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New Fiction - August 2015

These titles were added during July

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Author Title
Abel, James. White plague
Adler, Elizabeth One way or another
Alers, Rochelle. Cherry Lane. (Cavanaugh Island novel, #5.)
Alvar, Mia In the country: stories
Amos, Kim. And then he kissed me. (White Pine novel, #2.)
Andre, Bella. I only have eyes for you. (Sullivans, #5.)
Armstrong, Kelley. Visions. (Cainsville novel, #2.)
Ashley, Kristen. Ride steady. (Chaos novel, #3.)
Atkins, Ace. The redeemers
Atkinson, Kate. A god in ruins
Bacigalupi, Paolo. The water knife
Bakopoulos, Dean. Summerlong
Ball, Jesse A cure for suicide
Banks, Maya. Safe at last. (Slow burn novel, #3.)
Barclay, Linwood. Broken promise
Beckstrand, Jennifer. Huckleberry harvest. (Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill, #5.)
Bell, David Somebody I used to know
Bernard, Jennifer. All of me: a love between the bases novel
Birmingham, John Ascendance. (Dave vs. the monsters, #3.)
Bittner, Rosanne Do not forsake me. (Outlaw hearts series, #2.)
Bittner, Rosanne Outlaw hearts. (Outlaw hearts series, #1.)
Blume, Judy. In the unlikely event
Box, C. J. Badlands
Brockway, Robert. The unnoticeables
Bromberg, K. Sweet ache. (Driven novel, #2.)
Brown, Holly A necessary end
Brownley, Margaret. Undercover bride. (Undercover ladies, book 2.)
Bruen, Ken. Green hell: a Jack Taylor novel
Burt, Alexandra. Remember Mia
Bush, Nancy You can't escape
Butcher, Shannon K. Edge of betrayal. (Edge novel, #4.)
Butland, Stephanie. The secrets we keep
Caletti, Deb. The secrets she keeps
Cantore, Janice. Drawing fire. (Cold case justice, #1.)
Carbo, Christine. The wild inside: a novel of suspense
Carlson, Amanda Pure blooded. (Jessica McClain, book 5.)
Castillo, Linda. After the storm
Castle, Jayne. Siren's call. (Rainshadow novel, #4.)
Chamberlin, Holly Summer with my sisters
Chaplin, Lisa The tide watchers
Christopher, Paul Secret of the Templars. (Templar series, #9.)
Connealy, Mary. Now and forever. (Wild at heart, book 2.)
Coriell, Shelley. The blind. (Apostles series, #3.)
Cote, Lyn. Blessing. (Quaker brides, #2.)
Coulter, Catherine. Nemesis
Crandall, Susan. The flying circus
Dahl, Julia Run you down
Dahl, Victoria. Taking the heat. (Jackson girls' night out, book 3.)
Dane, Lauren. Back to you. (Hurley boys, #3.)
Dane, Lauren. Opening up. (Ink & chrome, #1.)
Daniels, B. J. Lone rider. (Montana Hamiltons, #2.)
De Robertis, Carolina. The gods of tango
Dietrich, Tamara. The hummingbird's cage
Dobson, Melanie B. Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor
Dodd, Christina. Virtue Falls
Droak, Dillie. The six killer
Eicher, Jerry S. A blessing for Miriam. (Land of promise, book 2.)
Estes, Kelli. The girl who wrote in silk
Evanovich, Janet. Wicked charms. (Lizzy and Diesel series, #3.)
Feather, Jane. Trapped by scandal
Feehan, Christine. Earth bound. (Sea Haven novel, #4.)
Fertig, Judith M. The cake therapist
Florand, Laura. All for you. (Paris hearts series, book 1.)
Fluke, Joanne Final appeal
Forsyth, Kate The wild girl
Forte, Jemma. If you're not the one
Francis, Wendy. The summer of good intentions
Fremantle, Elizabeth. Watch the lady
Galenorn, Yasmine Flight from death. (Fly by night novel, #1.)
