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New Nonfiction - May 2015

These titles were added in April

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Call Number Author Title
001.942 H699p Holcombe, Larry. The Presidents and UFOs: a secret history from FDR to Obama
005.133 Sch551a Schmidt, Maik Arduino: a quick-start guide
005.754 T284b Tessema, Tariku. Beginners guide to web designing with Google sites
025.52 Sa87r Saunders, Laura Repositioning reference: new methods and new services for a new age
028.9 B268w Baron, Naomi S. Words onscreen: the fate of reading in a digital world
070.593 C239s Carson, Dina C. Set yourself up to self-publish: a genealogist's guide
128.2 T372w Thompson, Evan. Waking, dreaming, being: self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy
133.8 Sa97r Saxman, Suzan. The reluctant psychic: a memoir
152.4 R669s Ronson, Jon So you've been publicly shamed
153.733 P246c Parr, Ben. Captivology: the science of capturing people's attention
155.2 B417w Bello, Maria Whatever-- love is love: questioning the labels we give ourselves
155.2 C858w Crawford, Matthew B. The world beyond your head: on becoming an individual in an age of distraction
155.9 W435p Weisinger, Hendrie. Performing under pressure: the science of doing your best when it matters most
155.937 K859w Kramer, Bruce H. We know how this ends: living while dying
158 So62m Sood, Amit. The Mayo Clinic handbook for happiness: a 4-step plan for resilient living
158.1 B746f Bregman, Peter. Four seconds: all the time you need to stop counter-productive habits and get the results you want
158.1 C456l Chopra, Mallika. Living with intent: my somewhat messy journey to purpose, peace, and joy
158.1 G795c Grazer, Brian A curious mind: the secret to a bigger life
158.1 L971c Luna, Elle The crossroads of should and must: find and follow your passion
158.1 P942t Proctor, Bob. Thoughts are things: turning your ideas into realities
158.1 R797v Rowling, J. K. Very good lives: the fringe benefits of failure and the importance of imagination
158.7 H158d Hallowell, Edward M. Driven to distraction at work: how to focus and be more productive
170.44 L546f Lende, Heather Find the good unexpected life lessons from a small-town obituary writer
170.44 Su82 . Sustainable happiness: live simply, live well, make a difference
179.3 M258m McWilliams, James E. The modern savage: our unthinking decision to eat animals
179.7 Eu84 2015 . Euthanasia ; [opposing viewpoints]
179.9 B791r Brooks, David The road to character
234.1 St87c Strobel, Lee The case for grace: a journalist explores the evidence of transformed lives
241.697 Si13n Sider, Ronald J. Nonviolent action: what Christian ethics demands but most Christians have never really tried
248.32 B782y Brock, Jared. A year of living prayerfully: how a curious traveler met the pope, walked on coals, danced with rabbis, and revived his prayer life
248.4 B436w Benham, David. Whatever the cost: facing your fears, dying to your dreams, and living powerfully
248.86 R676d Roos, Rick. Dimple head: a story about prayer, patience and healing
282 P267n Madrid, Patrick Now what?: a guide for new (and not-so-new) Catholics
282.09 W685f Wills, Garry The future of the Catholic Church with Pope Francis
289.7 H977 . Hutterites: the nine: our story to freedom
289.92 P388a Penton, M. James Apocalypse delayed: the story of Jehovah's Witnesses
291.446 L24b Lane, Belden C. Backpacking with the saints: wilderness hiking as spiritual practice
291.62 M432s Matthews, John The shamanism bible: the definitive guide to shamanic thought and practice
303.4833 Si39t Silverman, Jacob. Terms of service: social media and the price of constant connection
303.625 St45i Stern, Jessica ISIS: the state of terror
303.66 B667d Bourke, Joanna. Deep violence: military violence, war play and the social life of weapons
305.23 T155i Tanenbaum, Leora I am not a slut: slut-shaming in the age of the Internet
305.42 W124b Wagman-Geller, Marlene. Behind every great man: the forgotten women behind the world's famous and infamous
305.48 B638s Bolick, Kate. Spinster: making a life of one's own
305.48895 M11m Ma, Suzanne. Meet me in Venice: a Chinese immigrant's journey from the Far East to the faraway West
305.513 P983o Putnam, Robert D. Our kids: the American Dream in crisis
