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New Nonfiction - August 2014

These titles were added in July

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New Nonfiction
Call Number Author Title
005.1 H369 . Help your kids with computer coding: a unique step-by-step visual guide, from binary code to building games
005.4469 D886l Dulaney, Emmett A. Linux all-in-one for dummies
005.4469 M459u McGrath, Mike UNIX in easy steps
020 Sch57l Schnapp, Jeffrey T. The library beyond the book
070.09 P451i Pettegree, Andrew. The invention of news: how the world came to know about itself
070.4 J826 . Journalism: [opposing viewpoints]
100 Sa49d Samuelson, Scott. The deepest human life: an introduction to philosophy for everyone
133.9013 P318o Pearson, Patricia Opening heaven's door: investigating stories of life, death, and what comes after
150 J644p 2014 Johnston, Joni E. Psychology
152.4 L295b Lantieri, Linda. Building emotional intelligence: practices to cultivate inner resilience in children
153.8 F687y Fogel, Steven Jay Your mind is what your brain does for a living: learn how to make it work for you
155.91 N519b Nichols, Wallace J. Blue mind: the surprising science that shows how being near, in, on, or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected and better at what you do
155.937 T374f Thompson, Jill Kraft. Finding Jill: how I rebuilt my life after losing the five people I loved most
158.2 B995f 2014 Byock, Ira. The four things that matter most: a book about living
222.16 C77t Coogan, Michael David. The ten commandments: a short history of an ancient text
231.73 P661n 2014 Piper, Don 90 minutes in heaven: a true story of death & life
248.246 F959s Fulwiler, Jennifer. Something other than God: how I passionately sought happiness and accidently found it
248.4 B84l Bryan, Shelene Love, skip, jump: start living the adventure of yes
248.4 M575y Meyer, Joyce You can begin again: no matter what, it's never too late
294.344 C762i Connelly, Ben. Inside the grass hut: living Shitou's classic Zen poem
294.344 L578r Levine, Noah. Refuge Recovery: a Buddhist path to recovering from addiction
294.3928 St81w Strand, Clark Waking the Buddha: how the most dynamic and empowering Buddhist movement in history is changing our concept of religion
296.43 Ax22y Axelrod, Matt Your guide to the Jewish holidays: from shofar to Seder
296.833 Sch57zT Telushkin, Joseph Rebbe: the life and teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the most influential Rabbi in modern history
302.3 C226b Carpenter, Michael. Bullying solutions: learn to overcome from real case studies
303.4833 R72e Rose, David Enchanted objects: design, human desire, and the Internet of things
305.3 G2852 . Gender roles: [opposing viewpoints]
305.489 W883m Woolf, Emma. The ministry of thin: how the pursuit of perfection got out of control
305.896 T597t Tomlinson, Chris. Tomlinson Hill: the remarkable story of two families who share the Tomlinson name-- one white, one black
306.0973 L585n Lewis, Charles 935 lies: the future of truth and the decline of America's moral integrity
306.7 F52n Fisch, Harry The new naked: the ultimate sex education for grown-ups
306.7 H262a 2014 Harvey, Steve Act like a lady, think like a man: what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment
306.7662 Ay74p Ayres, Ian. Private parts: the early works of Ian Ayres
306.768 Sp66g Spoon, Rae. Gender failure
306.8742 C226g Carpenter, Novella Gone feral: tracking my dad through the wild
306.8742 R12d Raeburn, Paul. Do fathers matter?: what science is telling us about the parent we've overlooked
306.8743 Se75m Seth, Reva. The Momshift: women share their stories of career success after having children
323.44 R279r . Religious liberty: [opposing viewpoints]
325.1 B345e Bayor, Ronald H. Encountering Ellis Island: how European immigrants entered America
327.12 D496g Devine, Jack Good hunting: an American spymaster's story
327.12 M189s Macintyre, Ben A spy among friends: Kim Philby and the great betrayal
