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New Nonfiction for Kids - February 2016

These titles were added in January

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Call Number Author Title
j005.1 McManus McManus, Sean How to code in 10 easy lessons
j005.1 Stewart Stewart, Becky. Adventures in Arduino
j031.02 Ripley Ripley Entertainment, Inc. Fun facts & silly stories 4
j031.02 Ultimate   Ultimate weird but true 3.
j031.02 West West, Tracey Smithsonian no way... way!: road trip
j158 Chicken   Chicken soup for the soul: be the best you can be: inspiring true stories about goals & values for kids & preteens
j220.9505 Emmerson-Hicks Emmerson-Hicks, J. The illustrated Bible for little ones
j327.12 Zullo Zullo, Allan. The secret agent: and other spy kids
j362.188 Riggs Riggs, Kate. Ambulances
j363.25 Zullo Zullo, Allan. Crime scene investigators
j371.716 Loewen Loewen, Nancy Food of the world
j385.0979 Behnke Behnke, Alison. A timeline history of the transcontinental railroad
j388.4 Clapper Clapper, Nikki Bruno. City trains
j391 Loewen Loewen, Nancy Clothing of the world
j392.36 Loewen Loewen, Nancy Homes of the world
j508.2 Richard Richard, Orlin. Investigating seasons
j510 Arias Arias, Lisa. Edgy equations: one-variable equations
j511.5 Arias Arias, Lisa. Groovy graphing
j512.7 Arias Arias, Lisa. Magical mathematical properties
j513.2 Arias Arias, Lisa. Positive & negative numbers, oh my!
j513.213 Arias Arias, Lisa. Multiplication master
j513.213 Arias Arias, Lisa. Multiplication meltdown
j513.214 Arias Arias, Lisa. Dive into division
j513.26 Arias Arias, Lisa. Dandy decimals
j513.26 Arias Arias, Lisa. Dazzling decimals
j513.26 Arias Arias, Lisa. Dynamic denominators
j513.26 Arias Arias, Lisa. Fraction action
j513.26 Arias Arias, Lisa. Funky fractions
j513.55 Arias Arias, Lisa. Powerful place value
j516.15 Arias Arias, Lisa. Galactic geometry
j516.15 Arias Arias, Lisa. Glorious geometry
j519.5 Arias Arias, Lisa. Scrumptious statistics
j520 Berne Berne, Emma Carlson. Totally wacky facts about space
j520 DePrisco DePrisco, Dorothea. Spaceopedia: the complete guide to everything space
j529 Arias Arias, Lisa. Time travel
j530.8 Arias Arias, Lisa. Marvelous measurement
j551.48 Ransom Ransom, Candice F. Investigating the water cycle
j551.63 Kudlinski Kudlinski, Kathleen V. Boy, were we wrong about the weather!
j552 Lindeen Lindeen, Mary. Investigating the rock cycle
j567.91 Alonso Alonso, Juan Carlos The early cretaceous period: notes, drawings, and observations from prehistory
j567.91 McElligott McElligott, Matthew. The dinosaur disaster
j567.91 Mertz Mertz, Leslie A. Dinosaurs: walk in the footsteps of the world's largest lizards
j567.91 Stein Stein, Lori. Dinopedia: the complete guide to everything dinosaur
j574.3 Amstutz Amstutz, Lisa J. Investigating animal life cycles
j574.52632 Fleisher Fleisher, Paul. Lake and pond food webs in action
j574.52636 Fleisher Fleisher, Paul. Ocean food webs in action
j574.52642 Fleisher Fleisher, Paul. Forest food webs in action
j574.52642 Messner Messner, Kate. Tree of wonder: the many marvelous lives of a rainforest tree
j574.52643 Fleisher Fleisher, Paul. Grassland food webs in action
j574.52644 Fleisher Fleisher, Paul. Tundra food webs in action
j576 Green Green, Dan. Microbiology: it's a small world!
j581.3 Amstutz Amstutz, Lisa J. Investigating plant life cycles
j591 Animal Animal Planet Animals: a visual encyclopedia
j591 Berger Berger, Melvin. 101 animal super powers
j591 Furgang Furgang, Kathy. Animal records: the biggest, fastest, grossest, tiniest, slowest, and smelliest creatures on the planet
j591 Hanna Hanna, Jack Jack Hanna's big book of why: amazing animal facts and photos!
j591 Meister Meister, Cari. Totally wacky facts about animals
j591 Probst Probst, Jeff Outrageous animals
j591.51 Meyer Meyer, Eileen R. Sweet dreams, wild animals!: a story of sleep
j591.92 Fielder Fielder, Heidi. Sea life: a close-up photographic look inside your world
j591.92 FitzSimmons FitzSimmons, David. Curious critters marine
j591.998 Arnosky Arnosky, Jim. Frozen wild: how animals survive in the coldest places on Earth
j595.7 Fiedler Fiedler, Heidi. Bugs & butterflies: a close-up photographic look inside your world
j597.9 Brett Brett, Flora. A reptile's view of the world
j599.51 Burleigh Burleigh, Robert. Trapped!: a whale's rescue
j612 Wicks Wicks, Maris. Human body theater: a nonfiction revue
j614.5112 Bartoletti Bartoletti, Susan Campbell. Terrible Typhoid Mary: a true story of the deadliest cook in America
j623.826 Riggs Riggs, Kate. Rescue boats
j625.1 Clapper Clapper, Nikki Bruno. Freight trains
j625.1 Clapper Clapper, Nikki Bruno. High-speed trains
j625.1 Clapper Clapper, Nikki Bruno. Passenger trains
j629.04 Glass Glass, Andrew Flying cars: the true story
j629.892 Leider Leider, Rick Allen. Robots: explore the world of robots and how they work for us
j634.9618 Bond Bond, Rebecca Out of the woods: a true story of an unforgettable event
j636.1 Brett Brett, Flora. A horse's view of the world
j636.1 Walker Walker, Elaine The horse: passion, beauty, splendor, strength
j636.7 Brett Brett, Flora. A dog's view of the world
j636.73 Kimmel Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody Balto and the great race
j636.8 Brett Brett, Flora. A cat's view of the world
j709 Rebscher Rebscher, Susanne Where's the artist?: from caves painting to modern art: a look and find book
j741.5 Cibos Cibos, Lindsay Little pony drawing book: how to draw and create magical friends
j741.5 Guibert #7 Guibert, Emmanuel. Top dog. (Ariol, vol. 7.)
