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New Fiction - July 2014

These titles were added during June

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Author Title
. FaceOff
Abbott, Megan E. The fever
Ahmad, A. X. The last taxi ride: a Ranjit Singh novel
Allen, Louise Scandal's virgin
Anderson, Kevin J. The dark between the stars. (Saga of shadows, book 1.)
Andrews, Mary Kay Save the date
Archer, Zoe. Wicked temptation. (Nemesis, Unlimited novel, #3.)
Ashley, Kristen. Sweet dreams. (Colorado mountain series, #2.)
Ashley, Kristen. The gamble. (Colorado mountain series, #1.)
Baker, Stephen The boost
Banks, Maya. When day breaks. (KGI novel, #9.)
Beckstrand, Jennifer. Huckleberry summer. (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill, #1.)
Benedict, Laura Bliss House
Bennett, Jenn. Grim shadows
Blake, Toni All I want is you. (Coral Cove novel, #1.)
Bolton, S. J. A dark and twisted tide
Branard, Lynne. The art of arranging flowers
Brandon, John Further joy: stories
Brennan, Allison. Dead heat. (Lucy Kincaid series, #8.)
Breznican, Anthony. Brutal youth
Brookes, Adam. Night heron
Brown, Dale Drone strike: a Dreamland thriller
Byrd, Rhyannon. Keep me closer. (Dangerous tides, #2.)
Camp, Candace. Treasured. (Secrets of the loch, #1.)
Carey, M. R. The girl with all the gifts
Carr, Robyn. The promise. (Thunder Point novel, #5.)
Cassidy, Dakota. Talking after midnight. (Plum Orchard series, #3.)
Chan, Darcie. The Mill River recluse
Church, Kim. Byrd
Clare, Jessica. The virgin's guide to misbehaving. (Bluebonnet, #4.)
Clipston, Amy. A mother's secret. (Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel, book 2.)
Cornell, Paul. The severed streets
Corporon, Yvette Manessis. When the cypress whispers
Crouch, Katie. Abroad
Davidson, MaryJanice. Dying for you
Dekker, Ted Hacker. (Outlaw chronicles, #3.)
Diamond, De'nesha. Street divas
Dickson, Nicole R. Here, and again
Dobbs, Michael To play the king. (House of cards trilogy, #2.)
Doerr, Anthony All the light we cannot see
Dugain, Marc. The avenue of the giants
Dugan, Polly. So much a part of you: stories
Durst, Sarah Beth. The lost
Dybek, Stuart Ecstatic cahoots: fifty short stories
Dybek, Stuart, Paper lantern: love stories
Elkins, Kimberly. What is visible
Erwin, Sherri Browning. Thornbrook Park
Faveron Patriau, Gustavo. The antiquarian
Feehan, Christine. Air bound
Fellowes, Mave. Chaplin & Company
Fennell, Judi. What a woman needs. (Manley maids novel, #2.)
Flynn, Rory Third rail: an Eddy Harkness novel
Force, Marie Sullivan. I want to hold your hand. (Green Mountain romance, #2.)
Foster, Lori Up in flames
Foulds, Adam In the wolf's mouth
Frank, Dorothea Benton. The hurricane sisters
Fresina, Jayne. Once upon a kiss
Fuller, David Sundance
Furst, Alan. Midnight in Europe
Gabaldon, Diana. Written in my own heart's blood. (Outlander series, #8.)
Gaiman, Neil. The truth is a cave in the Black Mountains: a tale of travel and darkness with pictures of all kinds
Garvin, Ann Wertz. The dog year
Gaston, Diane A lady of notoriety. (Masquerade club, #3.)
Gilman, Susan Jane. The ice cream queen of Orchard Street
Goodman, Lee. Indefensible
Gray, Juliana How to school your scoundrel. (Princess in hiding trilogy, #3.)
Green, Jocelyn. Yankee in Atlanta. (Heroines behind the lines: Civil War, book 3.)
Greenwood, Emily. Mischief by moonlight. (Mischief series, #3.)
Griffin, Patience. To Scotland with love. (Kilts and quilts novel, #1.)
Gudenkauf, Heather. Little mercies
Guterson, David. Problems with people: stories
Hamilton, Ian The red pole of Macau. (Ava Lee novel, #4.)
Haymore, Jennifer. The scoundrel's seduction. (House of Trent, book 3.)
Healey, Emma Elizabeth is missing
Henderson, Smith Fourth of July Creek
Henry, Patti Callahan. The stories we tell
Hiebert, Michael. Close to the broken hearted
Hilary, Sarah. Someone else's skin
Hilderbrand, Elin. The matchmaker
Holt, Jonathan The abduction. (Carnivia trilogy, #2.)
Horowitz, Eli. The silent history
Howorth, Lisa. Flying shoes
Hughes, Declan All the things you are
Hunter, Madeline. The accidental duchess
Ignatius, David The director
Ivy, Alexandra. Hunt the darkness. (Guardians of eternity, book 11.)
Joyce, Brenda. A sword upon the rose
Kavanagh, Marianne Morgan. For once in my life
Kelly, Diane. Paw enforcement
Kincaid, Kimberly. Gimme some sugar. (Pine Mountain novel, #2.)