332.024 D719 . Don't break the bank: college edition
332.024 G463v Glass, Mechel Lashawn. The veteran's money book: a step-by-step program to help military veterans build a personal financial action plan and map their futures
332.024 T326m Thakor, Manisha. On my own two feet: a modern girl's guide to personal finance: save and invest wisely, achieve financial security, own your own finances, own your life
332.72 T19o Taub, Jennifer. Other people's houses: how decades of bailouts, captive regulators, and toxic bankers made home mortgages a thrilling business
333.3 G751e . Grabbing back: essays against the global land grab
333.956 G829a Greenberg, Paul American catch: the fight for our local seafood
338.766 P219s Park, J. Sommerville Seeds of reprisal: Monsanto vs. Michael White
339.31 C839g Coyle, Diane. GDP: a brief but affectionate history
341.23 An72w Annan, Kofi A. We the peoples: a UN for the 21st century
344.0533 W146s Waldman, Michael The Second Amendment: a biography
345.056 J888f Judelson, Ira. The fixer: the notorious life of a front-page bail bondsman
345.07 G114a Gabriel, Richard K. Acquittal: an insider reveals the stories and strategies behind today's most infamous verdicts
346.0168 Sq48w Squillace, Scott E. Whether to wed: a legal and tax guide for gay and lesbian couples
362.1 C643d Cochran, Jack. The doctor crisis: how physicians can, and must, lead the way to better health care
362.1783 G757g Graf, Traci. The gift of life: the reality behind donor organ retrieval
362.196994 Ea73t Earl, Esther This star won't go out: the life and words of Esther Grace Earl
362.29 D722 . Doping: [opposing viewpoints]
362.293 G147p Gammill, Joani Painkillers, heroin, and the road to sanity: real solutions for long-term recovery from opiate addiction
363.25 H128s Halber, Deborah. The skeleton crew: how amateur sleuths are solving America's coldest cases
363.252 Sh61o Shiffman, John. Operation Shakespeare: the true story of an elite international sting
363.282 Ea76u Earp, Mike. U.S. Marshals: inside America's most storied law-enforcement agency
364.106 Or39 . Organized crime: [opposing viewpoints]
364.1552 G175s Gardner, Mark L.. Shot all to hell: Jesse James, the Northfield Raid, and the Wild West's greatest escape
364.162 B61m Blanding, Michael. The map thief: the gripping story of an esteemed rare-map dealer who made millions stealing priceless maps
364.164 P853s Potter, Maximillian Shadows in the vineyard: the true story of a plot to poison the world's greatest wine
364.66 Ec45y Echols, Damien. Yours for eternity: a love story on death row
365.6 M846g Morton, Michael Getting life: an innocent man's 25-year journey from prison to peace: a memoir
370.112 R742b Roth, Michael S. Beyond the university: why liberal education matters
371.207 M366d Martinez, Monica. Deeper learning: how eight innovative public schools are transforming education in the twenty-first century
388.1 H582t Hinckley, James Travel Route 66: a guide to the history, sights, and destinations along the main street of America
509 K743v Knight, David M. Voyaging in strange seas: the great revolution in science
510 El54h Ellenberg, Jordan How not to be wrong: the power of mathematical thinking
523 Sc32s 2014 Scagell, Robin. Stargazing with binoculars
530 M459p McKinley, Christine. Physics for rock stars: making the laws of the universe work for you
531.11 B456z Berman, Bob Zoom: how everything moves from atoms and galaxies to blizzards and bees
573.21 H88 . Human genetics: [opposing viewpoints]
574.374 Su82o Sussman, Rachel The oldest living things in the world
574.52642 H373 . Hemlock: a forest giant on the edge
584.84 G233p Gaudet, John J. Papyrus: the plant that changed the world, from ancient Egypt to today's water wars
591.5 B731a Braitman, Laurel. Animal madness: how anxious dogs, compulsive parrots, and elephants in recovery help us understand ourselves
591.51 B432a Bender, Linda Animal wisdom: learning from the spiritual lives of animals