305.8948 L949a Lovoll, Odd Sverre. Across the deep blue sea: the saga of early Norwegian immigrants
306.3 W158s Wallman, James. Stuffocation: why we've had enough of stuff and need experience more than ever
306.7 El58g Elliott, Susan J. Getting back out there: secrets to successful dating and finding true love after the big breakup
306.7663 M778b Moon, Allison. Bad dyke
306.874 M137y McCraith, Sheila. Yell less, love more: how the Orange Rhino mom stopped yelling at her kids-and how you can too!: a 30-day guide that includes: 100 alternatives to yelling, simple, daily, steps to follow, honest stories to inspire
306.874 Se48 . Selfish, shallow, and self-absorbed: sixteen writers on the decision not to have kids
306.8745 D744r Doucette-Dudman, Deborah Raising our children's children: room in the heart
322.1 K945o Kruse, Kevin Michael One nation under God: how corporate America invented Christian America
323.445 Sch96d Schwarz, Frederick A. O. Democracy in the dark: the seduction of government secrecy
323.448 P939 . Privacy: [opposing viewpoints]
323.448 Sch22t Scheer, Robert. They know everything about you: how data-collecting corporations and snooping government agencies are destroying democracy
324.6 V941 2015 . Voting rights: [opposing viewpoints]
327.73 B728c Bradley, James The China mirage: the hidden history of American disaster in Asia
331.702 G561a Goins, Jeff. The art of work: a proven path to discovering what you were meant to do
332.024 R534m Robbins, Anthony. Money: master the game: 7 simple steps to financial freedom
332.42 V683a Vigna, Paul. The age of cryptocurrency: how bitcoin and digital money are challenging the global economic order
332.6322 Sh62i Shiller, Robert J. Irrational exuberance
333.338 W676e Williamson, Melanie The everything® guide to flipping houses: an all-inclusive guide to buying, renovating, selling
333.79 P919e Prentiss, Mara Goff. Energy revolution: the physics and the promise of efficient technology
338.768872 B545g Bissonnette, Zac. The great Beanie Baby bubble: mass delusion and the dark side of cute
338.9 Sa14a Sachs, Jeffrey. The age of sustainable development
338.9 St29 2015 . State of the world
346.0134 G823o Green, Lisa On your case: a comprehensive, compassionate (and only slightly bossy) legal guide for every stage of a woman's life
347.7326 M619i Millhiser, Ian. Injustices: the Supreme Court's history of comforting the comfortable and afflicting the afflicted
356.162 M363m Martin, Chris Modern American snipers: from The legend to The reaper-- on the battlefield with special operations snipers
362.175 V88c Volandes, Angelo The conversation: a revolutionary plan for end-of-life care
362.197481 D348m Dearth, Brad A. My ambition to-- survive!: October 2, 1982 changed a seven year-old's life forever!
362.2 Scu45m Scull, Andrew Madness in civilization: a cultural history of insanity, from the Bible to Freud, from the madhouse to modern medicine
362.296 T551 . Tobacco and smoking: [opposing viewpoints]
363.2 Os18j Osborne, Steve The job: true tales from the life of a New York City cop
363.45 H224c Hari, Johann. Chasing the scream: the first and last days of the war on drugs
364.1523 M767w Montillo, Roseanne. The wilderness of ruin: a tale of madness, fire, and the hunt for America's youngest serial killer
364.1532 K858m Krakauer, Jon. Missoula: rape and the justice system in a college town
364.154 B459h Berry, Amanda Hope: a memoir of survival in Cleveland
364.154 G466l Glatt, John. The lost girls: the true story of the Cleveland abductions and the incredible rescue of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus
364.162 K965m Kurkjian, Stephen A. Master thieves: the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world's greatest art heist
365.45 K528m Khodorkovsky, Mikhail My fellow prisoners
372.357 Sa48h Sampson, Scott D. How to raise a wild child: the art and science of falling in love with nature
373.222 P442 2014/15 . Peterson's private secondary schools.
378.1057 F545f 2014 Fiske, Edward B. Fiske real college essays that work
385.314 Sch69s Schrankler, Bill. Shadows of time--: Minnesota's surviving railroad depots
387.2 K76 2015 . Know your ships: field guide to boats & boatwatching Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway
