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New Cookbooks - February 2016

These titles were added during January

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Call Number Author Title
641.013 F913e Friedland, Josh. Eatymology: the dictionary of modern gastronomy
641.013 W691f Wilson, Bee. First bite: how we learn to eat
641.22 L991m Lynch, Diane. Minnesota winery stories: Minnesota's wineries, wines & winemakers
641.22 W725 . Wine trails: plan 52 perfect weekends in wine country
641.255 B791g Broom, Dave. Gin: the manual
641.302 N335u Nelson, Michelle Catherine The urban homesteading cookbook: forage, farm, ferment and feast for a better world
641.302 P635f Pike, Charlotte Fermented: a beginner's guide to making your own sourdough, yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi, and more
641.552 G955w Gunders, Dana. Waste free kitchen handbook: a guide to eating well and saving money by wasting less food
641.563 D558b Dickerman, Sara Bon appetit the food lover's cleanse: 140 delicious, nourishing recipes that will tempt you back into healthful eating
641.5636 H469e Hester, Kathy. The easy vegan cookbook: make healthy home cooking practically effortless
641.5636 L58v Lewando, Fania The Vilna vegetarian cookbook: garden-fresh recipes rediscovered and adapted for today's kitchen
641.587 H398s Hensperger, Beth. So fast, so easy pressure cooker cookbook: more than 725 fresh, delicious recipes for electric and stovetop oressure cookers
641.591822 Ac75m Acquista, Angelo. The Mediterranean family table: 125 simple, everyday recipes made with the most delicious and healthiest food on earth
641.5951 K528p Kho, Kian Lam. Phoenix claws and jade trees: essential techniques of authentic Chinese cooking
641.59593 T326t Thaimee, Hong. True Thai: real flavors for every table
641.5973 F851m Frank, Matthew Gavin. The mad feast: an ecstatic tour through America's food
641.5973 M869 . Moveable feast with Fine cooking: inspiring recipes from seasons 1 and 2
641.65 An86v Anthony, Michael V is for vegetables: inspired recipes & techniques for home cooks from artichokes to zucchini
641.65 H292o Haugen, Marilyn. 150 best spiralizer recipes
641.813 P672m Pisani, Nicole. Magic soup: 100 recipes for health and happiness
641.865 Se37c Segal, Mindy. Cookie love: more than 60 recipes and techniques for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary
641.873 Z655m Zimmerman, Jereme Make mead like a Viking: traditional techniques for brewing natural, wild-fermented, honey-based wines and beers
641.875 H198s Hansard, Jen. Simple green smoothies: 100+ tasty recipes to lose weight, gain energy, and feel great in your body
642.4 R72p Rose, Lela. Pret-a-party
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