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New Mysteries - January 2015

These titles were added in December

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Author Title
Aames, Avery. Clobbered by Camembert. (Cheese shop mystery, #3.)
Alan, Isabella. Murder, served simply. (Amish quilt shop mystery, #3.)
Balzo, Sandra. Hit and run. (Main Street mystery, #3.)
Bannister, Jo. Perfect sins
Beaton, M. C. Death of a snob
Beaton, M. C. The blood of an Englishman: an Agatha Raisin mystery
Blackwell, Juliet. Keeper of the castle. (Haunted home renovation mystery, #5.)
Brown, Duffy. Geared for the grave. (Cycle path mystery, #1.)
Burdette, Lucy. Death with all the trimmings. (Key West food critic mystery, #5.)
Chapman, Vannetta. Murder tightly knit. (Amish village mystery, book 2.)
Chazin, Suzanne. Land of careful shadows
Cleland, Jane K. Blood rubies. (Josie Prescott antiques mystery, #9.)
Cleverly, Barbara. Enter pale death
Copperman, E. J. Inspector specter. (Haunted guesthouse mystery, #6.)
Corley, Elizabeth. Grave doubts
Coyle, Cleo. Once upon a grind. (Coffeehouse mystery, book 14.)
Curtis, Waverly. The chihuahua always sniffs twice. (Barking detective mystery, #4.)
Davis, Krista. The ghost and Mrs. Mewer. (Paws and claws mystery, #2.)
Eccles, Marjorie. The firebird's feather
Estleman, Loren D. You know who killed me: an Amos Walker novel
Fowler, Christopher. Bryant & May and the bleeding heart: a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery
Hall, James W. The big finish
Hamilton, Steve A cold day in paradise
Hinton, J. Lynne. Sister Eve, private eye. (Divine Private Detective Agency mystery, #1.)
Horowitz, Anthony Moriarty
Hunter, Elizabeth Desert bound. (Cambio Springs mystery, #2.)
Hunter, Elizabeth. Shifting dreams. (Cambio Springs mystery, #1.)
Hyzy, Julie A. Grace against the clock. (Manor house mystery, #5.)
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Hell on wheels. (Odelia Grey mystery, #9.)
Jaffarian, Sue Ann Secondhand stiff. (Odelia Grey mystery, #8.)
Lloyd, Catherine. Death comes to London
Miller, Carol A nip of murder. (Moonshine mystery series, #2.)
Ockley, Martha A saintly killing: a Faith Morgan mystery
Ockley, Martha The reluctant detective: a Faith Morgan mystery
Oust, Gail Kill 'em with cayenne. (Spice shop mystery, #2.)
Pattison, Eliot. Soul of the fire
Poznanski, Ursula Five
Pressey, Rose. If you've got it, haunt it. (Haunted vintage mystery, #1.)
Purser, Ann. Suspicion at seven. (Lois Meade mysteries, book 14.)
Rowland, Laura Joh. The iris fan
Truc, Olivier. Forty days without shadow: an Arctic thriller
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