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New Nonfiction - April 2015

These titles were added in March

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Call Number Author Title
001.9 St75u Storr, Will. The unpersuadables: adventures with the enemies of science
004.165 Ip11bai Muir, Nancy. iPad all-in-one for dummies
133.1 N756a Nordhaus, Hannah. American ghost: a family's haunted past in the desert southwest
133.9 D72t Dooley, Mike The top ten things dead people want to tell you
133.9013 Sa77w Sartori, Penny The wisdom of near-death experiences: how understanding NDEs can help us to live more fully
152.4 Ol48w Olivo, Erin L. Wise mind living: master your emotions, transform your life
152.46 R167f Rankin, Lissa The fear cure: cultivating courage as medicine for the body, mind, and soul
153.7 B396h Beilock, Sian. How the body knows its mind: the surprising power of the physical environment to influence how you think and feel
158.1 R824b Rubin, Gretchen Craft. Better than before: mastering the habits of our everyday lives
158.5 Ur99gy Ury, William. Getting to yes with yourself: (and other worthy opponents)
158.7 Sch81o Schulte, Brigid Overwhelmed: work, love, and play when no one has the time
170 Et37 2015 . Ethics: opposing viewpoints
174.95 D812g Dreger, Alice Domurat. Galileo's middle finger: heretics, activists, and the search for justice in science
248.482 C449b Chittister, Joan. Between the dark and the daylight: embracing the contradictions of life
248.843 T854f Turner, Jessica N. The fringe hours: making time for you
297 H617h Hirsi Ali, Ayaan Heretic: why Islam needs a reformation now
302 B484n Biglan, Anthony. The nurture effect: how the science of human behavior can improve our lives and our world
303.34 N143e Naim, Moises. The end of power: from boardrooms to battlefields and churches to states, why being in charge isn't what it used to be
303.4833 C882j Crook, Christina. The joy of missing out: finding balance in a wired world
303.485 R617r Rodin, Judith. The resilience dividend: being strong in a world where things go wrong
303.625 H14i Hall, Benjamin Inside Isis: the brutal rise of a terrorist army
303.69 C27c Caspersen, Dana. Changing the conversation: the 17 principles of conflict resolution
305.235 R118b Radin, Stacey. Brave girls: raising young women with passion and purpose to become powerful leaders
305.42 Ad45w Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi We should all be feminists
306.7 L437i Lawrence, Michael. If I were a chick--
306.7 P544u Phillips, Lisa A. Unrequited: women and romantic obsession
306.76 Un22 . Understanding and teaching U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history
306.81 P644t Pillemer, Karl A. 30 lessons for loving: advice from the wisest Americans on love, relationships, and marriage
306.8743 H668b Hodgman, George. Bettyville: a memoir
322.3 C591c Clements, Jeffrey D. Corporations are not people: reclaiming democracy from big money and global corporations
323.4 K585r King, Martin Luther, Jr. The radical King
323.448 Sch58d Schneier, Bruce Data and Goliath: the hidden battles to collect your data and control your world
324.2734 R299 . The Republican Party: [opposing viewpoints]
324.6 P651b Pinckney, Darryl Blackballed: the Black vote and US democracy
330.973 R825a Rubio, Marco American dreams: restoring economic opportunity for everyone
331.398 C677u Coleman, Joseph Unfinished work: the struggle to build an aging American workforce
332.024 C897g Cullen, Melanie Get it together: organize your records so your family won't have to
333.33 C131s Callaway, Joseph Super agent: real estate success at the highest level
333.33 R183z Rascoff, Spencer. Zillow talk: the new rules of real estate
338.1 C194l Carlisle, Liz. Lentil underground: renegade farmers and the future of food in America
