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New Audiobooks - August 2014

These titles were added during July

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-1938 Book on Disc Child, Lee. Without fail: a Jack Reacher novel
BOD-2364 Book on Disc Doctorow, E. L. Andrew's brain
BOD-2631 Book on Disc Beah, Ishmael Radiance of tomorrow
BOD-2637 Book on Disc Harrison, Jim True north
BOD-2638 Book on Disc Hooker, Richard. MASH: a novel about three army doctors
BOD-2639 Book on Disc Paull, Laline. The bees
BOD-2644 Book on Disc Ford, Ford Madox The good soldier
BOD-2645 Book on Disc Barbery, Muriel Gourmet rhapsody
BOD-2646 Book on Disc Crane, Stephen Stephen Crane's The bride comes to Yellow Sky & other stories of America and the West
BOD-2647 Book on Disc Johansen, Iris. What doesn't kill you
BOD-2648 Book on Disc Slaughter, Karin Cop town
BOD-2650 Book on Disc Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum's the Bourne ascendancy: a new Jason Bourne novel
BOD-2651 Book on Disc Hilderbrand, Elin. The matchmaker
BOD-2652 Book on Disc Thor, Brad. Act of war: a thriller
BOD-2653 Book on Disc Hayes, Terry I am Pilgrim: a thriller
BOD-2654 Book on Disc Giffin, Emily. The one & only
BOD-2655 Book on Disc Healey, Emma Elizabeth is missing
D-11131 Book on Disc Howard, Linda Dream man
SMP-819 Sound Media Player Ross, Dana Fuller. Independence! (Wagons West, v. 1.)
SMP-820 Sound Media Player Ross, Dana Fuller. Nebraska! (Wagons West, v. 2.)
SMP-821 Sound Media Player Ross, Dana Fuller. Wyoming! (Wagons West, v. 3.)
BOD-2632 Juv Book on Disc Clements, Andrew Frindle
D-9081 Juv Book on Disc Dahl, Roald. Matilda
D-9308 Juv SF Book on Disc Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (Harry Potter series, year 5.)
D-10578 Juv SF Book on Disc Riordan, Rick. The Titan's curse. (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 3.)
D-11100 Juv SF Book on Disc Riordan, Rick. The last Olympian. (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, book 5.)
SMP-818 Juv SF Sound Media Player Cowell, Cressida. How to train your dragon. (How to train your dragon, book 1.)
BOD-2641 M Book on Disc Queen, Ellery. The four of hearts
BOD-2649 M Book on Disc Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker's cheap shot: a Spenser novel
D-10914 M Book on Disc Krueger, William Kent. Red Knife: a Cork O'Connor mystery
155.93 L578g Book on Disc Levine, Stephen The grief process [meditations for healing]
158.1 R536n Book on Disc Robbins, Mike Nothing changes until you do: a guide to self-compassion and getting out of your own way
158.12 H24t Book on Disc Harris, Dan 10% happier: how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works-- a true story
248.4 M575ap Book on Disc Meyer, Joyce The approval fix [how to break free from people pleasing]
270.83 T437g Book on Disc Tickle, Phyllis. The great emergence: how Christianity is changing and why
294.344 C451g Book on Disc Chodron, Pema. Giving our best: a retreat with Pema Chodron on practicing the way of the Bodhisattva
327.12 B532g Book on Disc Bird, Kai. The good spy [the life and death of Robert Ames]
332.041 P637c Book on Disc Piketty, Thomas Capital in the twenty-first century
338.7 Sch81s Book on Disc Schulman, Daniel Sons of Wichita: how the Koch brothers became America's most powerful and private dynasty
613 R637y Book on Disc Roizen, Michael F. You: the owner's manual : an insider's guide to the body that will make you healthier and younger
658 C694h Book on Disc Collins, James C. How the mighty fall [and why some companies never give in]
658.4 C29c Book on Disc Catmull, Edwin E. Creativity, Inc.: overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration
