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New Graphic Novels for Adults - July 2015

These titles were added during June
All graphic novels for adults - fiction and nonfiction - are shelved in the Fiction & Media area

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Call Number Author Title
158.1 Sa298y Graphic Sakugawa, Yumi. Your illustrated guide to becoming one with the universe
921 M483v Graphic Voloj, Julian Ghetto brother: warrior to peacemaker
Fic Graphic Aaron, Jason 2 Aaron, Jason. Southern bastards, vol. 2: gridiron
Fic Graphic Avengers . Avengers: rage of Ultron
Fic Graphic Batgirl 1 . Batgirl, vol. 1: Batgirl of Burnside
Fic Graphic Batman 2 . Batman Superman, vol. 2: game over
Fic Graphic Batman 6 . Batman Detective Comics, vol. 6: Icarus
Fic Graphic Brubaker, Ed 2 Brubaker, Ed. Velvet, vol. 2: the secret lives of dead men
Fic Graphic Carey, Mike 11 Carey, Mike. The unwritten, vol. 11: Apocalypse
Fic Graphic Deadpool 8 . Deadpool vol. 8: All Good Things
Fic Graphic Green Lantern 5 . Green Lantern, vol. 5: test of wills
Fic Graphic Hazuki, Kanae 1 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 1
Fic Graphic Hazuki, Kanae 2 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 2
Fic Graphic Hazuki, Kanae 3 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Hazuki, Kanae 8 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 8
Fic Graphic Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, Jaime. The love bunglers
Fic Graphic Inoue, Junya 10 Inoue, Junya. Btooom!, vol. 10
Fic Graphic Ishida, Sui 1 Ishida, Sui Tokyo ghoul, vol. 1
Fic Graphic Kataoka, Jinsei 9 Kataoka, Jinsei. Deadman Wonderland, vol. 9
Fic Graphic Kirkman, Robert 2 Kirkman, Robert. Thief of thieves, vol. 2: "help me"
Fic Graphic Kirkman, Robert 3 Kirkman, Robert. Thief of thieves, vol. 3: "Venice"
Fic Graphic Kirkman, Robert 4 Kirkman, Robert. Thief of thieves, vol. 4: "the hit list"
Fic Graphic Kodama, Yuuki 6 Kodama, Yuuki. Blood lad, vol. 6
Fic Graphic Millar, Mark Millar, Mark. Kingsman: the secret service
Fic Graphic Nightwing 2 . Nightwing vol. 2: Rough Justice
Fic Graphic Oliver, Simon 3 Oliver, Simon. FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics, vol. 3: Audeamus
Fic Graphic Sakurai, Gamon 5 Sakurai, Gamon Ajin, demi-human, vol. 5
Fic Graphic Sasuga, Yu 6 Sasuga, Yu. Terra formars, vol. 6
Fic Graphic Simmons, Josh Simmons, Josh Black River
Fic Graphic Superman 6 . Superman action comics, vol. 6: Superdoom
Fic Graphic Swamp Thing 6 . Swamp Thing, vol. 6: the Sureen
Fic Graphic Tobin, Paul 2 Tobin, Paul Colder, vol. 2: the bad seed
Fic Graphic Tsukuda, Yuto 6 Tsukuda, Yuto. Food wars! Shokugeki no soma, vol. 6
Fic Graphic Urasawa, Naoki 3 Urasawa, Naoki Master Keaton, vol. 3
Fic Graphic Wiebe, Kurtis 2 Wiebe, Kurtis J. Rat queens, vol. 2: the far reaching tentacles of N'rygoth
Fic Graphic X-Men 4 . Uncanny X-Men, vol. 4: vs. S.H.I.E.L.D
Fic Graphic X-Men 5 . All new X-Men, vol. 5: one down
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