598.43 W743d Wires, Linda R. The double-crested cormorant: plight of a feathered pariah
598.97 W724o Windrow, Martin. The owl who liked sitting on Caesar: living with a tawny owl
613 R186g Ratey, John J. Go wild: free your body and mind from the afflictions of civilization
613.2 F576d Fitzgerald, Matt. Diet cults: the surprising fallacy at the core of nutrition fads and a guide to healthy eating for the rest of us
613.2 M859t Mottl, Pooja. The 3-day reset: restore your cravings for healthy foods in three easy, empowering days
613.25 K288m Kellman, Raphael The microbiome diet: the scientifically proven way to restore your gut health and achieve permanent weight loss
613.7 H447l Herz, J. C. Learning to breathe fire: the rise of CrossFit and the primal future of fitness
613.7046 Er52s Erlbaum, Jean. Sit with less pain: gentle yoga for meditators and everyone else
615.1 D566 . Dietary supplements: [opposing viewpoints]
615.329 L515k Lee, Stephen Kombucha revolution: 75 recipes for homemade brews, fixers, elixirs, and mixers
615.78 K955b 2014 Kuhn, Cynthia. Buzzed: the straight facts about the most used and abused drugs from alcohol to ecstasy
616.043 B539 . Birth defects: [opposing viewpoints]
616.12 T326d Thaik, Cynthia. Dr. Cynthia's Your vibrant heart: restoring health, strength & spirit from the body's core
616.33 Sa74n Sarno Teta, Jillian. Natural solutions for digestive health: relief from the most common problems including: acid reflux, IBS, gas, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn's Disease, ulcers, children's digestive issues, and more
616.462 H175d Hamdy, Osama. The diabetes breakthrough: based on a scientifically proven plan to lose weight and cut medications
616.722 F734v Fontaine, Rachel The very best painkiller foods: 72 natural foods to ease arthritis and joint pain: 115 healing recipes
616.83 P953m Prusiner, Stanley B. Madness and memory: the discovery of prions--a new biological principle of disease
616.834 W127w Wahls, Terry L. The Wahls protocol: how I beat progressive MS using Paleo principles and functional medicine
616.8527 L932f Lounsbury, Heather. Fix your mood with food: the "live natural, live well" approach to whole body health
616.978 T362l Thomas, Donald E., Jr. The lupus encyclopedia: a comprehensive guide for patients and families
617.735 K21n Kear, Nicole C. Now I see you: a memoir
618.4 L113 . Labor day: true birth stories by today's best women writers
618.45 H325u Haydock, Sarah M. Unhindered childbirth: wisdom for the passage of unassisted birth
618.45 Sh18u Shanley, Laura Kaplan. Unassisted childbirth
618.928 K969k Kutscher, Martin L. Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, autism spectrum, Tourette's, anxiety and more!: the one stop guide for parents, teachers and other professionals
631.4 W584g White, Joseph Courtney Grass, soil, hope: a journey through carbon country
634.9618 So43f Soles, Clyde The fire smart home handbook: preparing for and surviving the threat of wildfire
635 H619e Hirvela, Stacey. Edible spots & pots: small-space gardens for growing vegetables and herbs in containers, raised beds, and more
636.7 H711h Holden, Wendy Haatchi & Little B: the inspiring true story of one boy and his dog
637.3 L963o Lucero, Claudia. One-hour cheese: ricotta, mozzarella, chevre, paneer--even burrata: fresh and simple cheeses you can make in an hour or less!
638.1 P263r Paska, Megan. The rooftop beekeeper: a scrappy guide to keeping urban honeybees
640 So54a Somerville, Madeleine. All you need is less: the eco-friendly guide to guilt-free green living and stress-free simplicity
641.013 M866u Mouritsen, Ole G. Umami: unlocking the secrets of the fifth taste
641.302 L366o Laufer, Peter Organic: a journalist's quest to discover the truth behind food labeling
641.36 M366c Martins, Patrick. The carnivore's man!festo: eating well, eating responsibly, and eating meat
641.46 So47a Solomon, Karen. Asian pickles: sweet, sour, salty, cured, and fermented preserves from Japan, Korea, China, India, and beyond
