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New Nonfiction for Kids - May 2015

These titles were added in April

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Call Number Author Title
j005.1 Sande 2014 Sande, Warren. Hello world!: computer programming for kids and other beginners
j031.02 Weird . Weird but true! food: 300 bite-size facts about incredible edibles!
j133.1 Ferut Ferut, Michael. Gettysburg
j133.1 Ferut Ferut, Michael. RMS Queen Mary
j133.1 Ferut Ferut, Michael. St. Louis Cemetery No. 1
j133.1 Ferut Ferut, Michael. Winchester Mystery House
j155.232 Thomas Thomas, Pat I am feeling bashful: a first look at shyness
j292.211 O'Connor O'Connor, George. Ares: bringer of war
j303.66 Matthews Matthews, Jenny Children growing up with war
j306.2 Ceceri Ceceri, Kathy. Micronations: invent your own country and culture with 25 projects
j306.846 Alko Alko, Selina. The case for loving: the fight for interracial marriage
j323.1 Bass Bass, Hester Seeds of freedom: the peaceful integration of Huntsville, Alabama
j328.73 Reis Reis, Ronald A. The US Congress for kids: over 200 years of lawmaking, deal-breaking, and compromising, with 21 activities
j333.914 Rusch Rusch, Elizabeth. The next wave: the quest to harness the power of the oceans
j355.548 Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. Ninjas and samurai
j363.7282 Miller Miller, Edward Recycling day
j394.268 DePaola DePaola, Tomie Joy to the world: Christmas stories and songs
j530 Gardner Gardner, Jane P. Physics: investigate the mechanics of nature
j530.4 Reilly Reilly, Kathleen M. Explore solids and liquids!
j568 Thomson Thomson, Sarah L. Terror bird
j569.75 Thomson Thomson, Sarah L. Saber-toothed cat
j574.5 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Plant and animal adaptations
j574.87 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. The cell cycle
j575.1 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Traits and heredity
j581 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Plant structure and classification
j581.3 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Plant life cycles
j591 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Animal structure and classification
j591.3 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Animal life cycles
j591.33 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve Egg: nature's perfect package
j591.39 Judge Judge, Lita. Born in the wild: baby mammals and their parents
j591.51 Midthun Midthun, Joseph. Animal behavior
j591.994 Oliver Oliver, Narelle Sand swimmers: the secret life of Australia's desert wilderness
j595.76 Burns Burns, Loree Griffin. Beetle busters: a rogue insect and the people who track it
j595.799 Frisch Frisch, Aaron Bees
j598.072 Russo Russo, Monica. Birdology: 30 activities and observations for exploring the world of birds
j598.2971 Pelletier Pelletier, Mia. A children's guide to Arctic birds
j599.2 Saxby Saxby, Claire. Big red kangaroo
j599.3232 Holland Holland, Mary The beavers' busy year
j599.7358 Borgert-Spaniol Borgert-Spaniol, Megan Cape buffalo
j599.82 Borgert-Spaniol Borgert-Spaniol, Megan Spider monkeys
j616.398 Thomas Thomas, Pat Don't call me fat!: a first look at being overweight
j618.92898 Thomas Thomas, Pat I see things differently: a first look at autism
j629.221 Mercer Mercer, Bobby The racecar book: build and race mousetrap cars, dragsters, tri-can haulers & more
j629.227 Nelson Nelson, Robin From steel to bicycle
j636.708 Sundance Sundance, Kyra. 101 dog tricks, kids edition: fun and easy activities, games, and crafts
j641.5686 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. A merry Christmas cookbook
j685.3 Nelson Nelson, Robin From leather to basketball shoes
j688.76 Nelson Nelson, Robin From leather to football
j688.76 Nelson Nelson, Robin From plastic to soccer ball
j688.76 Nelson Nelson, Robin From wood to baseball bat
j741.5 Burks Burks, James Gabby & Gator
j741.5 Cammuso #4 Cammuso, Frank. Dinosaur dilemma. (Misadventures of Salem Hyde, vol. 4.)