392.5 St99 . Style your perfect wedding.
398.234 Ad19m Adams, Mark Meet me in Atlantis: my obsessive quest to find the sunken city
428.2 N795b Norris, Mary Between you & me: confessions of a Comma Queen
539.72 B982s Butterworth, Jon. Most wanted particle: the inside story of the hunt for the Higgs, the heart of the future of physics
551.577 B264r Barnett, Cynthia Rain: a natural and cultural history
551.6977 Se34m Seeley, Mark W. Minnesota weather almanac
567.91 P648d Pim, Keiron. Dinosaurs the grand tour: everything worth knowing about dinosaurs from Aardonyx to Zuniceratops
573.212 H24a Harris, Eugene E. Ancestors in our genome: the new science of human evolution
582.16 K611g Kingsbury, Noel. The glory of the tree: an illustrated history
591 B263t Barnes, Simon. Ten million aliens: a journey through the entire animal kingdom
591.529 D354l DeBuys, William The last unicorn: a search for one of Earth's rarest creatures
598.2 J267bp Janssen, Robert B. Birds of Minnesota state parks
599.53 H224b Hargrove, John Beneath the surface: killer whales, SeaWorld, and the truth beyond Blackfish
610.14 H3832m Henderson, Beverley. Medical terminology for dummies
610.73 R534n Robbins, Alexandra The nurses: a year of secrets, drama, and miracles with the heroes of the hospital
612.68 G366s Gifford, Bill. Spring chicken: stay young forever (or die trying)
613 Al42m Alidina, Shamash. The mindful way through stress: the proven 8-week path to health, happiness, and well-being
613.2 B862b Buettner, Dan. The Blue Zones solution: eating and living like the world's healthiest people
613.2 H224f Hari, Vani. The food babe way: break free from the hidden toxins in your food and lose weight, look years younger, and get healthy in just 21 days!
613.25 C153c Campbell, Thomas M. The Campbell plan: the simple way to lose weight and reverse illness, using the China study's whole-food, plant-based diet
613.25 H231sh Harper, Bob. Skinny habits: the 6 secrets of thin people
613.26 M778e Moon, Maggie. The elimination diet workbook: a personal approach to determining your food allergies
613.26 Se37e Segersten, Alissa. The elimination diet: discover the foods that are making you sick and tired-- and feel better fast
613.28 J159s Jacoby, Richard Sugar crush: how to reduce inflammation, reverse nerve damage, and reclaim good health
613.7 M147n McDougall, Christopher Natural born heroes: how a daring band of misfits mastered the lost secrets of strength and endurance
613.7 Y846h Young, Damon. How to think about exercise
613.7046 P115b Pacheco, Rebecca. Do your om thing: bending yoga tradition to fit your modern life
613.71 F915f Friel, Joe. Fast after 50: how to race strong for the rest of your life
613.71 H224g Hargrove, Todd A guide to better movement: the science and practice of moving with more skill and less pain
615.321 J637s Johnson, Scott A. Surviving when modern medicine fails: a definitive guide to essential oils that could save your life during a crisis
616.042 G256g Gaynor, Mitchell L. The gene therapy plan: taking control of your genetic destiny with diet and lifestyle
616.836 P131o Paddock, Bonner. One more step: my story of living with cerebral palsy, climbing Kilimanjaro, and surviving the hardest race on earth
616.85212 N534w Nickerson, Mark I. The wounds within: a veteran, a PTSD therapist, and a nation unprepared
616.85227 W541a Wexler, Arnie. All bets are off: losers, liars, and recovery from gambling addiction
616.87 R531s Royal, Pamela H. Sciatica no more: a comprehensive guide to Sciatica causes, symptoms, treatments, and a holistic system of natural remedies for Sciatica pain relief
616.89 L621s Lieberman, Jeffrey A. Shrinks: the untold story of psychiatry
616.8914 Sa44 . Same time next week: true stories of working through mental illness
616.895 B163h Baird, Mimi. He wanted the moon: the madness and medical genius of Dr. Perry Baird, and his daughter's quest to know him
616.994 Ar58p Armstrong, Sue p53: the gene that cracked the cancer code
617.7 Ad19h Adams, Neal. Healthy vision: prevent and reverse eye disease through better nutrition
618.4 Si45b 2013 Simkin, Penny The birth partner: a complete guide to childbirth for dads, doulas, and all other labor companions
620.00425 F213ad Fane, Bill. AutoCAD 2014 for dummies
621.31924 P81s Popejoy, Clifford A. Stanley easy home wiring repairs