641.5 P692r Planck, Nina The real food cookbook: traditional dishes for modern cooks
641.5635 H231s Harper, Bob. Skinny meals: everything you need to lose weight-fast!
641.5636 B739te Brazier, Brendan. Thrive energy cookbook: 150 plant-based whole food recipes
641.5636 H211 . The happycow cookbook: recipes from top-rated vegan restaurants around the world
641.5636 K154v Kassoff, Anya. The vibrant table: recipes from my always vegetarian, mostly vegan, and sometimes raw kitchen
641.5636 K897v Krissoff, Liana. Vegetarian for a new generation: seasonal vegetable dishes for vegetarians, vegans, and the rest of us
641.5636 P182p Palmer, Sharon Plant-powered for life: eat your way to lasting health with 52 simple steps and 125 delicious recipes
641.5636 T279a Terry, Bryant Afro-vegan: farm-fresh African, Caribbean & Southern flavors remixed
641.6565 C361b Chandler, Jenny. The better bean cookbook: more than 160 modern recipes for beans, chickpeas, and lentils to tempt meat-eaters and vegetarians alike
641.66 V321h Van Kraayenberg, Russell. Haute dogs: recipes for delicious hot dogs, buns, and condiments
641.76 Sch38b Schlesinger, Chris. The big-flavor grill: no-marinade, no-hassle recipes for delicious steaks, chicken, ribs, chops, vegetables, shrimp, and fish
641.824 Ad59p Adler, Karen. Patio pizzeria: artisan pizza and flatbreads on the grill
641.824 Sy84r Syrkin-Nikolau, Dimitri Revolutionary pizza: bold pies that will change your life-- and dinner
646.2 Y11l Yaker, Rebecca. Little one-yard wonders: irresistible clothes, toys, and accessories, you can make for babies and kids
649.1 B456p Berman, Robin. Permission to parent: how to raise your child with love and limits
650.1 K282o Keller, Gary The one thing: the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results
650.1 L495t Lechter, Sharon L. Think and grow rich for women: using your power to create success and significance
650.1 T63w Torabi, Farnoosh. When she makes more: 10 rules for breadwinning women
650.14 Y27ksn Yate, Martin John. Knock 'em dead social networking: for job search and professional success
658 B964 . The business book
658.408 C817 . Corporate social responsibility: [opposing viewpoints]
658.452 R531s Roam, Dan. Show & tell: how everybody can make extraordinary presentations
663.1 R631p Rogers, Adam Proof: the science of booze
663.42 C127g Caldwell, Michael Great American brewpubs and gastropubs: a picturesque portrait of 25 public houses that serve the finest beer and quality cuisine
664.024 G529 . The GMO deception: what you need to know about the food, corporations, and government agencies putting our families and our environment at risk
667.2 M459g McLaughlin, Chris. A garden to dye for: how to use plants from the garden to create natural colors for fabrics and fibers
684.18 C819o Cory, Steve. Outdoor wood projects: 24 projects you can build in a weekend
698.9 R324a Revere, Glenn. All about carpets: everything you need to know: a consumer guide
720.284 R949s Ruzaimi Mat Rani. Sketching basics: one point perspective
728.72 Sn52g Snodgrass, Kathleen. A guide to maintaining the historic character of your Forest Service recreation residence
741.6 R259h Rees, Darrel. How to be an illustrator
741.66 Oc37o Ochs, Michael 1000 record covers
745.5068 M289 . Making it!
745.592 B872c Bull, Jane Crafty dolls
745.92 W457s Welford, Mark. Simple flower arranging: [step-by-step designs & techniques]
746.432 L395vk Lavold, Elsebeth. Viking knits and ancient ornaments: interlace patterns from around the world in modern knitwear
746.434 C8722 . Crochet: the complete step-by-step guide: essential techniques, more than 80 crochet patterns.
746.434 R468ah Rimoli, Ana Paula Amigurumi at home: crochet playful pillows, rugs, baskets, and more
746.46 M455m Mayr, Bernadette Modern nature-inspired quilts
747 Sm62n Smith, Myquillyn. The nesting place: it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful
747.213 Or62c Ornberg, Anna Country style: home decor and rustic crafts from chandeliers to coffee tables, bedcovers to bulletin boards
