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New Audiobooks - June 2015

These titles were added during May

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-2026 Book on Disc Child, Lee. Echo burning [a Jack Reacher novel]
BOD-2703 Book on Disc Follett, Ken. Edge of eternity. (Century trilogy, book 3.)
BOD-2846 Book on Disc Tyler, Anne. A spool of blue thread
BOD-2886 Book on Disc Freeman, Brian Season of fear
BOD-2933 Book on Disc Sandford, John Gathering prey
BOD-2936 Book on Disc McCreight, Kimberly. Where they found her
BOD-2937 Book on Disc Gruen, Sara. At the water's edge
BOD-2938 Book on Disc Kingsbury, Karen. Chasing sunsets. (Angels walking series, #2.)
BOD-2939 Book on Disc Genova, Lisa. Inside the O'Briens
BOD-2940 Book on Disc Smiley, Jane. Early warning
BOD-2941 Book on Disc Atkinson, Kate. A god in ruins
BOD-2942 Book on Disc Atwood, Margaret The handmaid's tale
BOD-2943 Book on Disc Baldacci, David. Memory man
BOD-2944 Book on Disc Berry, Steve The patriot threat
BOD-2945 Book on Disc Crummey, Michael Sweetland
BOD-2947 Book on Disc Harris, Joanne The gospel of Loki
BOD-2948 Book on Disc Kanon, Joseph. Leaving Berlin
BOD-2949 Book on Disc Morrison, Toni. God help the child
BOD-2950 Book on Disc Patterson, James Miracle at Augusta
BOD-2951 Book on Disc Rose, M. J. The witch of painted sorrows
BOD-2952 Book on Disc Scottoline, Lisa. Every fifteen minutes
BOD-2955 Book on Disc Child, Lincoln. The forgotten room
BOD-2957 Book on Disc Nesbo, Jo Blood on snow
BOD-2958 Book on Disc Gross, Andrew One mile under. (Ty Hauck series, #4.)
BOD-2960 Book on Disc Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie project
BOD-2962 Book on Disc Thayer, Nancy The guest cottage
BOD-2963 Book on Disc Woods, Sherryl. Dogwood Hill. (Chesapeake shores, book 12.)
BOD-2964 Book on Disc Palmer, Michael Trauma
BOD-2966 Book on Disc Klay, Phil. Redeployment
BOD-2967 Book on Disc Marwood, Alex. The killer next door
BOD-2968 Book on Disc Boyle, T. Coraghessan. The harder they come
BOD-2969 Book on Disc Clarke, Brock. The happiest people in the world
BOD-2970 Book on Disc Lightman, Alan P. Einstein's dreams
BOD-2971 Book on Disc Clark, Mary Higgins. Death wears a beauty mask [and other stories]
BOD-2972 Book on Disc Andrews, Mary Kay Beach town
BOD-2973 Book on Disc Chopin, Kate The awakening
BOD-2974 Book on Disc Brown, Dale. Target Utopia: a Dreamland thriller
BOD-2975 Book on Disc Chaudhuri, Amit Odysseus abroad
BOD-5531 Book on Disc Cornwell, Patricia Daniels. Dust
BOD-5671 Book on Disc Quick, Amanda. Garden of lies
BOD-5672 Book on Disc Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia lays down the law
BOD-6716 Book on Disc Patterson, James 14th deadly sin
BOD-72 Book on Disc Freeman, Brian The burying place. (Jonathan Stride series, #5.)
SMP-866 Sound Media Player O'Connor, Flannery. Wise blood
SMP-867 Sound Media Player Kingsbury, Karen. Chasing sunsets. (Angels walking series, #2.)
SMP-868 Sound Media Player Ishiguro, Kazuo The buried giant
BOD-2977 Juv Book on Disc Wood, Maryrose The unmapped sea. (The Incorrigible children of Ashton Place, book 5.)
j921 W868AAb Book on Disc Woodson, Jacqueline. Brown girl dreaming
SMP-195 Juv SF Sound Media Player Flanagan, John The sorcerer of the north. (The ranger's apprentice, book 5.)
