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New Nonfiction DVDs - April 2015

These titles were added in March

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Call Number Title
248.83 B471 DVD Bible quiz one girl's quest for love, faith & the championship: a doumentary
304.27 Ea76 DVD Earth: a new wild
305.8914 P39 DVD A people uncounted: the untold story of the Roma
305.896 H53 DVD Hidden colors: the untold history of people of aboriginal, Moor & African descent [Hidden colors 1]
305.896 H532 DVD Hidden colors 2: the triumph of melanin
305.896 H533 DVD Hidden colors 3: the rules of racism
306.742 T731 DVD Tricked [a documentary]
320.52 C498 DVD Citizen Koch
320.9753 P29 DVD Pay 2 play
323.448 Un31 DVD United States of secrets
338.19 In44 DVD Ingredients: the local food movement takes root
362.83 P273 DVD A path appears
363.12465 W622 DVD Why planes vanish
363.46 Af89 DVD After Tiller
393 W66 DVD A will for the woods: a documentary
507.8 M9998 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 8
507.8 M9999 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 9
507.8 M99990 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 10
507.8 M99991 DVD Mythbusters. Collection 11
567.91 B483 DVD Bigger than T. Rex
569.6 M311 DVD Mammoth unearthed
575.7 M381 DVD Mass extinction: life at the brink
599.31 Sl56 DVD A sloth named Velcro
612.82 B7314 DVD Brain games. Season 4
613.7046 R6182 DVD Rodney Yee's complete yoga for beginners
615.7827 Ev27 DVD Evergreen: the road to legalization
615.85154 Al48 DVD Alive inside [a story of music & memory]
616.042 L626 DVD Life according to Sam
629.222 T621 DVD Top gear: The complete first season
629.222 T622 DVD Top gear: The complete season 2
629.222 T623 DVD Top gear: The complete season 3
629.222 T624 DVD Top gear: The complete season 4
631.4 D63 DVD Dirt! the movie: a story with heart and soul
636.089 B464 DVD The best of the incredible Dr. Pol
636.1 L523 DVD Legendary white stallions
641.013 Sl59 DVD Slow food story [the history of a revolution in pleasure]
702.874 Ar75 DVD Art and craft [what's it take to catch a fake?]
728.37 T498 DVD Tiny: a story about living small
782.4092 B439 DVD Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga: Cheek to cheek live!
782.4092 M343w DVD Bob Marley: uprising live!
788.092 T279 DVD Keep on keepin' on
791.4372 T229 DVD Turtle power: the definitive history of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
791.4572 D759w DVD The manners of Downton Abbey
791.4575 Im771 DVD Impractical jokers. The complete first season
791.4575 Im772 DVD Impractical jokers. The complete second season.
792.7 C889 DVD Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays
792.7 M769 DVD Monty Python live (mostly): one down, five to go
794.1 L479 DVD Learning chess in 30 minutes: chess for absolute beginners
797.32 En241 DVD The endless summer
916.751 W643 DVD Wild Congo
921 C2799j DVD The Fidel Castro tapes: the story of the Cuban dictator's turbulent leadership
921 Eb39j DVD Life itself
921 M1252c DVD Return to the wild: the Chris McCandless story
921 P956f DVD Richard Pryor: icon
921 T139k DVD To be Takei
921 V957v DVD Diana Vreeland: the eye has to travel
929.72 T143 DVD Tales from the royal bedchamber
940.5421 D112 DVD D-Day 360
973.92 Si972 DVD The sixties
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