784.4 Se32s Book on Disc Seeger, Pete The storm king [stories, narratives, poems : spoken word set to a world of music]
791.4475 P39 Book on Disc . People we meet: unforgettable conversations.
796.426 K848g Book on Disc Grierson, Bruce. What makes Olga run? [the mystery of the 90-something track star and what she can teach us about living longer, happier lives]
808.51 G137t Book on Disc Gallo, Carmine. Talk like TED [the 9 public-speaking secrets of the world's top minds]
813.52 F576zSto Stone, Dan. An introduction to The great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: audio guide
813.52 H375zS Stone, Dan. An Introduction to A farewell to arms by Ernest Hemingway: audio guide
813.52 H946zS Stone, Dan. An Introduction to Their eyes were watching God by Zora Neale Hurston: audio guide
813.52 St34zSt Stone, Dan. An Introduction to The grapes of wrath by John Steinbeck: audio guide
813.52 W555zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to The age of innocence by Edith Wharton: audio guide
813.54 An18zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to Bless me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya: audio guide
813.54 B726zS Stone, Dan. An Introduction to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: audio guide
813.54 C286zS Stone, Dan. An Introduction to My Antonia by Willa Cather: audio guide
813.54 G127zM Murphy, Molly. An introduction to A lesson before dying by Ernest J. Gaines: audio guide
813.54 H183zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to The Maltese falcon by Dashiell Hammett: audio guide
813.54 L511zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee: audio guide
813.54 L527zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to A wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin: audio guide
813.54 L846zS Stone, Dan. An Introduction to The call of the wild by Jack London: audio guide
813.54 M139zS Stone, Dan. An Introduction to The heart is a lonely hunter by Carson McCullers: audio guide
813.54 Oz5zK Kampe, Adam. An introduction to The shawl by Cynthia Ozick: audio guide
813.54 R564zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson: audio guide
813.54 W8325zS Stone, Dan. An introduction to Old school by Tobias Wolff: audio guide
891.73 P268zF Book on Disc Finn, Peter The Zhivago affair: the Kremlin, the CIA, and the battle over a forbidden book
891.73 T588zSt Stone, Dan. An introduction to The death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy: audio guide
892.736 M277zM Murphy, Molly. An introduction to The thief and the dogs by Naguib Mahfouz: audio guide
917.304 W317c Book on Disc Waters, John Carsick
917.304 W317c Sound Media Player Waters, John Carsick
921 B1513AAs Book on Disc Bailey, Blake The splendid things we planned: a family portrait
921 B766l Book on Disc Brierley, Saroo A long way home: a memoir
921 M311r Book on Disc . Mandela: an audio history
921 N289w Book on Disc Winchester, Simon. The man who loved China: Joseph Needham and the making of a masterpiece
921 R538AAt Book on Disc Robbins, Tom Tibetan peach pie: A true account of an imaginative life
940.3 W8931 Book on Disc . World War I
940.53 K546g Book on Disc Kiernan, Denise. The girls of Atomic City: the untold story of the women who helped win World War II
940.5318 Ac57z  Ackerman, Diane The zookeeper's wife: a war story
BOD-2630 SF Book on Disc Pratchett, Terry. Raising steam: a Discworld novel
BOD-2633 SF Book on Disc Corey, James S. A. Honor among thieves. (Empire and rebellion, #2.)
BOD-2642 SF Book on Disc Schreiber, Joe Maul: lockdown
BOD-2643 SF Book on Disc Wells, Martha. Razor's edge. (Empire and rebellion, #1.)
BOD-2656 SF Book on Disc Doescher, Ian. William Shakespeare's Star Wars collection
BOD-1791 W Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis The riders of High Rock [a Hopalong Cassidy novel]
BOD-2635 W Book on Disc Grey, Zane Desert gold
BOD-2636 W Book on Disc Guthrie, A. B., Jr. These thousand hills
BOD-2640 W Book on Disc Mulford, Clarence Edward Hopalong Cassidy
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