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New Nonfiction for Kids - January 2015

These titles were added in December

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Call Number Author Title
j070.4333 Hollihan Hollihan, Kerrie Logan. Reporting under fire: 16 daring women war correspondents and photojournalists
j158.25 Blessings . The blessings of friendship treasury
j222.4092 Sanders Sanders, Nancy I. Get to know King David
j225.92 Sanders Sanders, Nancy I. Get to know Apostle Paul
j232.9 Sanders Sanders, Nancy I. Get to know Jesus
j232.91 Sanders Sanders, Nancy I. Get to know Mary
j291.13 Budzik Budzik, Mary Frances Mythology: oh my! gods and goddesses
j306.768 Herthel Herthel, Jessica. I am Jazz!
j306.85 Ruurs Ruurs, Margriet Families around the world
j323.1 Mitchell Mitchell, Don The Freedom Summer murders
j364.3 Scandiffio Scandiffio, Laura. Outlaws, spies, and gangsters: chasing notorious criminals
j398.2 Demi Demi. The pandas and their chopsticks: and other animal stories
j398.2 Grimm Grimm, Jacob Hansel & Gretel: a Toon graphic
j398.2 Icinori Icinori Issun Boshi: the one-inch boy
j398.2 Qitsualik-Tinsley Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel The raven and the loon
j530.028 Mercer Mercer, Bobby Junk drawer physics: 50 awesome experiments that don't cost a thing
j551.577 Gibbons Gibbons, Gail. It's raining!
j574.13 Cusick Cusick, Dawn. Get the scoop on animal puke!: from zombie ants to vampire bats, 251 cool facts about vomit, regurgitation, & more!
j574.52642 Duke Duke, Kate. In the rainforest
j591 DiSiena DiSiena, Laura Lyn. Chickens don't fly: and other fun facts
j591.1852 Stewart Stewart, Melissa. World's fastest animals
j591.5 Roop Roop, Connie. Extreme survivors
j591.542 Stewart Stewart, Melissa. Beneath the sun
j598 Kurki Kurki, Kim. National Wildlife Federation's world of birds: a beginner's guide
j599.53 Hatkoff Hatkoff, Craig. Hope for Winter: the true story of a remarkable dolphin friendship
j612 Kyi Kyi, Tanya Lloyd 50 body questions: a book that spills its guts
j612.8 Murphy Murphy, Glenn. Poo! what is that smell?: everything you ever needed to know about the five senses
j622.19 Walsh Walsh, Liza Gardner. Treasure hunter's handbook
j629.13 Pastan Pastan, Amy. The Smithsonian book of air & space trivia
j629.45 Ziefert Ziefert, Harriet. You can't ride a bicycle to the moon!: a book about space travel
j629.892 Isogawa Isogawa, Yoshihito The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 idea book: 181 simple machines and clever contraptions
j629.892 Mercer Mercer, Bobby The robot book: build & control 20 electric gizmos, moving machines, and hacked toys
j636.70886 Castaldo Castaldo, Nancy F. Sniffer dogs: how dogs (and their noses) save the world
j641.5944 Aladjidi Aladjidi, Virginie Big meals for little hands
j741.5 Britt Britt, Fanny. Jane, the fox and me
j741.5 Cammuso #3 Cammuso, Frank. Cookie catastrophe. (Misadventures of Salem Hyde, vol. 3.)
j741.5 Deneen Deneen, Brendan The island of misfit toys
j741.5 Eaton #1 Eaton, Maxwell. The flying beaver brothers and the evil penguin plan
j741.5 Eaton #3 Eaton, Maxwell. The flying beaver brothers and the mud-slinging moles
j741.5 Eaton #5 Eaton, Maxwell. The flying beaver brothers and the hot-air baboons
j741.5 Emerson #2 Emerson, Sharon. SPF 40. (Zebrafish, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Furman #2 Furman, Simon. Dangers of the deep. (Dragons: riders of Berk, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Guibert #1 Guibert, Emmanuel. Just a donkey like you and me. (Ariol, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Guibert #2 Guibert, Emmanuel. Thunder horse. (Ariol, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Guibert #3 Guibert, Emmanuel. Happy as a pig-- (Ariol, vol. 3.)
j741.5 Guibert #4 Guibert, Emmanuel. A beautiful cow. (Ariol, vol. 4.)
j741.5 Guibert #5 Guibert, Emmanuel. Bizzbilla hits the bullseye. (Ariol, vol. 5.)
j741.5 Last #2 Last airbender. Avatar, the last airbender: the rift, part two
j741.5 Last #3 Last airbender. Avatar, the last airbender: the rift, part three
j741.5 My #2 My little pony. My little pony: friends forever, vol. 2
j741.5 My #2 My little pony. My little pony: pony tales, volume 2
j741.5 Nytra Nytra, David The secret of the stone frog: a Toon graphic novel
j741.5 Orchard Orchard, Eric. Maddy Kettle: the adventure of the Thimblewitch
j741.5 Petersen Petersen, David Baldwin the Brave and other tales
j759.19 Burleigh Burleigh, Robert. Edward Hopper paints his world
j759.972 Reef Reef, Catherine. Frida & Diego: art, love, life
j780.9 Gerhard Gerhard, Ana. Listen to the birds: an introduction to classical music
j780.9 Gerhard Gerhard, Ana. Simply fantastic: an introduction to classical music
j784.092 Neri Neri, Greg. Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
j791.068 Davis Davis, Kathryn Mr. Ferris and his wheel
j791.4572 Star Wars Star Wars. Star wars rebels: head-to-head
j791.4572 Star Wars Star Wars. Star Wars rebels: the visual guide
j793.932 Skylanders Skylanders. Skylanders Giants: Master Eon's official guide.
j793.932 Skylanders Skylanders. Skylanders SWAP Force: Master Eon's official guide.
j794.82 Guinness 2015 Guinness World Records Limited. Guinness world records gamer's edition
j796.334 Carpenter Carpenter, Alex Defending the line: the David Luiz story
j811.54 Sidman Sidman, Joyce. Winter bees & other poems of the cold
j811.6 Todd Todd, Mark Food trucks!
j888.6 Subramaniam Subramaniam, Manasi. The fox and the crow
j921 B4132AAd Bell, Cece. El Deafo
j921 C2387l Lewis, Gregg Gifted hands: the Ben Carson Story
j921 D632s Scollon, Bill. Walt Disney: drawn from imagination
j921 F8477n Norfolk, Sherry The Virginia Giant: the true story of Peter Francisco
j921 M6928AAe Mitchell, Edgar D. Earthrise: my adventures as an Apollo 14 astronaut
j921 R433m Macy, Sue. Sally Ride: life on a mission
j921 R6342b Bryant, Jennifer. The right word: Roget and his thesaurus
j921 T172m McCully, Emily Arnold. Ida M. Tarbell: the woman who challenged big business--and won!
j921 W6457m McDonough, Yona Zeldis. Little author in the big woods: a biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder
j921 W868AAb Woodson, Jacqueline. Brown girl dreaming
j973.52 Sutcliffe Sutcliffe, Jane. The White House is burning: August 24, 1814
j978.02 Adkins Adkins, Jan. What if you met a cowboy?
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