j741.5 Carbaugh Carbaugh, Samuel. Comics: investigate the history and technology of American cartooning
j741.5 Dale #2 Dale, Jeremy Strange creatures. (Skyward, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Dale #3 Dale, Jeremy Battle at Three Rivers. (Skyward, vol. 3.)
j741.5 DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. DC Super-Pets! character encyclopedia
j741.5 Grissom #1 Grissom, Eric. New world home. (Planet gigantic, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Groening Groening, Matt. Bart Simpson blastoff
j741.5 Hale #5 Hale, Nathan The underground abductor. (Nathan Hale's hazardous tales, vol. 5.): an abolitionist tale
j741.5 Jamieson Jamieson, Victoria. Roller girl
j741.5 My #3 My little pony. My little pony: friends forever, vol. 3
j741.5 Petersen #2 Petersen, David Legends of the guard, vol. 2
j741.5 Rodrigue #5 Rodrigue, Michel The dragon's dance. (Sybil the backpack fairy, vol. 5.)
j745.57 Peterson Peterson, Suzanne M. The Loomatic's interactive guide to the Rainbow Loom, volume 1 / by Suzanne M. Peterson.
j782.4092 Schwartz Schwartz, Heather E. Adele: soulful singer
j782.4092 Schwartz Schwartz, Heather E. Idina Menzel: vocal superpower
j782.4092 Schwartz Schwartz, Heather E. Justin Timberlake: from Mouseketeer to megastar
j782.4092 Schwartz Schwartz, Heather E. Lorde: songstress with style
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Before Tomorrowland
j791.4372 Home Home (Motion picture) Home: the chapter book
j791.4372 Marvel Marvel Comics Group. Avengers, age of Ultron: the junior novel
j794.82 Clark Clark, James H. The visual guide to Minecraft: dig into Minecraft with this (parent-approved) guide full of tips, hints, and projects!
j794.82 Talley Talley, Trevor. Master builder 3.0 advanced
j794.82 Wiltshire Wiltshire, Alex. Minecraft blockopedia
j796.323 LeBoutillier LeBoutillier, Nate. The story of the Minnesota Timberwolves
j796.334 Fishman Fishman, Jon M. Tim Howard
j796.357 Fishman Fishman, Jon M. Andrew McCutchen
j796.357 Fishman Fishman, Jon M. Clayton Kershaw
j796.357 Fishman Fishman, Jon M. Dustin Pedroia
j796.357 Savage Savage, Jeff David Ortiz
j796.72 Savage Savage, Jeff Dale Earnhardt Jr.
j822.33 Chrisp Chrisp, Peter. Shakespeare
j910 Ramierez Ramierez, Suzee. Beautiful rainbow world
j915.1 Branscombe Branscombe, Allison. All about China: stories, songs, crafts and more for kids
j915.1 Osborne Osborne, Mary Pope. China: land of the emperor's Great Wall
j920 Winter Winter, Jonah The Founding Fathers: those horse-ridin', fiddle-playin', book-readin', gun-totin' gentlemen who started America
j921 L9665r Rockliff, Mara. Gingerbread for liberty!: how a German baker helped win the American Revolution
j921 Sa18s Sisson, Stephanie Roth. Star stuff: Carl Sagan and the mysteries of the cosmos
j921 Sa26l Landmann, Bimba. In search of the Little Prince: the story of Antoine de Saint-Exupery
j921 W8587s Schwartz, Heather E. Shailene Woodley: Divergent's daring star
j970.1 Gimpel Gimpel, Diane Marczely. A timeline history of early American Indian peoples
j973.0496 Smith Smith, Charles R., Jr. 28 days: moments in Black history that changed the world
j973.2 Pratt Pratt, Mary K. A timeline history of the thirteen colonies
j973.313 Morey Morey, Allan. A timeline history of the Declaration of Independence
j973.318 Morey Morey, Allan. A timeline history of the early American republic
j973.9 Bix Bix, Cynthia Overbeck. Fad Mania!: a history of American crazes
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