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New Nonfiction for Kids - July 2015

These titles were added in June

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Call Number Author Title
j031.02 Weird . Weird but true!: ripped from the headlines 2: real-life stories you have to read to believe.
j242.82 Lucado Lucado, Max. Lucado treasury of bedtime prayers: prayers for bedtime and every time of day!
j323.1 Watkins Watkins, Angela Farris. Love will see you through: Martin Luther King Jr.'s six guiding beliefs (as told by his niece)
j363.25 Zullo Zullo, Allan. FBI heroes
j363.7387 Green Green, Dan Climate change
j392.36 Tate Tate, Nikki Take shelter: at home around the world
j398.2 Finch Finch, Mary. The Princess of the Springs: a story from Brazil
j398.2 Flanagan Flanagan, Liz. Dara's clever trap: a story from Cambodia
j398.2 Lang Lang, Andrew The green fairy book
j398.2 Lang Lang, Andrew The red fairy book
j398.2 Lang Lang, Andrew The yellow fairy book
j398.2 Ray Ray, Jane The little mermaid and other fishy tales
j500 Wollard Wollard, Kathy. How come?: every kid's science questions explained
j507.8 Ardley Ardley, Neil. 101 great science experiments
j509 Goldsmith Goldsmith, Mike Eureka!: the most amazing scientific discoveries of all time
j523.2 DiSiena DiSiena, Laura Lyn. Saturn could sail: and other fun facts
j534 Navarro Navarro, Paula. Surprising experiments with sound
j535 Navarro Navarro, Paula. Magical experiments with light & color
j537 Navarro Navarro, Paula. Amazing experiments with electricity and magnetism
j540 Navarro Navarro, Paula. Incredible experiments with chemical reactions & mixtures
j546.8 Dingle Dingle, Adrian The periodic table: more elements with style!
j567.91 Holtz Holtz, Thomas R. Jurassic World dinosaur field guide
j567.91 Walters Walters, Robert. Discovering dinosaurs
j573.3 Pipe Pipe, Jim Early people
j591.4 Arlon Arlon, Penelope. Animal faces
j591.65 Zullo Zullo, Allan. Surviving sharks: and other dangerous creatures
j595.2 Bingham Bingham, Caroline Everything you need to know about bugs
j595.2 Burnie Burnie, David. Bug hunter
j597.6 Mattison Mattison, Christopher Snakes and other reptiles and amphibians
j597.96 Barr Barr, Brady Scrapes with snakes!: true stories of adventures with animals
j598.2 Porter Porter, Adele. Wild about Minnesota birds: for bird lovers of all ages
j598.91 Curtis Curtis, Jennifer Keats. Animal helpers: raptor centers
j599.61 Laidlaw Laidlaw, Rob 5 elephants
j599.8844 Goodall Goodall, Jane The chimpanzee children of Gombe: 50 years with Jane Goodall at Gombe National Park
j608.7 Rhatigan Rhatigan, Joe. Inventions that could have changed the world... but didn't!
j613.6 Raymer Raymer, Dottie. A smart girl's guide to staying home alone: a girl's guide to feeling safe and having fun
j613.69 Kyi Kyi, Tanya Lloyd When the worst happens: extraordinary stories of survival
j613.7046 Gates Gates, Mariam. Good night yoga: a pose-by-pose bedtime story
j629.133 Catterall Catterall, Clive. The hot air balloon book: build and launch Kongming lanterns, solar tetroons, and more
j629.45 Brake Brake, Mark. How to be a space explorer: your out-of-this-world adventure
j636.0886 Campbell Campbell, Jeff Daisy to the rescue: true stories of daring dogs, paramedic parrots, and other animal heroes
j636.0887 Donohue Donohue, Moira Rose. Kangaroo to the rescue!: and more true stories of amazing animal heroes
j636.8 Newman Newman, Aline Alexander. How to speak cat: a guide to decoding cat language
j641.815 Mommy . Mommy & me bake
j688.72 Elsmore Elsmore, Warren. Brick vehicles: amazing air, land, and sea machines to build from LEGO
j688.72 Star Wars 2015 Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars character encyclopedia
j741.5 DC Comics #2 DC Comics, Inc. The Batman adventures, vol. 2
j741.5 Goscinny #9 Goscinny Asterix omnibus 9: Asterix and the great divide, Asterix and the black gold, Asterix and son
j741.5 Guibert #7 Guibert, Emmanuel. Where's Petula? (Ariol, vol. 7.)
