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New Audiobooks - October 2015

These titles were added during September

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This month's list includes additions to the downloadable audiobook collections from OneClick Digital and OverDrive.
Do you like to have these titles included or do you think the list should include only new books on disc or sound media players? Email the library and let us know.

Call Number Author Title
BOD-1977 Book on Disc Garwood, Julie. Shadow dance
BOD-2091 Book on Disc Sandford, John Silken prey
BOD-2366 Book on Disc Shreve, Anita. Stella Bain
BOD-2517 Book on Disc Hoffman, Alice. The Museum of Extraordinary Things
BOD-2963 Book on Disc Woods, Sherryl. Dogwood Hill. (Chesapeake shores, book 12.)
BOD-3046 Book on Disc Meltzer, Brad. The President's shadow. (Culper Ring series, #3.)
BOD-3047 Book on Disc Perry, Michael The Jesus cow
BOD-3048 Book on Disc Quick, Matthew Love may fail
BOD-3052 Book on Disc Wiggs, Susan. Starlight on Willow Lake. (Lakeshore chronicles, book 11.)
BOD-3053 Book on Disc Franzen, Jonathan. Purity
BOD-3054 Book on Disc Lagercrantz, David. The girl in the spider's web. (Millennium series, #4.)
BOD-3055 Book on Disc Kellerman, Jonathan. Killer: an Alex Delaware novel
BOD-3056 Book on Disc McLain, Paula. Circling the sun
BOD-3057 Book on Disc Child, Lee. Make me [a Jack Reacher novel]
BOD-3058 Book on Disc Hannah, Sophie Woman with a secret
BOD-3059 Book on Disc Alkemade, Kim Van. Orphan #8
BOD-3060 Book on Disc Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. We never asked for wings
BOD-3061 Book on Disc Caldwell, Ian The fifth gospel
BOD-3062 Book on Disc DeMille, Nelson. Radiant angel. (John Corey novel, #7.)
BOD-3067 Book on Disc Klaussmann, Liza. Villa America
BOD-3068 Book on Disc Kleypas, Lisa. Brown-eyed girl
BOD-3069 Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Diamond of Jeru
BOD-3070 Book on Disc Nichols, Peter The rocks
BOD-3073 Book on Disc Woods, Stuart. Naked greed
BOD-3074 Book on Disc Evanovich, Janet. The scam. (Fox and O'Hare novel, #4.)
BOD-3076 Book on Disc Patterson, James Alert. (Michael Bennett novel, #8.)
BOD-3080 Book on Disc Sherry, Miranda. Black dog summer
BOD-3082 Book on Disc Moore, Meg Mitchell. The admissions
BOD-3084 Book on Disc Brown, Sandra Friction
BOD-3085 Book on Disc Gottlieb, Eli Best boy
BOD-3086 Book on Disc Koryta, Michael. Last words
BOD-3087 Book on Disc Clegg, Bill. Did you ever have a family
BOD-3088 Book on Disc Clifford, Stephanie. Everybody rise
BOD-3090 Book on Disc DeCarlo, Melissa. The art of crash landing
BOD-3091 Book on Disc Humphreys, Sara. Brave the heat
BOD-3092 Book on Disc Karon, Jan Come rain or come shine. (Mitford years, book 11.)
BOD-3093 Book on Disc Kellerman, Jonathan. The murderer's daughter
BOD-3094 Book on Disc Reid, Taylor Jenkins. Maybe in another life
BOD-3095 Book on Disc Robards, Karen. The last time I saw her. (Dr. Charlotte Stone series, #4.)
BOD-3096 Book on Disc Salesses, Matthew. The hundred year flood
BOD-5717 Book on Disc Carr, Robyn. Wildest dreams. (Thunder Point novel, #9.)
D-9338 Book on Disc King, Stephen Blood and smoke
Roberts BOD-3072 Roberts, Nora. Face the fire. (Three Sisters Island trilogy, book 3.)
SMP-882 Sound Media Player Freeman, Brian Turn to stone. (Jonathan Stride series.): a Jonathan Stride novella
SMP-883 Sound Media Player Fassnacht, Erik. A good family
BOD-3089 Juv Book on Disc Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Watsons go to Birmingham--1963
BOD-5706 Juv Book on Disc Lord, Cynthia. A handful of stars
BOD-5707 Juv M Book on Disc Blakemore, Megan Frazer. The friendship riddle
BOD-5710 Juv M Book on Disc Kerr, Esme. The girl with the glass bird
BOD-5708 Juv SF Book on Disc Rhodes, Jewell Parker. Bayou magic
SMP-885 Juv SF Sound Media Player Sachar, Louis Fuzzy mud
BOD-3051 M Book on Disc Todd, Charles. A pattern of lies: a Bess Crawford mystery
BOD-3064 M Book on Disc Fairstein, Linda A. Devil's Bridge
BOD-3065 M Book on Disc Jance, Judith A. Remains of innocence. (Joanna Brady series, #16.)
BOD-3066 M Book on Disc Kerr, Philip. The lady from Zagreb