j741.5 Konishi #3 Konishi, Noriyuki. Jibanyan's tale. (Yo-kai watch, vol. 3.)
j741.5 Marvel #3 Marvel Comics Group Ultimate Spider-Man web warriors, vol. 3.
j745.5 Bolte Bolte, Mari. Make it, gift it: handmade gifts for every occasion
j745.5 Knight Knight, Choly. Craft projects for Minecraft and pixel art fans: unoffical how to guide: 15 fun, easy-to-make projects
j770 Honovich Honovich, Nancy. Guide to photography: tips & tricks on how to be a great photographer from the pros & your pals at Myshot
j781.64 Pinkney Pinkney, Andrea Davis. Rhythm ride: a road trip through the Motown sound
j793.932 Skylanders Skylanders. Skylanders Trap Team: Master Eon's official guide.
j796.334 Christopher Christopher, Matt Mia Hamm
j796.334 Morgan Morgan, Alex Breakaway: beyond the goal
j796.53 Danks Danks, Fiona. Beach book: loads to do at lakes, rivers and the seaside
j808.7 Seed Seed, Andy. The silly book of sidesplitting stuff
j808.81 National   National Geographic book of nature poetry: more than 200 poems with photographs that float, zoom, and bloom!
j910 Loewen Loewen, Nancy People of the world
j910.202 Croft Croft, Malcolm. The travel book: a journey through every country in the world
j910.4 Ray Ray, Deborah Kogan The impossible voyage of Kon-Tiki
j912 Hirsch Hirsch, Rebecca E. Ultimate adventure atlas of Earth: maps, games, activities and more for hours of extreme fun!
j917.3 Balkan Balkan, Gabrielle. The 50 states: explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps!
j917.59 Meinking Meinking, Mary. What's great about Florida?
j917.74 Yasuda Yasuda, Anita. What's great about Michigan?
j917.83 Meinking Meinking, Mary. What's great about South Dakota?
j917.84 Bailer Bailer, Darice. What's great about North Dakota?
j920 Yasuda Yasuda, Anita. Astronomy: cool women in space
j921 B62887ca Castaldo, Nancy F. The race around the world: how Nellie Bly chased an impossible dream ...
j921 P285AAt Paulsen, Gary. This side of wild: mutts, mares, and laughing dinosaurs
j921 Sa99AAi Say, Allen. The inker's shadow
j921 Sch31r Rubin, Susan Goldman. Hot pink: the life & fashions of Elsa Schiaparelli
j940.3 Summers Summers, Elizabeth. Weapons and vehicles of World War I
j940.53 Murray Murray, Stuart World War II: step into the action and behind enemy lines from Hitler's rise to Japan's surrender
j940.54 Summers Summers, Elizabeth. Weapons and vehicles of World War II
j940.54 Zullo Zullo, Allan. World War II heroes
j940.5403 Baker Baker, Brynn. Navajo code talkers: secret American Indian heroes of World War II
j940.544 Baker Baker, Brynn. The Tuskegee airmen: freedom flyers of World War II
j956.7 Summers Summers, Elizabeth. Weapons and vehicles of the Iraq War
j959.704 Summers Summers, Elizabeth. Weapons and vehicles of the Vietnam War
j970.3  Cherokee Behnke Behnke, Alison. A timeline history of the Trail of Tears
j970.3  Cherokee Schwartz Schwartz, Heather E. Forced removal: causes and effects of the Trail of Tears
j970.3  Nez Perce Schwartz Schwartz, Heather E. Seeking freedom: causes and effects of the flight of the Nez Perce
j970.3 Apache Dell Dell, Pamela. Apache resistance: causes and effects of Geronimo's Campaign
j970.3 Dakota Higgins Higgins, Nadia. Defending the land: causes and effects of Red Cloud's War
j973.62 Behnke Behnke, Alison. A timeline history of the Mexican-American War
j973.82 Higgins Higgins, Nadia. Last stand: causes and effects of the Battle of the Little Bighorn
j973.86 Dell Dell, Pamela. Last battle: causes and effects of the Massacre at Wounded Knee
j973.89 Baker Baker, Brynn. Roosevelt's Rough Riders: fearless cavalry of the Spanish-American War
j973.931 Zullo Zullo, Allan. Heroes of 9/11
j976.044 Zullo Zullo, Allan. Heroes of Hurricane Katrina
j978.004 Baker Baker, Brynn. Buffalo soldiers: heroes of the American West
j979.4 Watson Watson, Stephanie A timeline history of the California Gold Rush
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