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New Graphic Novels for Adults - May 2015

These titles were added during April
All graphic novels for adults - fiction and nonfiction - are shelved in the Fiction & Media area

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Call Number Author Title
004.09 P136t Padua, Sydney. The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
100 P2786c Patton, Michael F. The cartoon introduction to philosophy
174.4 C9172a Cunningham, Darryl. The age of selfishness: Ayn Rand, morality, and the financial crisis
796.323 J765sa Santiago, Wilfred. Michael Jordan: Bull on parade
949.71 B883f Bunjevac, Nina. Fatherland: a family history
Fic Adachi, Toka 4 Adachi, Toka. Noragami, stray god, vol. 4
Fic All Star Western 6 . All star western, vol. 6: end of the trail
Fic Avengers 1 . Secret Avengers, vol. 1: let's have a problem
Fic Avengers 2 Kot, Ales Secret Avengers, vol. 2 ; the labyrinth
Fic Avengers 3 . New Avengers, vol. 3: other worlds
Fic Batman 2 . Batman '66, vol. 2
Fic Brisson, Ed 3 Brisson, Ed. Sheltered, vol. 3
Fic Captain America 3 . Captain America, vol. 3: loose Nuke
Fic Captain America 4 . Captain America, vol. 4: the Iron Nail
Fic Captain Marvel 2 . Captain Marvel, vol. 2: stay fly
Fic Deadpool 7 . Deadpool, vol. 7: axis
Fic Dingess, Chris 2 Dingess, Chris. Manifest destiny, vol. 2: amphibia & insecta
Fic Earth 2 4 . Earth 2, vol. 4: the dark age
Fic Ellis, Warren 1 Ellis, Warren. Trees, vol. 1: in the shadow
Fic Fujiwara, Cocoa 1 Fujiwara, Cocoa. Inu x Boku SS, vol. 1
Fic Fujiwara, Cocoa 2 Fujiwara, Cocoa. Inu x Boku SS, vol. 2
Fic Fujiwara, Cocoa 3 Fujiwara, Cocoa. Inu x Boku SS, vol. 3
Fic Fujiwara, Cocoa 4 Fujiwara, Cocoa. Inu x Boku SS, vol. 4
Fic Fujiwara, Cocoa 7 Fujiwara, Cocoa. Inu x Boku SS, vol. 7
Fic Harley Quinn 1 . Harley Quinn, vol. 1: hot in the city
Fic Hawkeye . Hawkeye: avenging archer
Fic Hazuki, Kanae 7 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 7
Fic Iinuma, Yūki 14 Iinuma, Yuki. Itsuwaribito, vol. 14
Fic Inhuman 2 . Inhuman, vol. 2: Axis
Fic Justice League 2 . Justice League 3000, vol. 2 the camelot war
Fic Kataoka, Jinsei 8 Kataoka, Jinsei. Deadman Wonderland, vol. 8
Fic Koike, Kazuo 8 Koike, Kazuo Lone Wolf & Cub omnibus, 8
Fic Lasko-Gross, Miss Lasko-Gross, Miss. Henni
Fic Mignola, Michae 4 Mignola, Michael. Baltimore, vol. 4: chapel of bones
Fic Mignola, Michael 9 Mignola, Michael. B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, vol. 9: the reign of the black flame
Fic Miracleman 3 . Miracleman, book three: Olympus
Fic Niimura, J. M. Ken Niimura, J. M. Ken Henshin
Fic Once Upon a Time 1 . Once upon a time: shadow of the queen
Fic Once Upon a Time 2 . Once upon a time: out of the past
Fic Pins, Arthur de 2 Pins, Arthur de. Zombillenium, vol. 2: human resources
Fic Remender, Rick 1 Remender, Rick. Low, vol. 1: the delirium of hope
Fic Sakurai, Gamon 4 Sakurai, Gamon Ajin, demi-human, vol. 4
Fic Sirial 1 Sirial Milkyway hitchhiking, vol. 1
Fic Sirial 2 Sirial Milkyway hitchhiking, vol. 2
Fic Sons of Anarchy 1 . Sons of anarchy, vol. 1
Fic Sons of Anarchy 2 . Sons of anarchy, vol. 2
Fic Soule, Charles 2 Soule, Charles. Letter 44, vol. 2: redshift
Fic Spencer, Nick 8 Spencer, Nick. Morning glories, vol. 8: rivals
Fic Takashige, Hiroshi 5 Takashige, Hiroshi Until death do us part, vol. 5
Fic Takashige, Hiroshi 6 Takashige, Hiroshi Until death do us part, vol. 6
Fic Thor 3 . Thor, god of thunder, vol. 3: the accursed
Fic Tobin, Paul 2 Tobin, Paul Bandette, vol. 2: stealers keepers!
Fic Tsukuda, Yuto 5 Tsukuda, Yuto. Food wars! Shokugeki no soma, vol. 5
Fic Wolverine 2 . Wolverine: Origin II
Fic Wonder Woman 6 . Wonder Woman, vol. 6: bones
Fic X-Men 5 . Uncanny X-Men, vol. 5: the omega mutant
Fic Zub, Jim 1 Zub, Jim. Wayward, vol. 1: string theory
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