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New Graphic Novels for Adults - October 2014

These titles were added during September

All graphic novels for adults - fiction and nonfiction - are shelved in the Fiction & Media area

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Call Number Author Title
780.42 P675h2 Piskor, Ed. Hip hop family tree, vol. 2: 1981-1983
Fic Asano, Atsuko 8 Asano, Atsuko No 6., vol. 8
Fic Batman 1 . Batman detective comics, vol. 1: faces of death
Fic Batman 3 . Batman: Arkham unhinged, vol 3
Fic Batwoman 4 . Batwoman, vol. 4: this blood is thick
Fic Daredevil 6 . Daredevil, vol. 6
Fic Feiffer, Jules Feiffer, Jules. Kill my mother: a graphic novel
Fic Flash Gordon . Kings watch
Fic Ghostbusters 8 Ghostbusters Ghostbusters, vol. 8: mass hysteria part 1
Fic Green Lantern 4 . Green Lantern, new guardians, vol. 4: gods and monsters
Fic Hazuki, Kanae 3 Hazuki, Kanae Say I love you, vol. 3
Fic Inoue, Junya 7 Inoue, Junya. Btooom!, vol. 7
Fic Isayama, Hajime 1 Isayama, Hajime Attack on Titan, vol. 1
Fic Isayama, Hajime 13 Isayama, Hajime Attack on Titan, vol. 13
Fic John Constantine 4 . John Constantine, Hellblazer, vol. 4: the family man
Fic Justice League 2 Kindt, Matt. Justice League of America, vol. 2: survivors of evil
Fic Justice League 4 . Justice League dark, vol. 4: the rebirth of evil
Fic Justice League 5 . Justice League, vol. 5: forever heroes
Fic Mendheim, Michael Mendheim, Michael The four horsemen of the apocalypse
Fic Mizuchi, Shiki 2 Mizuchi, Shiki Dragonar Academy, vol. 2
Fic Rucka, Greg 2 Rucka, Greg. Lazarus, vol. 2: lift
Fic Willingham, Bill 20 Willingham, Bill. Fables: Camelot
Fic X-Men 1 . All-new X-Men vol. 1: yesterday's X-Men
Fic X-Men 2 . All-new X-Men vol 2: here to stay
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