table
641.5973 F851m Frank, Matthew Gavin. The mad feast: an ecstatic tour through America's food
641.5973 M869 . Moveable feast with Fine cooking: inspiring recipes from seasons 1 and 2
641.65 An86v Anthony, Michael V is for vegetables: inspired recipes & techniques for home cooks from artichokes to zucchini
641.65 H292o Haugen, Marilyn. 150 best spiralizer recipes
641.813 P672m Pisani, Nicole. Magic soup: 100 recipes for health and happiness
641.865 Se37c Segal, Mindy. Cookie love: more than 60 recipes and techniques for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary
641.873 Z655m Zimmerman, Jereme Make mead like a Viking: traditional techniques for brewing natural, wild-fermented, honey-based wines and beers
641.875 H198s Hansard, Jen. Simple green smoothies: 100+ tasty recipes to lose weight, gain energy, and feel great in your body
642.4 R72p Rose, Lela. Pret-a-party
646.72 B771t Brinkley, Christie. Timeless beauty: over 100 tips, secrets, and shortcuts to looking great
646.7245 C772d Cook, Melissa. DIY updos, knots, and twists
646.7245 M361t Martens, Andre. 10-minute hairstyles: 50 step-by-step looks
646.726 B394b Begoun, Paula. The best skin of your life starts here: busting beauty myths so you know what to use and why
649.1 H939h Hurley, Katie. The happy kid handbook: how to raise joyful children in a stressful world
649.33 J954l Jung, Courtney Lactivism: how feminists and fundamentalists, hippies and yuppies, and physicians and politicians made breastfeeding big business and bad policy
658 K811g Koch, Charles G. Good profit: how creating value for others built one of the world's most successful companies
658.041 P161m Paine, Crystal. Money-making mom: how every woman can earn more and make a difference
658.11 B862i Buelow, Beth L. The introvert entrepreneur: amplify your strengths and create success on your own terms
658.314 M951o Murphy, Shawn. The optimistic workplace: creating an environment that energizes everyone
658.4 C366e Chapman, Bob. Everybody matters: the extraordinary power of caring for your people like family
658.4092 Sp28h Spaulding, Tommy. The heart-led leader: how living and leading from the heart will change your organization and your life
658.456 P686r Pittampalli, Al. Read this before our next meeting: how we can get more done
663.42 Ey22h Eyck, Laura Ten. The hop grower's handbook: the essential guide for sustainable, small-scale production for home and market
688.72 M189u Maciorowski, Ed. The ultimate guide to collectible LEGO sets: identification and price guide
693.3 T769s Truini, Joseph. Stanley tiling: planning, layout, and installation
709.2 W125g Gefter, Philip. Wagstaff, before and after Mapplethorpe: a biography
739.27 R117s Raden, Aja. Stoned: jewelry, obsession, and how desire shapes the world
741.5 K492w Wiseman, Al. Dennis the menace: the cult-classic comicbooks
745.5 C451o Cho, Joy Deangdeelert. Oh joy!: 60 ways to create & give joy
746.14 B294a Bassetti, Amanda. Arm knitting
746.434 K875c Kreiner, Megan Crochet a farm: 19 cute-as-can-be barnyard creations
746.46 Sh31p Shea, Kathleen Peanuts: quilted celebrations
747 B584n Blakeney, Justina. The new Bohemians: cool & collected homes
751.426 Sci17r Scicluna, Denise. Rock art!: painting and crafting with the humble pebble
779 R182 . Rarely seen: photographs of the extraordinary
782.4092 B468t Taraborrelli, J. Randy. Becoming Beyonce: the untold story
782.4092 V311r Renoff, Gregory J. Van Halen rising: how a Southern California backyard party band saved heavy metal
782.4092 W674l Lester, Paul. In search of Pharrell Williams
784.092 D992ga Gaines, David In Dylan town: a fan's life
791.43 L991d Lim, Dennis David Lynch: the man from another place
791.4572 D759f4 Fellowes, Jessica. The wit and wisdom of Downton Abbey
791.4572 D759f5 Fellowes, Jessica. Downton Abbey: a celebration: [the official companion to all six seasons]
794.8 Ar75 . The art of Halo 5: guardians
796.0973 Sch82l Schultz, Brad Lombardi dies, Orr flies, Marshall cries: the sports legacy of 1970
796.09776 M264m Mader, Patrick. Minnesota gold: conversations with Northland athletes competing on the world stage
796.332 Ea77g Easterbrook, Gregg. The game's not over: in defense of football