621.3841 G355h Gibilisco, Stan. Ham and shortwave radio for the electronics hobbyist
623.7469 C644k Cockburn, Andrew Kill chain: the rise of the high-tech assassins
628.13 Al53w Allen, Laura The water-wise home: how to conserve, capture, and reuse water in your home and landscape
629.283 C736 2014 . Minnesota commercial driver's manual
629.287 C439fop4 Stubblefield, Mike. Chilton's Ford pick-ups 2004-14 repair manual
629.4354 B413i Bell, Jim The interstellar age: inside the forty-year Voyager mission
629.892 C323m Ceceri, Kathy. Making simple robots: explore cutting-edge robotics with everyday stuff
631.58 M884f Mudge, Ken Farming the woods: an integrated permaculture approach to growing food and medicinals in temperate forests
631.58 T757c Trought, Josh. The community-scale permaculture farm: the D Acres model for creating and managing an ecologically designed educational center
635.642 L529e LeHoullier, Craig. Epic tomatoes: how to select & grow the best varieties of all time
635.932 C573e Clausen, Ruth Rogers Essential perennials: the complete reference to 2700 perennials for the home garden
636.5 W679r 2015 Willis, Kimberly H. Raising chickens for dummies
638.1 B565b 2015 Blackiston, Howland. Beekeeping for dummies
640 M825h Morin, Brit. Homemakers: a domestic handbook for the digital generation
641.302 B778m Britton, Sarah. My new roots: inspired plant-based recipes for every season
641.302 F776sk Forte, Sara. The sprouted kitchen bowl and spoon: simple and inspired whole foods recipes to savor and share
641.5 M999 . The Mystery Writers of America cookbook
641.5631 R824d Rubin, Alan L. Diabetes cookbook for dummies
641.5636 B328l Baur, Gene. Living the farm sanctuary life: the ultimate guide to eating mindfully, living longer, and feeling better every day
641.5636 C883y Crosby, Heather. YumUniverse: infinite possibilities for a gluten-free, plant-powerful, whole-food lifestyle
641.5638 C123a Cain, Nancy. Against the grain: extraordinary gluten-free recipes made from real, all-natural ingredients
641.5638 D632c DiSpirito, Rocco. Cook your butt off!: lose up to a pound a day with fat-burning foods and gluten-free recipes
641.587 W433g Weinstein, Bruce The great big pressure cooker book: 500 easy recipes for every machine, both stovetop and electric
641.5943 N717n Nolen, Jeremy. New German cooking: recipes for classics revisited
641.5975 Sch36o Schlapman, Kimberly. Oh Gussie!: cooking and visiting in Kimberly's southern kitchen
641.5975 Y33t Yearwood, Trisha. Trisha's table: my feel-good favorites for a balanced life
641.633 B173t Baker, Hallie A. Turtle, truffle, bark: simple and indulgent chocolates to make at home
641.86 H535c Higgins, Katie. Chocolate-covered Katie: over 80 delicious recipes that are secretly good for you
641.862 P448b Petroff, Bryan. Big gay ice cream: saucy stories & frozen treats: going all the way with ice cream
643.16 F491h Finch, Lynne. The home security handbook: expert advice for keeping safe at home (and away)
646.21 R644v Rolf, Christa. Vintage style gifts for the home
646.7 Os112 . O's little book of happiness
646.78 C366fme Chapman, Gary D. The 5 love languages for men: tools for making a good relalationship great
647.94 K148h 2014 Karr, Paul. Hostels European cities: the only comprehensive, unofficial, opinionated guide
647.9473 Sco83c Scott, David Logan The complete guide to national park lodges
649.1 G563s Gold, Tammy. Secrets of the nanny whisperer: a practical guide for finding and achieving the gold standard of care for your child
650.1 St34m Steinberg, Scott. Make change work for you: 10 ways to future-proof yourself, fearlessly innovate, and succeed despite uncertainty
650.409 P124n Packard, Susan. New rules of the game: 10 strategies for women in the workplace
658.11 D541b Diamandis, Peter H. Bold: how to go big, achieve success, and impact the world
658.408 L961d Lubetzky, Daniel. Do the KIND thing: think boundlessly, work purposefully, live passionately
664 V836h Vivaldo, Denise. How to start a home-based catering business
684.12 L41u Law, Alex. The upholsterer's step-by-step handbook: a practical reference
709.22 N189a Nastasi, Alison. Artists and their cats
712 T391l Thoren, Roxi. Landscapes of change: innovative designs and reinvented sites