Garlock, Dorothy. Twice in a lifetime
Gilstrap, John. Against all enemies
Gladstone, Wayne. Agents of the internet apocalypse. (Internet apocalypse trilogy, #2.)
Golden, Christopher. Sons of anarchy: Bratva
Golden, Christopher. Tin men
Griffin, Patience. Some like it Scottish. (Kilts and quilts novel, #3.)
Grindle, Lucretia W. The lost daughter
Groot, Tracy Maggie Bright: a novel of Dunkirk
Hall, Louisa Speak
Harbison, Elizabeth M. If I could turn back time
Hashimi, Nadia. When the moon Is low
Hoag, Tami. Night sins
Hobbs, Roger. Vanishing games
Hopkins, Ellen. Love lies beneath
Hornby, Gill. All together now
Howells, Debbie. The bones of you
Hughes, Andrew The convictions of John Delahunt
Ivy, Alexandra. When darkness ends. (Guardians of eternity, book 12.)
Jackson, Sophie A pound of flesh
Jagears, Melissa. A bride at last
James, E. L. Grey
Johansen, Iris. The naked eye
Johansen, Iris. The perfect witness
Johnson, Christine Love's rescue. (Keys of promise, #1.)
Johnston, Joan Sinful. (King's brats series, #1.)
Jones, Lisa Renee. Escaping reality. (Secret life of Amy Bensen, #1.)
Karjel, Robert The Swede
Kauffman, Donna. Sea glass sunrise. (Brides of Blueberry Cove, #1.)
Kava, Alex. Silent creed. (Ryder Creed novel, #2.)
Kaye, Laura. Hard to let go. (Hard ink novel, #4.)
Keating, Kevin P. The captive condition
Keeley, D. A. Fallen sparrow: a Peyton Cote novel
Kennedy, Elle. Midnight captive. (Killer instincts novel, #6.)
Keyes, Marian. The woman who stole my life
King, Stephen Finders keepers
Kirman, Robin. Bradstreet gate
Klassen, Julie Lady maybe
Kline, Christina Baker Desire lines
Knoll, Jessica. Luckiest girl alive
Koontz, Dean R. The voice of the night
Kuhn, Shane. Hostile takeover: a John Lago thriller
Kundera, Milan. The festival of insignificance
Ladd, Sarah E. The curiosity keeper. (Treasures of Surrey novel, #1.)
Lafaye, Vanessa. Under a dark summer sky
Lawson, Michael House rivals
Layne, Lauren. Frisk me. (New York's finest series, #1.)
Lee, Harper. Go set a watchman
Leine, Kim The prophets of Eternal Fjord
Lemmon, Jessica. Rescuing the bad boy. (Second chance novel, #2.)
Liebert, Emily. Those secrets we keep
Liftin, Hilary. Movie star by Lizzie Pepper
Lillard, Amy. Lorie's heart. (Wells Landing series, #3.)
Lindsay, Jeffry P. Dexter is dead
Lowe, Fiona. Truly madly Montana. (Medicine River romance, #2.)
Ludlum, Robert The road to Omaha
Maberry, Jonathan. Extinction machine
Mackin, Jeanne. A lady of good family
MacLean, Harry N. The joy of killing
Mahoney, Dennis Bell weather
Mallery, Susan. Dream wedding
Mallery, Susan. Hold me. (Fool's Gold series, #18.)
Mallery, Susan. Kiss me. (Fool's Gold series, #19.)
Mallery, Susan. Thrill me. (Fool's Gold series, #20.)
Mansbach, Adam The devil's bag man
March, Kerstin. Family trees
Margolis, Sue. Losing me
Martin, Kat. Against the tide. (Brodies of Alaska, #3.)
Mason, Debbie. Wedding bells in Christmas. (Christmas, Colorado novel, #4.)
Mason, Susan Anne. Irish meadows. (Courage to dream, book 1.)
McCoy, Shirlee. The orchard at the edge of town. (Apple Valley novel, #3.)
McLain, Paula. Circling the sun
McLaughlin, Emma. How to be a grown-up
Meltzer, Brad. The President's shadow. (Culper Ring series, #3.)
