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New Fiction for Kids - November 2015

These titles were added in October

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Call Number Author Title
Juv Fic M Adler #4 Adler, Irene The cathedral of fear. (Sherlock, Lupin, and me, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic Appelfeld Appelfeld, Aron. Adam and Thomas
Juv Fic Applegate Applegate, Katherine. Crenshaw
Juv Fic Atkinson Atkinson, Elizabeth. The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball
Juv Fic SF Baker #2 Baker, E. D. The perfect match. (Fairy-tale matchmaker, vol. 2.): a Fairy-tale matchmaker book
Juv Fic M Beatty #1 Beatty, Robert Serafina and the black cloak. (Serafina series, #1.)
Juv Fic Benjamin Benjamin, Ali. The thing about jellyfish
Juv Fic Berk #8 Berk, Sheryl. Sweet victory. (The cupcake club series, vol. 8.)
Juv Fic Bodeen #2 Bodeen, S. A. Lost. (Shipwreck island, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic M Brallier Brallier, Max. The last kids on Earth
Juv Fic Cheaney Cheaney, J. B. I don't know how the story ends
Juv Fic M Club CSI #5 Club CSI The case of the digital deception. (Club CSI, vol. 5.)
Juv Fic M Club CSI #6 Club CSI The case of the plagued play. (Club CSI, vol. 6.)
Juv Fic Daneshvari Daneshvari, Gitty. The League of Unexceptional Children: when average calls
Juv Fic SF Davis Davis, Kent A riddle in Ruby
Juv Fic SF Disney #4 Disney (Walt) Productions. The great ice engine. (Anna & Elsa, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic SF Disney #6 Disney (Walt) Productions. The woods beyond. (Never Girls, vol. 6.)
Juv Fic M Dixon #10 Dixon, Franklin W.. Tunnel of secrets. (Hardy boys adventures, vol. 10.)
Juv Fic SF Donnelly #3 Donnelly, Jennifer. Dark tide. (Waterfire saga, book 3.)
Juv Fic Earle Earle, Phil. The bubble wrap boy
Juv Fic SF Flanagan #1 Flanagan, John The tournament at Gorlan. (Ranger's apprentice, the early years, book 1.)
Juv Fic Fry Fry, Michael The naughty list
Juv Fic M Gale Gale, Laurel. Dead boy
Juv Fic Gannon #1 Gannon, Nicholas. The Doldrums. (Doldrums, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic M Gibbs #2 Gibbs, Stuart Poached. (FunJungle, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic SF Hamilton #2 Hamilton, K. R. The ire of Iron Claw. (Gadgets and gears, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic Hapka Hapka, Cathy. Too big to run. (Pet Rescue Club, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic Harper #12 Harper, Charise Mericle. Just Grace gets crafty
Juv Fic SF Holub #15 Holub, Joan. Aphrodite the fair. (Goddess girls, book 15.)
Juv Fic SF Holub #16 Holub, Joan. Medusa the rich. (Goddess girls, book 16.)
Juv Fic Horse Horse diaries. Darcy. (Horse diaries, vol. 10.)
Juv Fic Horse Horse diaries. Jingle Bells. (Horse diaries, vol. 11.)
Juv Fic SF Hughes #1 Hughes, Devon. The battle begins. (Unnaturals, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Hunter #1 Hunter, Erin. A pack divided. (Survivors, the gathering darkness, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic Hyman Hyman, Zachary Hockey hero
Juv Fic SF Iserles #1 Iserles, Inbali. The taken. (Foxcraft, book 1.)
Juv Fic Joiner Joiner, Sara. After the ashes
Juv Fic Jones Jones, Marcia Woodford Brave
Juv Fic Kinney #9 Kinney, Jeff. The long haul. (Diary of a wimpy kid, book 9.)
Juv Fic Kreller Kreller, Susan You can't see the elephants
Juv Fic SF Krulik #9 Krulik, Nancy E. Pup art. (Magic bone #9.)
Juv Fic Krulik Krulik, Nancy E. Revenge of the killer worms. (George Brown, class clown, vol. 16.)
Juv Fic SF London #1 London, C. Alexander. The wild ones. (Wild ones, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic Macfarlane Macfarlane, John. Stormstruck!