738.5 B785m Brody, Mark. Mosaic garden projects: add color to your garden with tables, fountains, birdbaths, and more
745.5068 L969h Luker, Gina. How to start a home-based Etsy business
745.5068 P966c Pullen, Fiona. Craft a creative business
746.14 St89a Strutt, Laura Arm & finger knitting: 35 no-needle knits for the home and to wear
746.432 F772m Forslund, Birgitta. My favorite cardigans to knit: 24 timeless takes on the world's most popular sweater
746.434 Ap12s Apala, Vita. Super cute crochet for little feet: 30 stylish shoes, booties, and sandals to crochet for babies
746.46 M25m 2014 McTavish, Karen C. Mastering the art of McTavishing
747.94 T219b Taylor, Will. Bright bazaar: embracing color for make-you-smile style
770.92 Al45g Alinder, Mary Street Group f.64: Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, and the community of artists who revolutionized American photography
778.99392 P419h Perkins, Michelle. How to photograph weddings
780.92 G463AAw Glass, Philip. Words without music: a memoir
781.24 K298c Kelly, Thomas Forrest. Capturing music: the story of notation
781.573 Ev16b Evans, Mike The blues: a visual history: 100 years of music that changed the world
782.4092 G286l . The living years: the first Genesis memoir
782.4092 L985AAa Lydon, John Anger Is an energy: my life uncensored
782.4092 N539h Howe, Zoe Stevie Nicks: visions, dreams & rumours
782.4092 P935h Huffman, Eddie. John Prine: in spite of himself
791.4372 So84s Santopietro, Tom. The sound of music story: how a beguiling young novice, a handsome Austrian captain, and ten singing Von Trapp children inspired the most beloved film of all time
796.332 H742i Holstein, James A. Is there life after football?: surviving the NFL
796.357 M363p Pennington, Bill Billy Martin: baseball's flawed genius
796.357 T394s Thornley, Stew. The St. Paul Saints: baseball in the capital city
796.42 R662r Romanov, Nicholas S. The running revolution: how to run faster, farther, and injury-free for life
796.426 K819h Koerner, Hal. Hal Koerner's field guide to ultrarunning: training for an ultramarathon, from 50K to 100 miles and beyond
796.812 M582w Michaels, Shawn. Wrestling for my life: the legend, the reality, and the faith of a WWE superstar
796.815 G716p Gottschall, Jonathan. The professor in the cage: why men fight and why we like to watch
796.93 V795f Vinton, Nathaniel. The fall line: how American ski racers conquered a sport on the edge
797.122 B292 . Basic illustrated kayaking
797.122 M738o Molloy, Johnny Outward bound canoeing
808.1 H617t Hirshfield, Jane Ten windows: how great poems transform the world
809.3927 El59h Ellis, Samantha. How to be a heroine: or, what I've learned from reading too much
811.54 R167c Rankine, Claudia Citizen: an American lyric
811.54 St81cp Strand, Mark Collected poems
811.6 R276a Reini-Grandell, Lynette. Approaching the gate: poems
814.54 Ad59a Adler, Renata. After the tall timber: collected nonfiction
814.54 B417t Bellow, Saul. There is simply too much to think about: collected nonfiction
814.54 Si45i Simic, Charles The life of images: selected prose
814.6 B161w Babine, Karen Water and what we know: following the roots of a northern life
814.6 P272l Paterniti, Michael. Love and other ways of dying: essays
815.08 W364 . Way more than luck: commencement speeches on living with bravery, empathy, and other existential skills
817.6 R12m Rae, Issa. The misadventures of awkward black girl
818.54 B279l Barry, Dave. Live right and find happiness (although beer is much faster): life lessons and other ravings from Dave Barry
818.54 N818w 1993 Northrup, Jim Walking the Rez Road: stories
822.33 DSh22sb . The Shakespeare book
909 F239b Farquhar, Michael. Bad days in history: a gleefully grim chronicle of misfortune, mayhem, and misery for every day of the year
910.202 B464 . The best place to be today: 365 things to do & the perfect day to do them
910.4 H388p Henion, Leigh Ann. Phenomenal: a hesitant adventurer's search for wonder in the natural world
910.4 P751a Podell, Albert. Around the world in 50 years: my adventure to every country on earth
914.49 B235p Bard, Elizabeth. Picnic in Provence: a memoir with recipes
917.5 J387e Jeffries, Stephanie B. Exploring Southern Appalachian forests: an ecological guide to 30 great hikes in the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia
