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New Nonfiction for Kids - April 2015

These titles were added in March

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Call Number Author Title
j222.11 Ludy Ludy, Mark. Noah: a wordless picture book
j232.97 David David, Juliet. The Easter story
j306.85 Rotner Rotner, Shelley Families
j394.268 Storey Storey, Rita. The Easter book
j398.2 Don Don, Lari. The tale of Tam Linn
j398.2 Ravishankar Ravishankar, Anushka. The boy who drew cats
j520 Jennings Jennings, Ken Outer space
j535 Exploratorium Exploratorium Exploring the science of light: 30+ illuminating experiments and colorful science activities.
j551.55 Kostigen Kostigen, Thomas. Extreme weather: surviving tornadoes, sandstorms, hailstorms, blizzards, hurricanes, and more!
j551.577 Sayre Sayre, April Pulley. Raindrops roll
j574.52642 Ganeri Ganeri, Anita Lifesize rainforest
j591.51 Nighttime . Nighttime animals
j625.1 Shealy Shealy, Dennis R. Terrific trains
j629.04 DiSiena DiSiena, Laura Lyn. Trains can float: and other fun facts
j629.475 Mooney Mooney, Carla Rocketry: investigate the science and technology of rockets and ballistics
j646.724 Theodora Theodora Mjoll Skuladottir Jack. Frozen hairstyles
j741.2 McArdle McArdle, Thaneeya. Draw groovy
j741.5 Adventure #1 Adventure time Adventure time, vol. 1.
j741.5 Adventure #6 Adventure time Adventure time, vol. 6
j741.5 Comeau Comeau, Joey Ninja-rella: a graphic novel
j741.5 Davis Davis, Jim Garfield tons of fun
j741.5 DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Return to the treehouse. (Tiny Titans)
j741.5 DC Comics DC Comics, Inc. Titans together! (Teen titans go!)
j741.5 DC Comics #1 DC Comics, Inc. Batman Li'l Gotham, vol. 1
j741.5 DC Comics #1 DC Comics, Inc. Party, party! (Teen Titans go!, vol. 1.)
j741.5 DC Comics #1 DC Comics, Inc. The Batman adventures, vol. 1
j741.5 DC Comics #2 DC Comics, Inc. Batman Li'l Gotham, vol. 2
j741.5 Disney Disney (Walt) Productions. Tinker Bell and the pirate fairy. (Disney fairies graphic novel, vol. 16.)
j741.5 Frampton Frampton, Otis. Red Riding Hood, superhero: a graphic novel
j741.5 Furman #4 Furman, Simon. The stowaway. (Dragons: riders of Berk, vol. 4.)
j741.5 Kibuishi #6 Kibuishi, Kazu Escape from Lucien. (Amulet, book 6.)
j741.5 My #1 My little pony. My little pony: friendship is magic, vol. 1
j741.5 Peirce Peirce, Lincoln. Big Nate say good-bye to dork city
j741.5 Simonson Simonson, Louise. Snow White and the seven robots: a graphic novel
j741.5 Sonic #23 Sonic the hedgehog Sonic the hedgehog archives, vol. 23
j741.5 Teenage #3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Showdown. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated, vol. 3.)
j741.5 Tulien Tulien, Sean Super Billy Goats Gruff: a graphic novel
j746.4 Sutcliffe Sutcliffe, Kristen Fabric paper thread: 26 projects to stitch with friends
j746.92 Wooster Wooster, Patricia. So, you want to work in fashion?: how to break into the world of fashion and design
j793.74 Overdeck Overdeck, Laura. Bedtime math: the truth comes out
j796.44 Tieck Tieck, Sarah Gabby Douglas: historic Olympic champion
j811.6 Larkin Larkin, Eric-Shabazz. A moose boosh: a few choice words about food
j823.914 Mangan Mangan, Lucy. Inside Charlie's chocolate factory: the complete story of Willy Wonka, the golden ticket, and Roald Dahl's most famous creation
j921 B41kr Kramer, Barbara. Alexander Graham Bell
j921 L642h Houran, Lori Haskins. The $25,000 flight: how Lindbergh set a daring record
j921 Ol8797e Eggerling, Kristin. Breath of wilderness: the life of Sigurd Olson
j921 R6342b Bryant, Jennifer. The right word: Roget and his thesaurus
j921 R6764ma Marrin, Albert. FDR and the American crisis
j921 Y887a Aretha, David. Malala Yousafzai and the girls of Pakistan
j973.91 Stone #1 Stone, Oliver. The untold history of the United States young readers edition, volume 1, 1898-1945
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