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New Audiobooks - April 2015

These titles were added during March

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Call Number Author Title
248.4 Id41a Book on Disc Idleman, Kyle. Aha awakening. honesty. action: the God moment that changes everything
BOD-2197 Book on Disc Robson, Jennifer After the war is over
BOD-2461 Book on Disc Preston, Douglas J. White fire
BOD-2877 Book on Disc Treuer, David. Prudence
BOD-2878 Book on Disc Jance, Judith A. Cold betrayal. (Ali Reynolds series, #10.)
BOD-2879 Book on Disc Walsh, M. O. My sunshine away
BOD-2882 Book on Disc Joyce, Rachel. The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy
BOD-2883 Book on Disc Kellerman, Jonathan. Motive
BOD-2884 Book on Disc Swanson, Cynthia The bookseller
BOD-2885 Book on Disc Ishiguro, Kazuo The buried giant
BOD-2886 Book on Disc Freeman, Brian Season of fear
BOD-2887 Book on Disc McKinty, Adrian. I hear the sirens in the street. (Troubles trilogy, book 2.) [a Sean Duffy thriller]
BOD-2891 Book on Disc Reardon, Bryan. Finding Jake
BOD-2894 Book on Disc Grippando, James Cane and Abe
BOD-2896 Book on Disc Lehane, Dennis. World gone by
BOD-2897 Book on Disc Macomber, Debbie. Last one home
BOD-2898 Book on Disc McKinty, Adrian. In the morning I'll be gone. (Troubles trilogy, book 3.) [a Detective Sean Duffy novel]
BOD-2900 Book on Disc Greene, Graham The end of the affair
BOD-2904 Book on Disc Uris, Leon QB VII
BOD-2906 Book on Disc Zander, Joakim. The swimmer
BOD-2907 Book on Disc Manfred, Frederick Feikema Lord grizzly
BOD-2908 Book on Disc Gaynor, Hazel. A memory of violets: a novel of London's flower sellers
BOD-2909 Book on Disc Link, Kelly. Get in trouble stories
BOD-2910 Book on Disc Coben, Harlan The stranger
BOD-2911 Book on Disc Backman, Fredrik A man called Ove
BOD-2912 Book on Disc Bradford, Barbara Taylor The Cavendon women
BOD-2914 Book on Disc Hooper, Kay. A deadly web. (Bishop files, #2.)
BOD-2916 Book on Disc Mallery, Susan. The girls of Mischief Bay
BOD-2918 Book on Disc Steinhauer, Olen. All the old knives
BOD-2919 Book on Disc True, Sylvia. The Wednesday group
BOD-2920 Book on Disc Wodehouse, P. G. Money in the bank
BOD-2921 Book on Disc Crichton, Michael State of fear
BOD-2922 Book on Disc Grisham, John. The summons
BOD-5212 Book on Disc Sandford, John Buried prey
BOD-5659 Book on Disc McCall Smith, Alexander Bertie's guide to life and mothers. (44 Scotland Street series, book 9.)
BOD-5660 Book on Disc Carr, Robyn. One wish. (Thunder Point novel, #7.)
BOD-5661 Book on Disc Weir, Alison The marriage game: a novel of Queen Elizabeth I
BOD-5665 Book on Disc Berenson, Alex. Twelve days
BOD-5665 Book on Disc Larsen, Reif. I am Radar
D-10208 Book on Disc Plath, Sylvia. The bell jar
D-9739 Book on Disc Roberts, Nora. Northern lights
SMP-855 Sound Media Player Blackwood, Scott. See how small
SMP-856 Sound Media Player Follett, Ken. Edge of eternity. (Century trilogy, book 3.)
SMP-859 Sound Media Player Hemingway, Ernest The Nick Adams stories
BOD-2899 Juv Book on Disc Federle, Tim. Five, six, seven, Nate!