King, Lily. Euphoria
King, Stephen Doctor Sleep
King, Stephen Mr. Mercedes
Knightley, Erin. The baron next door. (Prelude to a kiss novel, #1.)
Koch, Herman Summer house with swimming pool
Kohler, Sheila. Dreaming for Freud
Koryta, Michael. Those who wish me dead
Kwok, Jean. Mambo in Chinatown
Kyle, Barbara. The queen's exiles
Lang, Maya. The sixteenth of June
Larson, R. J. King. (Books of the infinite, #3.)
Lee, Linda Francis. The glass kitchen
Levy, Deborah. Black vodka: ten stories
Lewis, David Child of mine
Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum's the Bourne ascendancy: a new Jason Bourne novel
Mackin, Jeanne. The beautiful American
Macomber, Debbie. On a clear day
Malerman, Josh. Bird box
Mallery, Susan. Until we touch. (Fool's Gold series, #17.)
Mason, Debbie. Christmas in July
Mather, Jim. The arrow catcher
Maum, Courtney I am having so much fun here without you
McDaniel, Wayne Resurrection Bay
McKenna, Lindsay Never surrender. (Shadow warriors, #3.)
McMurtry, Larry. The Last Kind Words Saloon
Merrell, Susan Scarf. Shirley
Michaels, Sean Us conductors: in which I seek the heart of Clara Rockmore, my one true love, finest theremin player the world will ever know
Miller, Sue The arsonist
Monroe, Mary Alice. The summer wind. (Lowcountry summer trilogy, #2.)
Moore, Laura. Once tasted. (Silver Creek novel, #2.)
Moore, Margaret. Castle of the wolf
Morgan, Sarah Suddenly last summer. (O'Neil brothers, #2.)
Morris, Lynn The baron's honourable daughter
Moyer, Jaime Lee. A barricade in hell
Murphy, Jennifer I love you more
Murray, J. J. Until I saw your smile
Nesbit, TaraShea. The wives of Los Alamos
Nicholson, Geoff The city under the skin
North, Oliver. Counterfeit lies
O'Neill, Heather. The girl who was Saturday night
Orchard, Sandra. Blind trust. (Port Aster secrets, book 2.)
Owen, Lauren The quick
Oyeyemi, Helen. Boy, Snow, Bird
Patterson, James Invisible
Pearson, Ridley. The red room. (Risk Agent novel, #3.)
Perry, Marta. Abandon the dark. (Watcher in the dark series, #3.)
Pullinger, Kate. Landing gear
Rachman, Tom. The rise & fall of great powers
Randel, Tara. Rival hearts. (Quilts of love series, #19.)
Ranney, Karen. The virgin of Clan Sinclair. (Clan Sinclair series, #3.)
Ridgway, Christie. Take my breath away. (Cabin fever novel, #1.)
Roberts, Sheila. The tea shop on Lavender Lane. (Life in Icicle Falls, #4.)
Roslund, Anders Two soldiers
Rowan, Nina. A dream of desire. (Daring hearts novel, #3.)
Sandford, John Field of prey
Sandlin, Susannah. Allegiance. (Penton legacy, book 4.)
Sarginson, Saskia. Without you
Sawyer, Kim Vogel. Through the deep waters
See, Lisa. China dolls
Shaara, Jeff The smoke at dawn: a novel of the Civil War
Shattuck, Shari. Invisible Ellen
Singh, Nalini Shield of winter. (Psy-changeling series, book 13.)
Smith, Tom Rob. The farm
Sonnenberg, Brittani. Home leave
Sorenson, Jill. Backwoods. (Aftershock series, #4.)
Spear, Terry. Jaguar hunt. (Heart of the jaguar series, #3.)
Stacey, Shannon. All he ever dreamed. (Kowalski family, #6.)
Stevens, Chevy. That night
Stone, Jonathan Moving day: a thriller
Straub, Emma. The vacationers
Sweeney, Alison Scared scriptless
Swinson, Kiki. Wife extraordinaire
Tervalon, Jervey. Monster's chef
Thayer, Nancy Nantucket sisters
Thoft, Ingrid. Identity
Tonkin, Peter. Deadly impact
Tucker, Neely The ways of the dead
Vachss, Andrew H. Shockwave. (Aftershock series, #2.)
Valentine, Genevieve. The girls at the Kingfisher Club
Walker, Shiloh. Deeper than need
Wanek, Connie Summer cars: ten stories
Weiner, Jennifer. All fall down
White, Karen A long time gone
White, Kate Eyes on you: a novel of suspense
Wiggs, Susan. The beekeeper's ball
Wilde, Lori. Love with a perfect cowboy. (Cupid, Texas series, #4.)
Wilde, Lori. Somebody to love. (Cupid, Texas series, #3.)
Williams, Beatriz. The secret life of Violet Grant
Willig, Lauren. That summer
Wilson, Carter. The boy in the woods
Winton, Tim. Eyrie
Woods, Sherryl. The Devaney brothers: Daniel
Wright, Kim The unexpected waltz
Wright, Laura. Branded. (Cavanaugh brothers, #1.)
Young, Samantha. Fall from India Place
Zanetti, Rebecca. Sweet revenge. (Sin brothers series, #2.)
Zentner, Alexi. The lobster kings
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