917.749 G941 2013 . Guide to the Superior Hiking Trail: linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.
917.76 An95i Anway, Allen. Is that an old camera?: 100 view camera photos of the north country
917.8 G333a Gessner, David All the wild that remains: Edward Abbey, Wallace Stegner, and the American West
917.98 M59 2015 . The Milepost: all-the-North travel guide.
921 B229AAa Baptiste, Mary Elizabeth Altitude adjustment: a quest for love, home and meaning in the Tetons
921 B4528AAf Bergen, Candice A fine romance
921 C4623AAg Christgau, Robert. Going into the city: portrait of a critic as a young man
921 D631l LaGrow, Cathy. The waiting: the true story of a lost child, a lifetime of longing, and a miracle for a mother who never gave up
921 F41AAm Ferrante, Frank May I be Frank: how I changed my ways, lost 100 pounds, and found love
921 F6292pa Parker, Matthew. Goldeneye: where Bond was born: Ian Fleming's Jamaica
921 H1466AAm Hall, Rick The man from Muscle Shoals: my journey from shame to fame
921 H8747AAs . The selected letters of Langston Hughes
921 J94AAf Julavits, Heidi. The folded clock: a diary
921 K9667AAw Kurzweil, Allen. Whipping boy: the forty-year search for my twelve-year-old bully
921 L6269AAs Lightman, Alan P. Screening room: family pictures
921 M8986AAb Mulgrew, Kate Born with teeth: a memoir
921 Ob112s Slevin, Peter B. Michelle Obama: a life
921 R6771p Peyser, Marc N. Hissing cousins: the untold story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth
929.1 J826 . Journeys home: inspiring stories, plus tips and strategies to find your family history: featuring Andrew McCarthy, Joyce Maynard, Pico Iyer, Diane Johnson & the National Geographic travel team
940.414 P926h Preston, Diana A higher form of killing: six weeks in World War I that forever changed the nature of warfare
940.451 L329d Larson, Erik Dead wake: the last crossing of the Lusitania
940.486 D759s Downing, Taylor. Secret warriors: the spies, scientists, and code breakers of World War I
940.531 D197o Dando-Collins, Stephen. Operation Chowhound: the most risky, most glorious US bomber mission of WWII
940.5318 H369r Helm, Sarah. Ravensbrück: life and death in Hitler's concentration camp for women
940.5413 R19u Rauch, Georg Unlikely warrior: a Jewish soldier in Hitler's army
940.5472 Sa29f Sakamoto, Mark Forgiveness: a gift from my grandparents
940.548 Sw24 . Swansong 1945: a collective diary of the last days of the Third Reich
941.084 C113p Cadbury, Deborah. Princes at war: the bitter battle inside Britain's royal family in the darkest days of WWII
941.084 M846s Morton, Andrew 17 carnations: the Royals, the Nazis, and the biggest cover-up in history
948.1 Se42o Seierstad, Asne One of us: the story of Anders Breivik and the massacre in Norway
951.5 Av31i Avedon, John F. In exile from the land of snows: the definitive account of the Dalai Lama and Tibet since the Chinese conquest
956.91 M186s McHugo, John Syria: a history of the last hundred years
956.94 H675a Hoffman, Bruce Anonymous soldiers: the struggle for Israel, 1918-1947
959.7043 B615l Blehm, Eric. Legend: a harrowing story, from the Vietnam War, of one Green Beret's heroic mission to rescue a Special Forces team caught behind enemy lines
967.5103 Sh19m Shannon, Lisa Mama Koko and the hundred gunmen: an ordinary family's extraordinary tale of love, loss, and survival in Congo
972.91 C767 . A contemporary Cuba reader: the revolution under Raúl Castro
972.9107 F851c Frank, Marc. Cuban revelations: behind the scenes in Havana
973.092 Sw14f Swain, Susan. First ladies: presidential historians on the lives of 45 iconic American women
973.099 W66m Will-Weber, Mark. Mint juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: the complete history of presidential drinking
973.7 D486c Detweiler, M. David. The Civil War: the story of the war with maps
973.715 B541c Roberts, Cokie. Capital dames: the Civil War and the women of Washington, 1848-1868
973.73 H361c Heg, Hans Christian, The Civil War letters of Colonel Hans Christian Heg: a Norwegian regiment in the American Civil War
973.913 B937n Burns, Eric 1920: the year that made the decade roar
973.932 H865g Huckabee, Mike God, guns, grits, and gravy
975.3 B811r Brower, Kate Andersen. The residence: inside the private world of the White House
978.39 M84t Mort, T. A. Thieves' road: the Black Hills betrayal and Custer's path to Little Bighorn
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