j921 P273AAs Book on Disc Paterson, Katherine. Stories of my life
BOD-2895 Juv SF Book on Disc Lloyd, Natalie. A snicker of magic
BOD-1522 M Book on Disc Gaiman, Neil. Murder mysteries
BOD-2881 M Book on Disc Bradley, C. Alan As chimney sweepers come to dust: a Flavia de Luce novel
BOD-2892 M Book on Disc Queen, Ellery. Kiss and kill
BOD-2893 M Book on Disc Rendell, Ruth The girl next door
BOD-2903 M Book on Disc Winspear, Jacqueline Leaving everything most loved [a Maisie Dobbs novel]
BOD-2915 M Book on Disc Horowitz, Anthony Moriarty
BOD-5662 M Book on Disc Fluke, Joanne Double fudge brownie murder
BOD-5667 M Book on Disc King, Laurie R. Dreaming spies [a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes]
D-10281 M Book on Disc Coben, Harlan Promise me
133.43 R859t Book on Disc Ruiz, Teofilo F. The terror of history
158 H262a Book on Disc Harvey, Steve Act like a success, think like a success: discovering your gift and the way to life's riches
158.1 R824b Book on Disc Rubin, Gretchen Craft. Better than before: mastering the habits of our everyday lives
301.2 F522p Book on Disc Fischer, Edward F. Peoples and cultures of the world
302.3 G569b Book on Disc Goldman, Carrie. Bullied: what every parent, teacher, and kid needs to know about ending the cycle of fear
305.569 T511h Book on Disc Tirado, Linda. Hand to mouth [living in bootstrap America]
323.1196 K585l Book on Disc King, Martin Luther, Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail and the struggle that changed a nation
355 R742w Book on Disc Roth, Jonathan P. War and world history
363.252 Sh61o Book on Disc Shiffman, John. Operation Shakespeare [the true story of an elite international sting]
384.8 P442s Book on Disc Petersen, Anne Helen. Scandals of classic hollywood
648.8 K836l Book on Disc Kondo, Marie. The life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing
649.7 C366g Book on Disc Chapman, Gary D. Growing up social: raising relational kids in a screen-driven world
658.812 Sh18z Book on Disc Shankman, Peter. Zombie loyalists: using great service to create rabid fans
780.92 B458AAl Book on Disc Bernstein, Leonard The Leonard Bernstein letters
782.4092 P182AAa Book on Disc Palmer, Amanda The art of asking or, How I learned to stop worrying and let people help
791.4375 T212h Book on Disc Taylor, Chris How Star Wars conquered the universe [the past, present, and future of a multibillion dollar franchise]
794.6 Sch36m Book on Disc Manzione, Gianmarc. Pin action [small-time gangsters, high-stakes gambling, and the teenage hustler who became a bowling champion]
799.232 M145h Book on Disc Macdonald, Helen H is for hawk
914.7 G831m Book on Disc Greene, David Midnight in Siberia: a train journey into the heart of Russia
921 C7624AAa Book on Disc Connors, Philip. All the wrong places [a life lost and found]
921 H771z Book on Disc Zoglin, Richard. Hope: entertainer of the century
921 M121AAc Book on Disc McBride, James The color of water
930 G183o Book on Disc Garland, Robert The other side of history: daily life in the ancient world
940.1 D14e Book on Disc Daileader, Philip. The early Middle Ages
940.1 D14h Book on Disc Daileader, Philip. The high Middle Ages
951 H184f Book on Disc Hammond, Kenneth James. From Yao to Mao: 5000 years of Chinese history
973.2 Al56b Book on Disc Allison, Robert J. Before 1776: life in the American colonies
294.344 N499s Sound Media Player Nhat Hanh, Thich Savor: mindful eating, mindful life
BOD-2888 SF Book on Disc . Wastelands: stories of the Apocalypse
BOD-2890 SF Book on Disc . Games creatures play
BOD-2901 SF Book on Disc Hearne, Kevin. Heir to the Jedi
BOD-2902 SF Book on Disc Johansen, Erika. The queen of the tearling
BOD-2905 SF Book on Disc . Wastelands 2: more stories of the Apocalypse
BOD-2913 SF Book on Disc Dick, Philip K. The early stories of Philip K. Dick
BOD-5663 SF Book on Disc Abercrombie, Joe. Half the world. (Shattered sea trilogy, #2.)
BOD-613 SF Book on Disc Goodkind, Terry. Wizard's first rule. (Sword of truth, book 1.)
D-10161 SF Book on Disc Zahn, Timothy. Outbound flight
D-9982 SF Book on Disc Stover, Matthew Woodring. Star wars, episode III, revenge of the Sith
D-9591 W Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Treasure mountain. (Sacketts, no. 13.)
BOD-5648 YA Book on Disc Mathieu, Jennifer. The truth about Alice
BOD-5650 YA Book on Disc Reynolds, Jason. Boy in the black suit
BOD-2889 YA M Book on Disc Berry, Julie The scandalous sisterhood of Prickwillow Place
BOD-5649 YA SF Book on Disc Simmons, Kristen. The glass arrow
BOD-5651 YA M Book on Disc Weil, Cynthia. I'm glad I did
BOD-2880 YA SF Book on Disc Dayton, Arwen. Seeker
SMP-857 YA Sound Media Player Montgomery, L. M. Anne of Green Gables. (Anne of Green Gables series, #1.)
SMP-858 YA Sound Media Player Montgomery, L. M. Anne of Avonlea. (Anne of Green Gables series, #2.)
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