j741.5 Lendler Lendler, Ian. The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue presents Macbeth
j741.5 My #7 My little pony. My little pony: friendship is magic, vol. 7
j741.5 Phelan Phelan, Matt. Bluffton: my summers with Buster
j741.5 Whitley #3 Whitley, Jeremy. The pirate princess. (Princeless, book 3.)
j741.58 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Learn to draw Disney Frozen
j745.5 Big . The big book of crafts & activities.
j745.5 Laz Laz, Ashley Ann. Totally washi!: more than 45 super cute washi tape crafts for kids
j745.5924 Maloney Maloney, Brenna. This is Mouse: an adventure in sewing: make Mouse & friends--travel with them from Africa to outer space
j746.0476 Kim Kim, Maryellen Ribbon girls: wind, weave, twist & tie: dress up your room, show team spirit, create pretty presents
j746.434 Chan Chan, Vanessa. Happy-gurumi: 20 super cute amigurumi toys to crochet.
j759.49 Friedman Friedman, Samantha. Matisse's garden
j782.1092 Weatherford Weatherford, Carole Boston Leontyne Price: voice of a century
j790.1 Glenn Glenn, Joshua Unbored games: serious fun for everyone
j791.4372 Jurassic Jurassic Park. Jurassic World: junior novelization
j791.4372 Marvel Marvel Comics Group. Ant-Man: the junior novel
j791.4372 Max Max (Motion picture) Max: best friend, hero, Marine
j791.4372 Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars: the dark side
j791.4372 Star Wars Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars in 100 scenes
j791.4372 Star Wars Star Wars. Ultimate Star Wars
j791.4572 Pokemon Pokemon. Pokemon visual companion
j793.21 Ward Ward, Jessica. The ultimate Disney party book: 8 fantastic disney themes
j793.93 Pokemon Pokemon. Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire: the official national Pokedex
j796 Scholastic 2015 . Scholastic year in sports
j796.357 Dobrow Dobrow, Larry. Derek Jeter's ultimate baseball guide
j796.812 Pantaleo Pantaleo, Steve. WWE ultimate superstar guide
j808.02 Levine Levine, Gail Carson. Writer to writer: from think to ink
j808.7 Pattison Pattison, Rosie Gowsell. Just joking 6: 300 hilarious jokes about everything, including tongue twisters, riddles, and more!
j822.33 Hinds Hinds, Gareth Macbeth: a play by William Shakespeare
j910 Vermond Vermond, Kira. Why we live where we live
j910.453 Dougherty Dougherty, Terri. Eyewitness to Titanic: from building the great ship to the search for its watery grave
j912 Murrell Murrell, Deborah Amazing world atlas
j917.76 Ortler Ortler, Brett. Minnesota trivia don'tcha know!
j921 J356me Meacham, Jon. Thomas Jefferson: president & philosopher
j921 P1656m Marrin, Albert. Thomas Paine: crusader for liberty: how one man's ideas helped form a new nation
j937 James James, Simon Ancient Rome
j937.7 Chrisp Chrisp, Peter. Explore 360° Pompeii
j940.5318 Hoefnagel Hoefnagel, Marian Anne Frank: her life
j951.5 Gray Gray, Nick Escape from Tibet: a true story
j956.7 Zullo Zullo, Allan. War heroes: voices from Iraq
j958.1047 Zullo Zullo, Allan. Battle heroes: voices from Afghanistan
j973 King King, David C. Children's encyclopedia of American history
j973.7 Thompson Thompson, Ben Guts & glory: the American Civil War
j977.6 Ortler Ortler, Brett. Minnesota 'believe it or not' history
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