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New Nonfiction for Kids - November 2014

These titles were added in October

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Call Number Author Title
j001.944 Hinds Hinds, Kathryn Water monsters
j001.944 West West, Tracey Poptropica scary monsters
j179.7 Coster Coster, Patience. Euthanasia
j320.531 Hunter Hunter, Nick. What is socialism?
j321.6 Hardyman Hardyman, Robyn. What is a monarchy?
j321.8 Hardyman Hardyman, Robyn. What is a democracy?
j321.8 Kenney Kenney, Karen Latchana. What is a parliamentary government?
j321.9 Hunter Hunter, Nick. What is a dictatorship?
j321.92 Kenney Kenney, Karen Latchana. What is a communism?
j333.79 Einspruch Einspruch, Andrew. What is energy?
j364.66 Barber Barber, Nicola. The death penalty
j398.2454 Hinds Hinds, Kathryn Dragons
j398.2454 Hinds Hinds, Kathryn Unicorns
j398.45 Hinds Hinds, Kathryn Mermaids
j398.45 Hinds Hinds, Kathryn Sphinxes and centaurs
j398.469 Hinds Hinds, Kathryn Griffins and phoenixes
j530.4 Stephens Stephens, David A material world: what is matter?
j531.6 Coupe Coupe, Robert. Force and motion
j551.55 Harasymiw Harasymiw, Mark. Chasing a tornado
j574.5263 Schomp Schomp, Virginia. 24 hours in the wetlands
j574.52632 Schomp Schomp, Virginia. 24 hours in a pond
j574.52642 Schomp Schomp, Virginia. 24 hours in a tropical rain forest
j574.52644 Schomp Schomp, Virginia. 24 hours on the tundra
j574.5265 Schomp Schomp, Virginia. 24 hours in the desert
j574.92 Schomp Schomp, Virginia. 24 Hours on a coral reef
j591.39 Holly Holly, Cate. Bunnies & kitties: a cuddly collection of fur and friendship
j597.31 Nagelhout Nagelhout, Ryan. Diving with sharks
j612 Coupe Coupe, Robert. Body basics
j612.82 Einspruch Einspruch, Andrew. Brain works
j616.01 Close Close, Edward. Germ warfare
j629.04 Coupe Coupe, Robert. Wheels, wings, and motors
j636.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Cavachons
j636.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Cockapoos
j636.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Goldendoodles
j636.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Labradoodles
j636.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Puggles
j636.7 Owen Owen, Ruth Schnoodles
j641.5949 Locricchio Locricchio, Matthew. The cooking of Greece
j688.72 Dolan Dolan, Hannah. LEGO Ninjago, masters of spinjitzu: the visual dictionary
j688.72 Kenney Kenney, Sean. Cool creations in 101 pieces
j688.72 Kenney Kenney, Sean. Cool creations in 35 pieces
j709 Alexander Alexander, Heather A child's introduction to art: the world's greatest paintings and sculptures
j741.5 Goscinny #8 Goscinny Asterix omnibus 8: Asterix and the great crossing, Obelix and Co., Asterix in Belgium
j741.5 My #5 My little pony. My little pony: friendship is magic, vol. 5
j741.5 Peirce Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate, the crowd goes wild!
j741.5 Simpson Simpson, Dana Phoebe and her unicorn: a Heavenly Nostrils chronicle
j741.5 Skylanders Skylanders The Kaos trap
j741.5 Teenage #3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles new animated adventures, vol. 3
j741.5 Winx #1 Winx club Bloom's discovery. (Winx club, vol. 1.)
j759.49 MacLachlan MacLachlan, Patricia. The iridescence of birds: a book about Henri Matisse
j791.4372 Annie Annie Annie: the junior novel
j791.4372 Madagascar Madagascar Penguins of Madagascar: movie novelization
j791.4372 Paddington Paddington Paddington: the junior novel
j791.82 Flynn Flynn, Claire E. Running with the bulls
j793.93 Pokemon Pokemon. Kalos region handbook: stats and facts on over 450 Pokemon!
j794.82 Ultimate . The ultimate unofficial guide to Minecraft strategies: everything you need to know to build, explore, attack, and survive in the world of Minecraft
j796.522 Rajczak Rajczak, Kristen. Climbing Mount Everest
j796.56 Niver Niver, Heather Moore. Skydiving
j798.8 Rajczak Rajczak, Kristen. Racing the Iditarod
j799.1 Mozer Mozer, Mindy. Pier fishing
j799.17 Peterson Peterson, Judy Monroe. Trout fishing
j799.17 Peterson Peterson, Judy Monroe. Walleye fishing
j811.54 Bryan Bryan, Ashley. Ashley Bryan's puppets: making something from everything
j917.3 Friesen Friesen, Jeff United States of LEGO: a brick tour of America
j917.8 Levy Levy, Janey. Lewis and Clark in their own words
j921 Ad17be Belton, Blair. Abigail Adams in her own words
j921 D7477sh Shea, Nicole Frederick Douglass in his own words
j921 J356s Shea, John M. Thomas Jefferson in his own words
j921 K585n Nagelhout, Ryan. Martin Luther King Jr. in his own words
j937 Mara Mara, Wil. The Romans
j940.5318 Kennon Kennon, Caroline. Anne Frank in her own words
j970.3 Aztecs Heinrichs Heinrichs, Ann. The Aztecs
j978.02 West West, Tracey Poptropica Wild West
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