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New Fiction for Kids - July 2015

These titles were added in June

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Call Number Author Title
Juv Fic Baskin Baskin, Nora Raleigh. Ruby on the outside
Juv Fic Benton #6 Benton, Jim. Live each day to the dumbest. (Dear dumb diary, year two #6.): by Jamie Kelly
Juv Fic Graff Graff, Lisa Lost in the sun
Juv Fic Gutman #2 Gutman, Dan. Ms. Cuddy is nutty! (My weirdest school, #2.)
Juv Fic Hale #3 Hale, Bruce. Ends of the Earth. (School for S.P.I.E.S., book 3.)
Juv Fic Hiranandani #4 Hiranandani, Veera. Cooking club chaos! (Phoebe G. Green, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic Howland Howland, Leila. Forget-me-not summer
Juv Fic Hubbard Hubbard, Kirsten. Watch the sky
Juv Fic Hunt Hunt, Lynda Mullaly. Fish in a tree
Juv Fic Krulik #15 Krulik, Nancy E. A royal pain in the burp. (George Brown, class clown, vol. 15.)
Juv Fic Lord Lord, Cynthia. A handful of stars
Juv Fic M Cooper #1 Cooper, Rose I text dead people. (Dead serious, #1.)
Juv Fic M Cummings #2 Cummings, Troy. Day of the night crawlers. (Notebook of Doom, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic M Cummings #3 Cummings, Troy. Attack of the shadow smashers. (Notebook of Doom, vol. 3.)
Juv Fic M Cummings #4 Cummings, Troy. Chomp of the meat-eating vegetables. (Notebook of Doom, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic M Cummings #5 Cummings, Troy. Whack of the P-rex. (Notebook of Doom, vol. 5.)
Juv Fic M Cummings #6 Cummings, Troy. Pop of the bumpy mummy. (Notebook of Doom, vol. 6.)
Juv Fic M Dixon #9 Dixon, Franklin W. Curse of the ancient emerald. (Hardy boys adventures, vol. 9.)
Juv Fic M Lawson Lawson, Jessica Nooks & crannies
Juv Fic M Vaught Vaught, Susan Footer Davis probably is crazy
Juv Fic M Whitby #7 Whitby, Adele. Camille's story, 1910. (Secrets of the manor, vol. 7.)
Juv Fic M Whitby #8 Whitby, Adele. Claire's story, 1910. (Secrets of the manor, vol. 8.)
Juv Fic M Widmark #5 Widmark, Martin. The mummy mystery. (Whodunit Detective Agency, vol. 5.)
Juv Fic Mackler Mackler, Carolyn. Best friend next door
Juv Fic McClure #3 McClure, Wendy. Escape to the World's Fair. (Wanderville, vol. 3.)
Juv Fic Parr Parr, Maria Adventures with waffles
Juv Fic Patterson #7 Patterson, James Middle school, just my rotten luck
Juv Fic Pichon Pichon, Liz. Excellent excuses (and other good stuff). (Tom Gates series, book 2.)
Juv Fic Rorby Rorby, Ginny. How to speak dolphin
Juv Fic Rylant Rylant, Cynthia. Gooseberry Park and the master plan
Juv Fic Santopolo #6 Santopolo, Jill. A picture-perfect mess. (Sparkle spa, book 6.)
Juv Fic SF Abbott #2 Abbott, Tony Becca and the prisoner's cross. (Copernicus archives, vol. 2.)
Juv Fic SF Abbott #2 Abbott, Tony. The serpent's curse. (Copernicus legacy, book 2.)
Juv Fic SF Armstrong #3 Armstrong, Kelley. Thor's serpents. (Blackwell pages, book 3.)
Juv Fic SF Beasley Beasley, Cassie. Circus Mirandus
Juv Fic SF Calonita #1 Calonita, Jen. Flunked. (Fairy Tale Reform School, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Everest Everest, D. D. Archie Greene and the magician's secret
Juv Fic SF Holm Holm, Jennifer L. The fourteenth goldfish
Juv Fic SF Jonell Jonell, Lynne. The sign of the cat
Juv Fic SF Mass #5 Mass, Wendy Graceful. (Willow Falls, vol. 5.)
Juv Fic SF McGuire McGuire, Sarah Valiant
Juv Fic SF Minecraft #6 Minecraft. Last stand on the ocean shore, the mystery of Herobrine book 3. (Gameknight999 series, vol. 6.): an unofficial Minecrafter's adventure
Juv Fic SF Osborne #53 Osborne, Mary Pope. Shadow of the shark. (The magic tree house series, #53.)
Juv Fic SF Peterfreund #1 Peterfreund, Diana. Omega city. (Omega city, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Rosen Rosen, Lev AC. Woundabout
Juv Fic SF Ross Ross, Joel N. The fog diver
Juv Fic SF Roy #1 Roy, Carter. The blood guard. (Blood guard, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic SF Schulz #1 Schulz, Heidi. Hook's revenge. (Hook's revenge, vol. 1.)
Juv Fic Sharenow Sharenow, Rob. The girl in the torch
Juv Fic Simon #25 Simon, Coco. Katie sprinkled secrets. (Cupcake diaries, vol. 25.)
Juv Fic Stilton Stilton, Geronimo. Thea Stilton and the lost letters.
Juv Fic Watson #4 Watson, Tom Stick Dog dreams of ice cream. (Stick dog, vol. 4.)
Juv Fic Yohalem Yohalem, Eve. Cast off: the strange adventures of Petra De Winter and Bram Broen
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