782.4092 St249f Stanley, Paul Face the music: a life exposed
782.81 Sch65m Schonberg, Claude-Michel. Les misérables
784.092 D992k Kinney, David The Dylanologists: adventures in the land of Bob
784.5 P8192 . Popular sheet music: 30 hits from 2010-2013: piano, vocal, guitar.
787.61 J63c Johnson, Chad CliffsNotes guitar songs
789.912 P449d Petrusich, Amanda. Do not sell at any price: the wild, obsessive hunt for the world's rarest 78 rpm records
796.323 C129p Calipari, John Players first: coaching from the inside out
796.352 C174m Capps, Gil. The magnificent Masters: Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Tom Weiskopf, and the 1975 cliffhanger at Augusta
796.357 W695m Wilson, Mookie. Mookie: life, baseball, and the '86 Mets
796.6 B648b Bortman, Tori. The bicycling big book of cycling for beginners: everything a new cyclist needs to know to gear up and start riding
799.12 G362af Gierach, John All fishermen are liars
811.6 L55b Leo, Teresa. Bloom in reverse
811.6 M473a Mehigan, Joshua Accepting the disaster
817.6 G982n Gutfeld, Greg. Not cool: the hipster elite and their war on you
888 H43hH Herodotus. The histories
891.73 P268zF Finn, Peter The Zhivago affair: the Kremlin, the CIA, and the battle over a forbidden book
910 B643u Bonnett, Alastair Unruly places: lost spaces, secret cities, and other inscrutable geographies
910.4 Sp248f Spano, Susan. French ghosts, Russian nights, and American outlaws: [souvenirs of a professional vagabond]
914.55 K192h Keahey, John. Hidden Tuscany: discovering art, culture, and memories in a well-known region's unknown places
914.6 B439o Bennett, Nellie. Only in Spain: a foot-stomping, firecracker of a memoir about food, Flamenco, and falling in love
917.304 B443g Benson, Brian Going somewhere: a bicycle journey across America
917.304 C245d Carter, Kelly E. The dog lover's guide to travel: best destinations, hotels, events, and advice to please your pet-and you
917.7635 D565l Dierckins, Tony. Lost Duluth: landmarks, industries, buildings, homes, and the neighborhoods in which they stood
919.438 G865s Grenade, Rafael de Stilwater: finding wild mercy in the outback
921 Ad189h Heffron, Margery M. Louisa Catherine: the other Mrs. Adams
921 An234b Binding, Paul. Hans Christian Andersen: European witness
921 Au29so Souder, William Under a wild sky: John James Audubon and the making of the Birds of America
921 C2453ba Balmer, Randall Herbert. Redeemer: the life of Jimmy Carter
921 C813AAm Corman, Avery. My old neighborhood remembered: a memoir
921 D591h Heymann, C. David Joe and Marilyn: legends in love
921 D631l LaGrow, Cathy. The waiting: the true story of a lost child, a lifetime of longing, and a miracle for a mother who never gave up
921 F895p Phillips, Adam Becoming Freud: the making of a psychoanalyst
921 L5124m Mills, Marja. The mockingbird next door: life with Harper Lee
921 M2654c Cheney, Lynne V. James Madison: a life reconsidered
921 M466l Lepore, Jill Book of ages: the life and opinions of Jane Franklin
921 M7932AAm Moran, Mollie Minding the manor: the memoir of a 1930s English kitchen maid
921 P4312AAn Person, Cea Sunrise. North of normal: a memoir of my wilderness childhood, my unusual family, and how I survived both
921 Sca45m Murphy, Bruce Allen. Scalia: a court of one
921 Sp324AAc Spelling, Candy. Candy at last: [a memoir]
921 W252AAf Warren, Elizabeth. A fighting chance
938 H141i Hall, Edith Introducing the ancient Greeks: from Bronze Age seafarers to navigators of the Western mind
940.3 H874f Hughes-Wilson, John. The First World War in 100 objects
940.31 J418g Jenkins, Philip The great and holy war: how World War I became a religious crusade
940.311 B971t Butcher, Tim The trigger: hunting the assassin who brought the world to war
940.5318 B641e Bonelli, Charlotte Exit Berlin: how one woman saved her family from Nazi Germany
940.5318 C76w Confino, Alon. A world without Jews: the Nazi imagination from persecution to genocide
940.5426 M786p Moore, Stephen L. Pacific payback: the carrier aviators who avenged Pearl Harbor at the Battle of Midway
940.5449 L585d Lewis, Damien. The dog who could fly: the incredible true story of a WWII airman and the four-legged hero who flew at his side
945.092 L979m Luzzi, Joseph. My two Italies
956.054 C675n Cole, Juan Ricardo. The new Arabs: how the millennial generation is changing the Middle East
956.9405 Ab94b Abunimah, Ali. The battle for justice in Palestine
956.95 P175 . The Palestinian territories: [opposing viewpoints]
958.1047 T988a Tyson, Ann American Spartan: the promise, the mission, and the betrayal of Special Forces Major Jim Gant
959.7041 L829e Logevall, Fredrik Embers of war: the fall of an empire and the making of America's Vietnam
959.70438 D195r Dancis, Bruce. Resister: a story of protest and prison during the Vietnam War
973.3 Sa87w Saunt, Claudio West of the Revolution: an uncommon history of 1776
974.72 M692l Mitchell, Elizabeth Liberty's torch: the great adventure to build the Statue of Liberty
977.635 F319z Fedo, Michael W. Zenith City: stories from Duluth
981 R272b Reid, Michael. Brazil: the troubled rise of a global power
981 Z68b Zirin, Dave. Brazil's Dance with the Devil: The World Cup, the Olympics, and the fight for Democracy
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