338.2 B914l Burgis, Tom. The looting machine: warlords, oligarchs, corporations, smugglers, and the theft of Africa's wealth
338.4767 D593a DiMicco, Dan. American made: why making things will return us to greatness
355.343 H243a Harris, Shane. @WAR: the rise of the military-Internet complex
362.1 W443l Welch, H. Gilbert. Less medicine, more health: 7 assumptions that drive too much medical care
362.175 G248b Gawande, Atul. Being mortal: medicine and what matters in the end
362.293 P416 . Performance-enhancing drugs: [opposing viewpoints]
362.6 P78a Poo, Ai-jen. The age of dignity: preparing for the elder boom in a changing America
362.734 B651a Bosco-Ruggiero, Stephanie. Adopting older children: a practical guide to adopting and parenting children over age four
362.734 M298a Malterer, Bonnie I. Annie comes home
363.1196 T551d Tobar, Hector Deep down dark: the untold stories of 33 men buried in a Chilean mine, and the miracle that set them free
363.7384 C42 . Chemicals: [opposing viewpoints]
364.106 L221d Lance, Peter. Deal with the devil: the FBI's secret thirty-year relationship with a Mafia killer
364.1523 L555g Leovy, Jill. Ghettoside: a true story of murder in America
364.1523 R861ly Rule, Ann. Lying in wait: and other true cases
364.168 G623f Goodman, Marc. Future crimes: everything is connected, everyone is vulnerable and what we can do about it
372.4 N466r Newman, Nancy Raising passionate readers: 5 easy steps to success in school and life
392.5 On27p O'Neill, Fifi. Prairie-style weddings: rustic and romantic farm, woodland, and garden celebrations
411 R722a Rosen, Michael Alphabetical: how every letter tells a story
500 W659a Wilkinson, Karen. The art of tinkering: meet 150+ makers working at the intersection of art, science & technology
510 B279oa Barrow, John D. 100 essential things you didn't know you didn't know about math and the arts
523.2 N811h North, Chris How to read the solar system: a guide to the stars and planets
551.552 M595s Miles, Kathryn Superstorm: nine days inside Hurricane Sandy
574.5263 F274f Fausch, Kurt D. For the love of rivers: a scientist's journey
608 K131s Kanbar, Maurice. Secrets from an inventor's notebook: advice on inventing success
612.82 G259t Gazzaniga, Michael S. Tales from both sides of the brain: a life in neuroscience
613.0424 N818g Northrup, Christiane. Goddesses never age: the secret prescription for radiance, vitality, and well-being
613.2 M538e Mercola, Joseph. Effortless healing: 9 simple ways to sidestep illness, shed excess weight, and help your body fix itself
613.25 G713h Gottfried, Sara. The hormone reset diet: heal your metabolism to lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days
613.25 H3672d Heller, Marla. The DASH diet younger you: shed 20 years --and pounds --in just 10 weeks
613.26 L951gf Lowell, Jax Peters. The gluten-free revolution: absolutely everything you need to know about losing the wheat, reclaiming your health, and eating happily ever after
613.28 W697i Wilson, Sarah. I quit sugar: your complete 8-week detox program and cookbook
613.71 B838d Bruscia, Guido. The functional training bible
615.329 C772p Cook, Michelle Schoffro. The probiotic promise: simple steps to heal you body from the inside out
615.854 M873s Moyad, Mark A. The supplement handbook: a trusted expert's guide to what works & what's worthless for more than 100 conditions
616.34 B637e Bolen, Barbara Bradley The everything guide to the low-FODMAP diet: a healthy plan for managing IBS and other digestive disorders
616.74 R199s Rawls, William. Suffered long enough: a physician's journey of overcoming fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, & lyme
616.8521 M831e Morris, David J. The evil hours: a biography of post-traumatic stress disorder
616.85212 P412d Percy, Jennifer. Demon camp: the strange and terrible saga of a soldier's return from war