Juv Fic Martin #2 Martin, Ann M. The truth about Stacey. (Baby-Sitters Club graphic novel series, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic SF Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Angelica the angel fairy. (Rainbow magic: Special edition)
Juv Fic SF Meadows Meadows, Daisy. Poppy Muddlepup's daring rescue. (Magic animal friends, special edition.)
Juv Fic SF Minecraft #7 Minecraft. Saving Crafter, Herobrine reborn book one. (Gameknight999 series, vol. 7.): an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure
Juv Fic SF Mlynowski #1 Mlynowski, Sarah. Upside-down magic. (Upside-down magic, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Moriarty #2 Moriarty, Chris The watcher in the shadows. (Inquisitor's apprentice, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic Naylor #4 Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. A Shiloh Christmas. (Shiloh quartet, vol. 4.): the conclusion to the Shiloh Quartet
Juv Fic M O'Donnell #1 O'Donnell, Liam The case of the snack snatcher. (West Meadows Detectives, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic Parish #8 Parish, Herman. Amelia Bedelia dances off. (Amelia Bedelia chapter books, #8.)
Juv Fic Pastis #4 Pastis, Stephan. Sanitized for your protection. (Timmy Failure, no. 4.)
Juv Fic SF Paver #3 Paver, Michelle. Eye of the falcon. (Gods and warriors, vol. 3.)
Juv Fic SF Paver #2 Paver, Michelle. The burning shadow. (Gods and warriors, book 2.)
Juv Fic M Peacock #6 Peacock, Shane. Becoming Holmes. (The boy Sherlock Holmes, vol. 6)
Juv Fic Polacco Polacco, Patricia. An A from Miss Keller
Juv Fic SF Riordan #1 Riordan, Rick. The sword of summer. (Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, book 1.)
Juv Fic SF Riordan #2 Riordan, Rick. The throne of fire. (Kane chronicles graphic novel, book 2.): the graphic novel
Juv Fic Rodkey #2 Rodkey, Geoff The Tapper twins tear up New York. (Tapper twins, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic M Salane #2 Salane, Jeffrey. Justice. (Lawless trilogy, #2.)
Juv Fic Santopolo #7 Santopolo, Jill. Bling it on! (Sparkle spa, book 7.)
Juv Fic M Siegal #2 Siegal, Ida Party drama! (Emma is on the air, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic Simon #26 Simon, Coco. Mia the way the cupcake crumbles. (Cupcake diaries, vol. 26.)
Juv Fic M Singleton #2 Singleton, Linda Joy. The mystery of the Zorse's mask. (Curious Cat Spy Club, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic SF Smith Smith, Sherri L. The toymaker's apprentice
Juv Fic M Snicket #4 Snicket, Lemony. Why is this night different from all other nights? (All the wrong questions, question 4.)
Juv Fic SF Star Wars Star Wars. Battle to the end. (Star wars rebels)
Juv Fic SF Star Wars Star Wars. Ezra's duel with danger. (Star wars rebels)
Juv Fic SF Star Wars #3 Star Wars. Imperial justice. (Star wars rebels, servants of the empire, vol. 3.)
Juv Fic SF Star Wars #2 Star Wars. Rebel in the ranks. (Star wars rebels, servants of the empire, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic SF Star Wars Star Wars. Rise of the rebels. (Star wars rebels)
Juv Fic SF Star Wars #4 Star Wars. The secret academy. (Star wars rebels, servants of the empire, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic Stevenson Stevenson, Robin The summer we saved the bees
Juv Fic M Stevenson #9 Stevenson, Steve. The Hollywood intrgue. (Agatha: girl of mystery, vol. 9.)
Juv Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo. Mouse house hunter. (Geronimo Stilton, #61.)
Juv Fic M Stine Stine, R. L. Night of the puppet people. (Goosebumps HorrorLand, vol. 8.)
Juv Fic Swaab #1 Swaab, Neil. The secrets to ruling school (without even trying). (Max Corrigan, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic Thomas Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall. Certain poor shepherds: a Christmas tale
Juv Fic M Tyre Tyre, Lisa Lewis. Last in a long line of rebels
Juv Fic M Widmark #6 Widmark, Martin. The swimming pool mystery. (Whodunit Detective Agency, vol. 6.)
Juv Fic Willems Willems, Mo. The story of Diva and Flea
Juv Fic Winkler #1 Winkler, Henry Bookmarks are people too! (Here's Hank, vol. 1.)
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