Michaels, Fern. Wishes for Christmas
Mitchell, Maggie. Pretty is
Mogford, Thomas. Sleeping dogs
Morgan, Allison. The someday jar
Morris, Lynn The stars for a light. (Cheney Duvall, M.D., book 1.)
Morrow, Jill. Newport
Neggers, Carla. The harbor
Newman, Janis Cooke. A master plan for rescue
O'Brien, Kevin No one needs to know
Palma, Felix J. The map of chaos
Panowich, Brian. Bull mountain
Pappano, Marilyn. A promise of forever. (Tallgrass novel, #3.)
Parker, John L., Jr. Racing the rain
Patel, Shona Flame tree road
Patterson, James Truth or die
Perry, Marta. The rescued. (Keepers of the promise, book 2.)
Peterson, Jessica. The undercover scoundrel. (Hope diamond trilogy, #3.)
Peterson, Tracie. Refining fire. (Brides of Seattle, book 2.)
Pettersson, Vicki. Swerve: a thriller
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Heroes are my weakness
Pierpont, Julia. Among the ten thousand things
Porter, Jane It's you
Rader-Day, Lori Little pretty things
Raney, Deborah. Two roads home. (Chicory Inn novel, #2.)
Reichert, Amy E. The coincidence of coconut cake
Reilly, Matthew. The tournament
Reus, Katie. Shattered duty. (Deadly ops novel, #3.)
Rich, A. J. The hand that feeds you
Ridgway, Christie. Can't fight this feeling. (Cabin fever novel, #3.)
Roberts, Nora. O'Hurley's return. (O'Hurleys!, books 3 & 4.)
Roberts, Rachel Florence. The Medea complex
Roberts, Sheila. A wedding on Primrose Street. (Life in Icicle Falls, #6.)
Robinson, Lee Lawyer for the dog
Rosenfelt, David. Who let the dog out?
Rosnay, Tatiana de A Paris affair
Sala, Sharon. I'll stand by you
Sandford, John Gathering prey
Shalvis, Jill. Second chance summer. (Cedar Ridge series, #1.)
Showalter, Gena. The hotter you burn. (Original heartbreakers, #2.)
Singer, P. W. Ghost fleet: a novel of the next world war
Smith, Neil Boo
Snelling, Lauraine. Someday home
Snow, Tiffany. Power play. (Risky business series, #1.)
Soderberg, Alexander. The other son. (Sophie Brinkmann trilogy, #2.)
Stacey, Shannon. Under the lights. (Boys of fall, #1.)
Stevens, Chevy. Those girls
Stewart, Carla. A flying affair
Stewart, Leah The new neighbor
Stewart, Mariah. That Chesapeake summer. (Chesapeake diaries, #9.)
Stradal, J. Ryan. Kitchens of the great Midwest
Sykes, V. K. Summer at the shore. (Seashell Bay novel, #2.)
Terry, Candis. Truly sweet. (Sweet, Texas, #5.)
Thayne, RaeAnne. Redemption Bay. (Haven Point, #2.)
Thor, Brad. Code of conduct: a thriller
Tyler, Stephanie. Vipers rule. (Skulls Creek novel, #2.)
Verble, Margaret. Maud's line
Vetsch, Erica. The Cactus Creek challenge
Vida, Vendela. The diver's clothes lie empty
Walker, Julie Ann. Hell or high water. (Deep six novel, #1.)
Ward, J. R. The bourbon kings
Warner, Kaki. Home by morning. (Heroes of Heartbreak Creek, #3.)
Wascom, Kent Secessia
Wax, Wendy. A week at the lake
Wilde, Lori. Back in the game. (Stardust, Texas series, #1.)
Wilde, Lori. Rules of the game. (Stardust, Texas series, #2.)
Willig, Lauren. The other daughter
Winslow, Don The cartel
Wiseman, Beth Her brother's keeper. (Amish secrets novel, #1.)
Witemeyer, Karen. A worthy pursuit
Woodman, Cathy. Follow me home
Woods, Stuart. Naked greed
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