BOD-3071 M Book on Disc Reichs, Kathy. Speaking in bones
BOD-3075 M Book on Disc Kuhns, Eleanor. Cradle to grave. (Will Rees mysteries, #3.)
BOD-3077 M Book on Disc Ellroy, James Perfidia
BOD-3078 M Book on Disc Paretsky, Sara. Brush back
BOD-3081 M Book on Disc Smith, Lachlan. Fox is framed [a Leo Maxwell mystery]
BOD-5716 M Book on Disc McCall Smith, Alexander The novel habits of happiness. (Isabel Dalhousie series, #10.)
248.4 J211d Book on Disc Jakes, T. D. Destiny: step into your purpose
294.344 C451c Book on Disc Chodron, Pema. Comfortable with uncertainty: 108 teachings on cultivating fearlessness and compassion
303.483 K848t Book on Disc Kotler, Steven Tomorrowland [our journey from science fiction to science fact]
303.484 H358w Book on Disc Hedges, Chris. Wages of rebellion [the moral imperative of revolt]
306.4 P81b Book on Disc . The best of pop culture happy hour: npr's high-energy entertainment podcast.
306.76 Ou88 Book on Disc . Outloud: stories from the LGBTQ community, gathered by StoryCorps and heard on MPR
327.73 G764k Book on Disc Grandin, Greg Kissinger's shadow: the long reach of America's most controversial statesman
364.162 K965m Book on Disc Kurkjian, Stephen A. Master thieves: the Boston gangsters who pulled off the world's greatest art heist
591.51 Sa17b Book on Disc Safina, Carl Beyond words: what animals think and feel
599.53 C268v Book on Disc Casey, Susan Voices in the ocean: a journey into the wild and haunting world of dolphins
629.4553 P446h Book on Disc Petranek, Stephen L. How we'll live on Mars
641.3 B548b Book on Disc Bittman, Mark. A bone to pick: the good and bad news about food, with wisdom, insights, and advice on diets, food safety, GMOs, farming, and more
658.85 Sch32t Book on Disc Schiffman, Stephan. The 25 sales skills they don't teach at business school
791.456 M219m Book on Disc Macks, Jon. Monologue: what makes America laugh before bed
813.54 G11o Book on Disc Gabaldon, Diana. The Outlandish companion: the first companion to the Outlander series, covering Outland, Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, and Drums of Autumn
818 J13l Book on Disc Jackson, Shirley Life among the savages
917.4 B848w Book on Disc Bryson, Bill. A walk in the woods [rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail]
917.8 B855o Book on Disc Buck, Rinker The Oregon Trail: a new American journey
921 B4362n Book on Disc Newkirk, Pamela. Spectacle: the astonishing life of Ota Benga
921 L461w Book on Disc Lea, Sonya. Wondering who you are [a memoir]
921 Y887AAm Book on Disc Yourgrau, Barry. Mess: one man's struggle to clean up his house and his act
930.1 J635l Book on Disc Johnson, Marilyn Lives in ruins [archaeologists and the seductive lure of human rubble]
942.03 M833g Book on Disc Morris, Marc A great and terrible king: Edward I and the forging of Britain
973.7349 G3359 Book on Disc . The Gettysburg Address [perspectives on Lincoln's greatest speech]
973.786 D559o Book on Disc Dickey, Christopher. Our man in Charleston: Britain's secret agent in the Civil War South
973.924 W431o Book on Disc Weiner, Tim. One man against the world: the tragedy of Richard Nixon
649.7 L139g Sound Media Player Lahey, Jessica. The gift of failure: how the best parents learn to let go so their children can succeed
BOD-3079 SF Book on Disc Priest, Cherie. Boneshaker. (Clockwork century series, #1.)
BOD-2635 W Book on Disc Grey, Zane Desert gold
BOD-3049 W Book on Disc Spillane, Mickey The legend of Caleb York
BOD-3063 W Book on Disc Estleman, Loren D. The long high noon
BOD-3050 YA Book on Disc Stead, Rebecca. Goodbye stranger
BOD-5712 YA Book on Disc Mathieu, Jennifer. Devoted
BOD-5713 YA Book on Disc Parsons, Ash. Still waters
BOD-5714 YA Book on Disc Silvera, Adam More happy than not
BOD-5709 YA M Book on Disc Toro, Guillermo del Trollhunters
BOD-3083 YA SF Book on Disc Levithan, David. Another day
BOD-5711 YA SF Book on Disc DeStefano, Lauren. Burning kingdoms. (The Internment chronicles, book 2.)
SMP-886 YA Sound Media Player Stead, Rebecca. Goodbye stranger
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