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New Nonfiction for Kids - July 2014

These titles were added in June

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Call Number Author Title
j001.96 Krieger Krieger, Emily. Myths busted! 2: just when you thought you knew what you knew ...
j005.1 Strom Strom, Chris. 3D game programming for kids: create interactive worlds with JavaScript
j031.02 Falken Falken, Linda. Big book of where
j031.02 Perritano Perritano, John. Big book of when
j031.02 Shulman Shulman, Mark Big book of why: crazy, cool, & outrageous
j031.02 Weird . Weird but true! 6: 300 outrageous facts.
j150 Weeks Weeks, Marcus. Heads up psychology
j152.4 Rubenstein Rubenstein, Lauren. Visiting feelings
j155.4 Meiners Meiners, Cheri J. Bounce back!
j179.6 Meiners Meiners, Cheri J. Have courage!
j232.9 Grün Grün, Anselm. Jesus
j232.9 O'Reilly O'Reilly, Bill. The last days of Jesus: his life and times
j291.13 Hoena Hoena, B. A. National Geographic kids everything mythology
j294.3 Nhât Hanh Nhat Hanh, Thich. Is nothing something?: kids' questions and zen answers about life, death, family, friendship, and everything in between
j296.437 Adler Adler, David A. The story of Passover
j328.73 Cooper Cooper, Ilene. A woman in the House (and Senate): how women came to the United States Congress, broke down barriers, and changed the country
j513.26 Einhorn Einhorn, Edward Fractions in disguise: a math adventure
j516.15 Adler Adler, David A. Triangles
j516.15 Ross, Ross, Catherine Sheldrick. Shapes in math, science and nature: squares, triangles and circles
j551.55 Challoner 2014 Challoner, Jack. Hurricane & tornado
j567.91 Hoena Hoena, B. A. National Geographic kids everything dinosaurs
j574.52642 Esbaum Esbaum, Jill. Angry Birds playground: rain forest
j574.52643 Root Root, Phyllis. Plant a pocket of prairie
j591.48 Jenkins Jenkins, Steve Eye to eye: how animals see the world
j594.56 Dixon Dixon, Norma. In deep with the octopus
j595.44 Llewellyn Llewellyn, Claire. Spiders: deadly predators
j595.7 Albee Albee, Sarah. Bugged: how insects changed history
j595.76 Bardoe Bardoe, Cheryl Behold the beautiful dung beetle
j595.781 Pringle Pringle, Laurence The secret life of the woolly bear caterpillar
j598.97 Sollinger Sollinger, Emily. Owls: birds of the night
j599.744 Arnosky Arnosky, Jim. Tooth & claw: the wild world of big predators
j599.74428 Blewett Blewett, Ashlee Brown. Mission: lion rescue: all about lions and how to save them
j599.74442 Jazynka Jazynka, Kitson. Mission: wolf rescue: all about wolves and how to save them
j599.74446 Lackner Lackner, Michelle Myers. Finding Hope
j616.393 Jarrow Jarrow, Gail. Red madness: how a medical mystery changed what we eat
j624.19 Price Price, Jane Underworld: exploring the secret world beneath your feet
j628.925 Cooper Cooper, Michael L. Fighting fire!: ten of the deadliest fires in American history and how we fought them
j629.442 Houran Houran, Lori Haskins. A trip into space: an adventure to the International Space Station
j630.9173 Martin Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. Farmer Will Allen and the growing table
j636.0887 National National Geographic Society 125 true stories of amazing pets: inspiring tales of animal friendship & four-legged heroes, plus crazy animal antics.
j636.7 Bader Bader, Bonnie Pup-pup-puppies
j636.80832 Laidlaw Laidlaw, Rob Cat champions: caring for our feline friends
j641.3 Elton Elton, Sarah Starting from scratch: what you should know about food and cooking
j641.5 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. The Minnie & friends cookbook
j646 Wrigley Wrigley, Annabel We love to sew--bedrooms: cool stuff for your space: 23 projects
j720 Jackson 2014 Jackson, Tom Wonders of the world
j741.5 Bolton #1 Bolton, Chris A. Trial by fire. (Smash, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Cammuso #2 Cammuso, Frank. Big birthday bash. (Misadventures of Salem Hyde, vol. 2.)
j741.5 Davis Davis, Jim Garfield life in the fat lane
j741.5 Hatke #3 Hatke, Ben. The return of Zita the spacegirl. (Zita the spacegirl, book 3.)
j741.5 Holm Holm, Jennifer L. Extreme Babymouse. (Babymouse, vol. 17.)
j741.5 My #4 My little pony. My little pony: friendship is magic, vol. 4
j741.5 Pokemon #11 Pokemon. Pokemon adventures: Diamond and Pearl/platinum, vol. 11
j741.5 Robbins #6 Robbins, Trina. A midterm night's scheme. (Chicagoland Detective Agency, vol. 6.)
j741.5 Weigel #1 Weigel, Jeff The secret valley. (Dragon girl, vol. 1.)
j741.5 Winx #1 Winx club Bloom's discovery. (Winx club, vol. 1.)
j745.592 Hentzel Hentzel, Erin Sew in style: make your own doll clothes
j780 Ajmera Ajmera, Maya. Music everywhere!
j782.42 Murphy Murphy, Claire Rudolf. My country, 'tis of thee: how one song reveals the history of civil rights
j790.1922 Honovich Honovich, Nancy. Get outside guide: all things adventure, exploration, and fun!
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Planes fire & rescue: the junior novelization
j791.4372 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Planes, fire & rescue: the essential guide
j793.73 Agnone Agnone, Julie Vosburgh. What in the world?: fun-tastic photo puzzles for curious minds
j796.334 Taylor Taylor, Sean Goal!
j796.357 Borden Borden, Louise. Baseball is...
j808.7 Pattison Pattison, Rosie Gowsell. Just joking 5: 300 hilarious jokes about everything, including tongue twisters, riddles, and more!
j811.008 Firefly . Firefly July: a year of very short poems
j839.31 Schmidt Schmidt, Annie M. G. A pond full of ink
j915.98 Hibbs Hibbs, Linda. All about Indonesia: stories, songs and crafts for kids
j920 Bragg Bragg, Georgia. How they choked: failures, flops, and flaws of the awfully famous
j920 Singer Singer, Marilyn. Rutherford B., who was he?: poems about our presidents
j921 B813m Marrin, Albert. A volcano beneath the snow: John Brown's war against slavery
j921 Ed487kr Kramer, Barbara. Thomas Edison
j921 R113AAb Rabinowitz, Alan A boy and a jaguar
j921 R677a Adler, David A. Colonel Theodore Roosevelt
j921 Sa26s Sis, Peter The Pilot and the Little Prince: the Life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
j931 Liu-Perkins Liu-Perkins, Christine. At home in her tomb: Lady Dai and the ancient Chinese treasures of Mawangdui
j932 Hart 2014 Hart, George Ancient Egypt
j938 Pearson 2014 Pearson, Anne. Ancient Greece
j940.1 Matthews Matthews, Rupert. Battle at the castle
j940.3 Adams 2014 Adams, Simon World War I
j940.3 Atwood Atwood, Kathryn J. Women heroes of World War I: 16 remarkable resisters, soldiers, spies, and medics
j940.412 Bausum Bausum, Ann. Stubby the war dog: the true story of World War I 's bravest dog
j940.53 Adams 2014 Adams, Simon World War II
j940.5421 Atkinson Atkinson, Rick. D-Day: the invasion of Normandy, 1944
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