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New Mysteries - February 2016

These titles were added in January

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Author Title
Adams, Ellery. Lemon pies and little white lies. (Charmed pie shoppe mystery, #4.)
Adams, Jane Forgotten voices: a Rina Martin novel
Adler, Rebecca. Here today, gone tamale. (Taste of Texas mystery, #1.)
Alexander, Ellie. On thin icing. (Bakeshop mystery, #3.)
Bryan, Mollie Cox Scrapbook of the dead. (Cumberland Creek mystery, #5.)
Cass, Laurie. Pouncing on murder. (Bookmobile cat mystery, #4.)
Cleeves, Ann. Harbour Street: (a Vera Stanhope mystery)
Cook, J. J. Sweet Pepper hero. (Sweet Pepper Fire Brigade mystery, #4.)
Cox, Susan R. The man on the washing machine
Dalton, Annie. The white shepherd. (Oxford dogwalkers' mysteries, #1.)
DiSilverio, Laura A. H. The readaholics and the falcon fiasco. (Book club mystery, #1.)
DiSilverio, Laura A. H. The readaholics and the Poirot puzzle. (Book club mystery, #2.)
Eccles, Marjorie. Heirs and assigns. (Herbert Reardon historical mystery, #1.)
Ellis, Kate Walking by night. (Joe Plantagenet mysteries, #5.)
Fee, Vickie. Death crashes the party. (Liv and Di in Dixie mystery, #1.)
Harrison, Cora. A shameful murder. (Reverend Mother mysteries, #1.)
Harrison, Mette Ivie His right hand
Heley, Veronica. Murder by suspicion. (Ellie Quicke mysteries, book 16.)
Hill, Bonnie Hearn If anything should happen. (Kit Doyle mystery, 1.)
Howell, Dorothy Fanny packs and foul play. (Haley Randolph mystery, #9.)
Hyzy, Julie A. Foreign eclairs. (White House chef mystery, book 9.)
Jones, J. Sydney. The third place. (Viennese mysteries, #6.)
Lane, Kelly. One foot in the grove. (Olive grove mystery, #1.)
Laurie, Victoria. A ghoul's guide to love and murder. (Ghost hunter mystery, #10.)
Lester, Meera. A beeline to murder. (Henny Penny Farmette mystery, #1.)
LoTempio, T. C. Claws for alarm. (Nick & Nora mystery, #2.)
McKinlay, Jenn. Copy cap murder. (Hat shop mystery, #4.)
Nickson, Chris. Gods of gold. (Inspector Tom Harper mysteries, #1.)
Nickson, Chris. Two bronze pennies. (Inspector Tom Harper mysteries, #2.)
Orgain, Diana. A second chance at murder. (Love or money mystery, #2.)
Pike, Penny. Death of a bad apple. (Food festival mystery, #3.)
Shelton, Paige. To Helvetica and back. (Dangerous type mystery, #1.)
Simon, Clea. Code grey. (Dulcie Schwartz feline mystery, #9.)
Spencer, Sally. Best served cold: a Monika Paniatowski mystery
Tey, Josephine The man in the queue
Winston, Lois. A stitch to die for. (Anastasia Pollack crafting series, #5.)
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