616.8522 B667a 2015 Bourne, Edmund J. The anxiety & phobia workbook
616.85227 C23e Carr, Allen, The easy way to stop gambling: take control of your life
616.85227 G795f Grayson, Jonathan Freedom from obsessive-compulsive disorder: a personalized recovery program for living with uncertainty
616.898 T636s 2013 Torrey, E. Fuller Surviving schizophrenia: a family manual
616.8982 Sa29c 2015 Saks, Elyn R. The center cannot hold: my journey through madness
616.994 P936y Prinster, Tari Yoga for cancer: a guide to managing side effects, boosting immunity, and improving recovery for cancer survivors
620.112 W146r Waldman, Jonathan. Rust: the longest war
621.3916 Y22b Yarnold, Stuart. Building a PC in easy steps
629.287 C439foes3 Stubblefield, Mike. Chilton's Ford Escape/Tribute/Mariner 2001-12 repair manual
629.892 Sa32r Salemi, Behnam. Robot building for teens
630.1973 J844s Joy, LaManda. Start a community food garden: the essential handbook
634 R139g Ralph, Ann. Grow a little fruit tree: simple pruning techniques for small-space, easy-harvest fruit trees
635 N433p 2015 Newcomb, Karen. The postage stamp vegetable garden: grow tons of organic vegetables in tiny spaces and containers
635.04 C153h Campbell, Stu. How to mulch: save water, feed the soil, and suppress weeds
635.0421 C762s Conner, Cindy. Seed libraries: and other means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people
636.2 H326c Hayes, Denis Cowed: the hidden impact of 93 million cows on America's health, economy, politics, culture, and environment
636.7 Am35c 2015 American Kennel Club. The new complete dog book
636.7 G592 . The good dog: true stories of love, loss, and loyalty
639.9 V439c Varty, Boyd. Cathedral of the wild: an African journey home
639.978 H251w Hart, Melissa Wild within: how rescuing owls inspired a family
641.555 T186 . Taste of Home simple, easy, fast kitchen: 429 recipes for today's busy cook.
641.563 J642c Johnston, Cassie. Chia, quinoa, kale, oh my!: recipes for 40+ delicious, super-nutritious superfoods
641.563 K159h Katz, Rebecca. The healthy mind cookbook: big-flavor recipes to enhance brain function, mood, memory, and mental clarity
641.5638 C811r Cordain, Loren The real paleo diet cookbook
641.5638 L329b Larsen, Linda Johnson. The big book of paleo recipes: more than 500 recipes for healthy, grain-free, and dairy-free foods
641.5638 R542g Roberts, Jason. Good food fast!: deliciously healthy gluten-free meals for people on the go
641.5638 R616h Rodgers, Diana. The homegrown paleo cookbook: over 100 delicious, gluten-free, farm-to-table recipes, and a complete guide to growing your own healthy food
641.587 C776 . Cooking light pressure cooking made simple: slow-cooked flavor in half the time
641.588 T1862 . Taste of Home slow cooker throughout the year: [495 family favorite recipes: simmering for every season!]
641.5945 Sco34p Scognamillo, Sal J. Patsy's Italian family cookbook
641.654 G378c Gilbertie, Sal. Cooking with microgreens: the grow-your-own superfood
641.76 G374s Gilbert, Molly. Sheet pan suppers: 120 recipes for simple, surprising, hands-off meals straight from the oven: plus breakfasts, desserts, and snacks, too!
641.853 Ar34a Arevalo, Sandy Artisan caramels: [classic and inspired confections]
641.873 L827s Loftus, Amelia Slayton. Sustainable homebrewing: an all-organic approach to crafting great beer
641.875 V389b Van Wyk, Katrine. Best green drinks ever: boost your juice with antioxidants, protein and more
646.2 Sh78h Shore, Debbie. Half yard home: easy sewing projects using left-over pieces of fabric
646.7245 P835a Porter, Rebecca Amazing hairstyles from easy to elegant
648.8 R136s Rains, Valerie. Smart storage solutions: creative closets, stylish shelves & more
650.1 L552y Leonard, Kelly. Yes, and: lessons from The Second City: how improvisation reverses "no, but" thinking and improves creativity and collaboration