BOD-2946 M Book on Disc Flanders, Judith. A murder of magpies
BOD-2960 M Book on Disc Deaver, Jeffery. Solitude Creek: a Kathryn Dance novel
BOD-2961 M Book on Disc Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker's kickback: a Spenser novel
BOD-2965 M Book on Disc Fairstein, Linda A. Terminal city
BOD-2976 M Book on Disc Duncan, Elizabeth J. Slated for death: a Penny Brannigan mystery
BOD-5667 M Book on Disc Box, C. J. Endangered
BOD-5673 M Book on Disc Leon, Donna. Falling in love
133.1 N756a Book on Disc Nordhaus, Hannah. American ghost: a family's haunted past in the desert southwest
158.12 R257e Book on Disc Reeds, Manuela Mischke. 8 keys to practicing mindfulness: practical strategies for emotional health and well-being
303.484 B945d Book on Disc Burrough, Bryan Days of rage: America's radical underground, the FBI, and the first age of terror
305.48 B638s Book on Disc Bolick, Kate. Spinster: making a life of one's own
305.486971 G139m Book on Disc Galpin, Shannon. Mountain to mountain: a journey of adventure and activism for the women of Afghanistan
330 L579w Book on Disc Levitt, Steven D. When to rob a bank --and 131 more warped suggestions and well-intended rants
345.05 St48j Book on Disc Stevenson, Bryan. Just mercy [a story of justice and redemption]
355.0092 Sch82f Book on Disc Schultz, Howard. For love of country [what our veterans can teach us about citizenship, heroism, and sacrifice]
364.154 B459h Book on Disc Berry, Amanda Hope: a memoir of survival in Cleveland
428.2 N795b Book on Disc Norris, Mary Between you & me: confessions of a Comma Queen
500 T349 Book on Disc . This idea must die [scientific theories that are blocking progress]
612.82 P422p Book on Disc Perlmutter, David Brain maker [the power of gut microbes to heal and protect your brain for life]
616.398 M692i Book on Disc Mitchell, Andie. It was me all along: a memoir
616.515 L993AAg Book on Disc Lyndsey, Anna. Girl in the dark [a memoir]
629.13 M139w Book on Disc McCullough, David G. The Wright brothers
636.089 P756n Book on Disc Pol, Jan Never turn your back on an angus cow: my life as a country vet
650.1 M726p Book on Disc Mohr, Tara Playing big: find your voice, your mission, your message
658.409 W444r Book on Disc Welch, Jack The real life MBA: your no-BS guide to winning the game, building a team, and growing your career
782.4092 M694AAj Book on Disc Mitchell, Joni. Joni Mitchell in her own words
784.092 N338AAi Book on Disc Nelson, Willie It's a long story: my life
817.54 C194g Book on Disc Carlin, George. George Carlin reads to you
917.4 M766g Book on Disc Montgomery, Ben. Grandma Gatewood's walk [the inspiring story of the woman who saved the Appalachian Trail]
921 Al26AAl Book on Disc Alexander, Elizabeth The light of the world: a memoir
921 L4775AAe Book on Disc Lear, Norman. Even this I get to experience
921 M8986AAb Book on Disc Mulgrew, Kate Born with teeth [a memoir]
921 Sa146AAo Book on Disc Sacks, Oliver W. On the move [a life]
940.451 L329d Book on Disc Larson, Erik Dead wake: the last crossing of the Lusitania
958.1047 T167o Book on Disc Tapper, Jake. The outpost: an untold story of American valor
327.73 B728c Sound Media Player Bradley, James The China mirage: the hidden history of American disaster in Asia
791.4472 P884kpf Sound Media Player Keillor, Garrison. A Prairie Home Companion 40th anniversary collection
BOD-5674 SF Book on Disc Brett, Peter V. The skull throne. (Demon cycle, #4.)
D-10953 SF Book on Disc Lackey, Mercedes. The phoenix unchained. (Enduring flame, book 1.)
SMP-865 SF Sound Media Player Martin, George R. R. A clash of kings. (Song of ice and fire, book 2.)
D-11939 YA M Book on Disc Higson, Charles SilverFin. (Young Bond, book 1.) a James Bond adventure
BOD-2953 YA SF Book on Disc Gratton, Tessa. The lost sun. (United States of Asgard, book 1.)
BOD-2954 YA SF Book on Disc Grindstaff, Kit. The flame in the mist
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