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New Fiction - January 2015

These titles were added during December

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Author Title
. A mistletoe Christmas
. Limbus, Inc., book I: a shared world experience
. Night shift
. No man's land: fiction from a world at war: 1914-1918
. Secret Santa
. Where treetops glisten: three stories of heartwarming courage and Christmas romance during World War II
. Winter brides: a year of weddings novella collection
Adair, Marina. Sugar's twice as sweet. (Sugar, Georgia novel, #1.)
Aiken, G. A. Light my fire. (Dragon kin series, book 7.)
Alameddine, Rabih. An unnecessary woman
Alexander, Alyssa. In bed with a spy
Andrews, V. C. Christopher's diary. (Diaries, #1.): secrets of Foxworth
Antrim, Donald. The emerald light in the air: stories
Arthur, Keri. Darkness falls. (Dark angels novel, #7.)
Ashenden, Jackie. Mine to take. (Nine circles novel, #1.)
Audur A. Olafsdottir Butterflies in November
Baker, Jo. Offcomer
Banks, Maya. The affair
Barnhill, Anne Clinard. Queen Elizabeth's daughter: a novel of Elizabeth I
Beier, Matthew J. The confessions of Jonathan Flite
Bowden, Oliver. Assassin's creed: unity
Bowen, Kelly. I've got my duke to keep me warm
Braden, Kara. The deepest night
Braden, Kara. The longest night
Britton, Andrew Threatcon delta. (Ryan Kealey series, #7.)
Brouwer, Sigmund Thief of glory
Brownley, Margaret. Petticoat detective. (Undercover ladies, book 1.)
Buchman, M. L. Full blaze. (Firehawks novel, #2.)
Burton, Jaci. Straddling the line. (Play-by-play series, #8.)
Cole, Kresley. The professional. (Game maker series, #1.)
Cornwell, Sarah. What I had before I had you
Dane, Lauren. Broken open. (Hurley boys, #2.)
Daniels, B. J. Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch ; & A woman with a mystery
Dawson, Jennifer. The winner takes it all. (Something new novel, #2.)
Delamere, Jennifer. A bride for the season. (Love's grace trilogy, #3.)
Diamant, Anita. The Boston girl
Draper, Norman. Backyard
Dreyer, Eileen. Twice tempted. (Drake's rakes, book 5.)
Dryza, Kristina. Grace and the wind
DuLong, Terri. Farewell to Cedar Key. (Cedar Key series, #6.)
Dunn, Matthew Counterspy. (Spycatcher series): a Spycatcher novella
Eggers, Dave. A hologram for the king
Enard, Mathias Street of thieves
Evanovich, Janet. The job. (Fox and O'Hare novel, #3.)
Force, Marie. Fatal deception. (Fatal series, #5.)
Force, Marie. Fatal jeopardy. (Fatal series, #7.)
Force, Marie. Fatal mistake. (Fatal series, #6.)
Frampton, Megan The duke's guide to correct behavior
Fresina, Jayne. Sinfully ever after. (Book Club Belles Society, #2.)
Golden, Christopher. Sons of Anarchy: Bratva
Gorman, Michele. The curvy girls club
Greaney, Mark. Full force and effect
Hake, Kelly Eileen. Trails & targets. (Dangerous Darlyns, #1.)
Harris, Eve. The marrying of Chani Kaufman
Hatcher, Robin Lee. Love without end. (King's Meadow romance, #1.)
Hearst, Dorothy Spirit of the wolves. (Wolf chronicles, book 3.)
Hunt, Laird. Neverhome
Jackson, Brenda The secret affair; & Bachelor undone
Jackson, Neta. Penny wise. (Windy City neighbors, #3.)
James, Rebecca Sweet damage
James, Steven Checkmate. (Bowers files, book 8.)
Jennings, Regina A most inconvenient marriage
Jones, Sherry The sharp hook of love
K., Kim. Rise of an American gangstress
Kaye, Laura. Hard to come by. (Hard ink novel, #3.)
Kelly, Diane. Death, taxes, and hot pink leg warmers. (Tara Holloway novel, #5.)
Keyes, Christian. Ladies night
King, Stephen Revival
Klassen, Julie The secret of Pembrooke Park
Koontz, Dean R. Innocence
Kultgen, Chad Men, women & children
Lackberg, Camilla The hidden child
Leigh, Melinda. Hour of need: a Scarlet Falls novel
Lemaitre, Pierre Irene. (Commandant Camille Verhoeven series, #1.)
Lemmon, Jessica. Hard to handle. (Love in the balance series, book 2.)
Lemmon, Jessica. Tempting the billionaire. (Love in the balance series, book 1.)
Love, Dorothy The bracelet
Lovett, Charles C. First impressions: a novel of old books, unexpected love, and Jane Austen
MacLean, Sarah. Never judge a lady by her cover. (Fourth rule of scoundrels.)
Macomber, Debbie. Home in Seattle
Mandel, Emily St. John Station eleven
Margolin, Phillip. Woman with a gun
Masterton, Graham. Drought
McBride, Eimear. A girl is a half-formed thing
McBride, Matthew. Frank Sinatra in a blender
McDermott, Andy. Return to Atlantis
McKenna, Lindsay Wolf haven. (Wyoming series, #9.)
Moriarty, Liane. Big little lies
Murakami, Haruki The strange library
Nehme, Farran Smith. Missing reels
Noble, Kate The game and the governess
Oliver, Lauren Rooms
Picoult, Jodi Leaving time
Poyer, David. The cruiser
Ramsay, Hope. Last Chance family. (Last Chance series, #8.)
Rivers, Lester. The heart not only beats
Roberts, Nora. Blood magick. (Cousins O'Dwyer trilogy, book 3.)
Robinson, Jeremy SecondWorld
Rotella, Sebastian. The convert's song
Sala, Sharon. Going once. (Forces of nature, #1.)
Saramago, Jose. Skylight
Scott, Jessica All for you. (Coming home series, #4.)
Shayne, Maggie. Deadly obsession. (Brown and De Luca novel, #4.)
Smiley, Jane. Some luck
Smith, Ali How to be both
Spear, Terry. Savage hunger. (Heart of the jaguar series, #1.)
Spector, Liv. The beautiful and the wicked: a Lila Day novel
Sullivan, Mark T. Thief. (Robin Monarch novel, #3.)
Tierce, Merritt. Love me back
Walker, Julie Ann. Full throttle. (Black knights Inc., #7.)
Walker, Shiloh. Razed
Yip, Mingmei. Secret of a thousand beauties
Zellar, Brad. House of Coates
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