650.14 B534j Birkel, Damian. The job search checklist: everything you need to know to get back to work after a layoff
650.14 W984j Wyman, Nicholas. Job U: how to find wealth and success by developing the skills companies actually need
658.041 L565s . Start your own business: the only start-up book you'll ever need
658.314 F914b Friedman, Ron The best place to work: the art and science of creating an extraordinary workplace
658.812 Sh18z Shankman, Peter. Zombie loyalists: using great service to create rabid fans
674.2 B692s Boyd, Jim. Sawdust in their blood: 100 years of the Hedstrom Lumber Co.
739.27 B625c Bluhm, Lisa Creative soldered jewelry & accessories
746.432 K75 . Knitting yarns: writers on knitting
746.432 P874d Powers, Pam. Dress-to-impress knitted scarves: 24 extraordinary designs for kerchiefs, cowls, infinity loops, & more
746.92 G923h Grumbach, Didier. History of international fashion
747.019 M582l Michaels, Melissa Love the home you have
770.92 Al539AAl Allen, Keegan Life. Love. Beauty
779.092 Ad21AAi Addario, Lynsey. It's what I do: a photographer's life of love and war
781.64 J132n Jackson, Andrew Grant 1965: the most revolutionary year in music
782.4092 G656AAg Gordon, Kim Girl in a band
782.4092 J711t Trynka, Paul. Brian Jones: the making of the Rolling Stones
791.43023 H631w Wood, Michael Alfred Hitchcock: the man who knew too much
796.323 M145AAt McDonald, Bob. Travels and tribulations: a coach's journey
796.323 M325s Maraniss, Andrew. Strong inside: Perry Wallace and the collision of race and sports in the South
796.342 H793t Hoskins-Burney, Tina The tennis drill book
796.352 B543f Bissen, Joe Fore! Gone.: Minnesota's lost golf courses, 1897-1999
796.357 F458b Figler, Jeff. Baseball memorabilia: how to pick antiques like a pro
796.51 B453a Berger, Karen America's great hiking trails
796.522 B5922c Blanchard, Barry. The calling: a life rocked by mountains
797.32 J613 . John Severson's surf
798.8 F875ia Freedman, Lewis Iditarod adventures: tales from mushers along the trail
799.215 K955s Kuhn, Todd A. Shooter's bible guide to bowhunting
799.232 M145h Macdonald, Helen H is for hawk
811.54 B862s Buettner, Marjorie Some measure of existence: collected haibun
811.54 G523s Glumac, Ann. A skim of ice on still water
811.54 T747e Trojan, Peggy. Everyday love
910.202 W8933 . The world: a traveller's guide to the planet
910.41 M356w Marshall, John Wide-open world: how volunteering around the globe changed one family's lives forever
914.5 H766i Hooper, John The Italians
915.18 M575i Meyer, Michael J. In Manchuria: a village called wasteland and the transformation of rural China
917.302 H839w Howells, John Where to retire: America's best & most affordable places
917.306 C156 . Camping America's guide to free and low-cost campgrounds
917.4 C539l Clapper, Craig. Legging it: life lessons learned thru-hiking the Applachian Trial
921 B7601AAh Brick, Samantha. Head over heels in France: falling in love in the Lot
921 B768AAg Bright, Myron H. Goodbye Mike, hello Judge: my journey for justice
921 B9627ma Mann, Jim George W. Bush
921 C38Wma Mayer, Catherine. Born to be king: Prince Charles on planet Windsor
921 J579s Schlender, Brent. Becoming Steve Jobs: the evolution of a reckless upstart into a visionary leader
921 L638mcgi McGinty, Brian. Lincoln's greatest case: the river, the bridge, and the making of America
921 T2199AAh Tea, Michelle. How to grow up: a memoir
921 T36AAw Thomas, Abigail. What comes next and how to like it: a memoir
921 W6457AAp Wilder, Laura Ingalls Pioneer girl: the annotated autobiography
937.05 St82d Strauss, Barry S. The death of Caesar: the story of history's most famous assassination
940.451 K582l King, Greg Lusitania: triumph, tragedy, and the end of the Edwardian age
940.451 L329d Larson, Erik Dead wake: the last crossing of the Lusitania
946.081 R346h Rhodes, Richard Hell and good company: the Spanish Civil War and the world it made
947.086 B81r Browder, Bill Red notice: a true story of high finance, murder, and one man's fight for justice
954.9183 Z138u Zakaria, Rafia The upstairs wife: an intimate history of Pakistan
970.3 Oj33oj . Ojibwe sky star map constellation guide: an introduction to Ojibwe star knowledge
973.0496 Al54a Allen, T. L. Achievements & legacies of famous African Americans
973.91 F864a Fraser, Steve The age of acquiescence: the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power
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