796.332 F522s Fischer, David The Super Bowl: the first fifty years of America's greatest game
796.357 G357p Gibson, Bob Pitch by pitch: my view of one unforgettable game
796.815 T327f Thalken, Jason. Fight like a physicist: the incredible science behind martial arts
796.95 B872s Bull, Andy Speed kings: the 1932 Winter Olympics and the fastest men in the world
799.1 M132n McClintock, James A naturalist goes fishing: casting in fragile waters from the Gulf of Mexico to New Zealand's South Island
799.1 Sch82c Schultz, Ken The complete guide to North American fishing
809.933 D364p DeGraff, Andrew. Plotted: a literary atlas
813.54 Al79a Alther, Lisa. About women: conversations between a writer and a painter
813.54 K587z2 2015 . The Stephen King companion: forty years of fear from the master of horror
910.4 D474 . Destinations of a lifetime: 225 of the world's most amazing places
914.04 D737l Dorren, Gaston. Lingo: around Europe in sixty languages
914.1 B848r Bryson, Bill. The road to Little Dribbling: adventures of an American in Britain
914.436 Sa59o Sante, Luc. The other Paris
915.2 G738r Goulding, Matt. Rice, noodle, fish: deep travels through Japan's food culture
917.19 B685w Bown, Stephen R. White Eskimo: Knud Rasmussen's fearless journey into the heart of the Arctic
917.304 Sa95t Savoy, Lauret E. Trace: memory, history, race and the American landscape
917.4 R636l Rohrig, Kyle S. Lost on the Appalachian Trail
918 M242l MacQuarrie, Kim. Life and death in the Andes: on the trail of bandits, heroes, and revolutionaries
921 At465AAa Athill, Diana. Alive, alive oh!: and other things that matter
921 F775AAo Forsyth, Frederick The outsider: my life in intrigue
921 F847s . The complete Francis of Assisi: his life, the complete writings, and The little flowers
921 G223AAp Gates, Robert Michael A passion for leadership: lessons on change and reform from fifty years of public service
921 H137n Norrell, Robert J. Alex Haley and the books that changed a nation
921 K143AAm Karan, Donna My journey
921 K3792l Littlefield, Nick. The lion of the Senate: when Ted Kennedy rallied the Democrats in a GOP Congress
921 L494s Sisman, Adam. John le Carre: the biography
921 L9301h Hawksley, Lucinda. Queen Victoria's mysterious daughter: a biography of Princess Louise
921 P1763AAt Palin, Michael. Travelling to work: diaries 1988-1998
921 R1125e Ephron, Dan. Killing a king: the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the remaking of Israel
921 R333AAb Reynolds, Burt. But enough about me: a memoir
921 Si61le Lehman, David Sinatra's century: one hundred notes on the man and his world
929.1 B3963f Beidler, James M. The family tree German genealogy guide: how to trace your Germanic ancestry in Europe
929.1072 Sco84h Scott, Kerry. How to use Evernote for genealogy: a step-by-step guide to organize your research and boost your genealogy productivity
940.5 K474t Kershaw, Ian. To hell and back: Europe, 1914-1949
940.5421 B393a Beevor, Antony Ardennes 1944: Hitler's last gamble
943.086 St28g Stargardt, Nicholas. The German War: a nation under arms, 1939-1945: citizens and soldiers
947.7 P721g Plokhy, Serhii The gates of Europe: a history of Ukraine
954.053 H615a Hiro, Dilip. The age of aspiration: power, wealth, and conflict in globalizing India
956.7 R547i Robertson, John. Iraq: a history
967.7305 R198c Rawlence, Ben. City of thorns: nine lives in the world's largest refugee camp
970.00497 Sm63t Smith, Page. Tragic encounters: a people's history of Native Americans
973.88 R769t Rove, Karl. The triumph of William McKinley: why the election of 1896 still matters
974.71 F229s Farley, Tom Saving Gotham: a billionaire mayor, activist doctors, and the fight for eight million lives
975.3 L588w Lewis, Tom Washington: a history of our national city
976.24 G767d Grant, Richard Dispatches from Pluto: lost and found in the Mississippi Delta
977 M146m McDonnell, Michael A. Masters of empire: Great Lakes Indians and the making of America
978.02 H999o Hyslop, Stephen G. The Old West
987.6 G592w Good, David. The way around: finding my mother and myself among the Yanomami
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