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New Audiobooks - April 2014

These titles were added during March

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Call Number Author Title
BOD-101 Book on Disc Crusie, Jennifer. Wild ride
BOD-2516 Book on Disc Allende, Isabel. Ripper
BOD-2517 Book on Disc Hoffman, Alice. The Museum of Extraordinary Things
BOD-2519 Book on Disc Evanovich, Janet. The chase
BOD-2522 Book on Disc Simmons, Dan The abominable
BOD-2523 Book on Disc Krentz, Jayne Ann. True colors
BOD-2524 Book on Disc Krentz, Jayne Ann. Legacy
BOD-2525 Book on Disc Munro, Alice Runaway: stories
BOD-2526 Book on Disc Nunez, Sigrid. Salvation City
BOD-2527 Book on Disc Jonasson, Jonas The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared
BOD-2531 Book on Disc Steel, Danielle. Power play
BOD-2532 Book on Disc Johansen, Iris. Taking Eve
BOD-2534 Book on Disc Higgins, Jack Wrath of the lion
BOD-2535 Book on Disc Steinhauer, Olen. The Cairo affair
BOD-2536 Book on Disc Woodrell, Daniel. Give us a kiss
BOD-2537 Book on Disc Dubus, Andre Dirty love
BOD-2540 Book on Disc Taylor, Patrick An Irish country doctor. (Irish country novel, #1.)
BOD-2541 Book on Disc Murnane, Maria. It's a Waverly life: new decade. new job. new shenanigans
BOD-2542 Book on Disc Hardy, Thomas Jude the obscure
BOD-2546 Book on Disc Patterson, James NYPD: red 2
BOD-2548 Book on Disc Connelly, Michael The gods of guilt
BOD-2549 Book on Disc Fowler, Karen Joy. We are all completely beside ourselves
BOD-2550 Book on Disc Gruber, Michael The return
BOD-2551 Book on Disc Gibson, Gregory The old Turk's load
BOD-2552 Book on Disc Jackson, Lisa. Ready to die
BOD-2554 Book on Disc Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum's the Bourne imperative: a new Jason Bourne novel
BOD-2555 Book on Disc Lustbader, Eric. Robert Ludlum's the Bourne retribution: a new Jason Bourne novel
BOD-2556 Book on Disc Krentz, Jayne Ann. Sizzle and burn
BOD-2557 Book on Disc Maazel, Fiona Woke up lonely
BOD-2558 Book on Disc Garcia Marquez, Gabriel One hundred years of solitude
BOD-2559 Book on Disc Mott, Jason. The returned
BOD-2562 Book on Disc Day, Sylvia. Ask for it
BOD-2563 Book on Disc Kushner, Rachel. Telex from Cuba
BOD-5555 Book on Disc Berenson, Alex. The counterfeit agent
BOD-5557 Book on Disc Carr, Robyn. The chance. (Thunder Point novel, #4.)
BOD-5557 Book on Disc Cook, Robin Cell
BOD-5558 Book on Disc McCall Smith, Alexander The forever girl
BOD-5559 Book on Disc Flynn, Vince. Executive power
D-20484 Book on Disc Wroblewski, David. The story of Edgar Sawtelle
SMP-229 Sound Media Player Weiner, Jennifer. Best friends forever
SMP-234 Sound Media Player Cook, Robin Intervention
SMP-373 Sound Media Player Dallas, Sandra. Whiter than snow
SMP-456 Sound Media Player Dallas, Sandra. The bride's house
SMP-603 Sound Media Player Chiaverini, Jennifer. Sonoma Rose: an Elm Creek quilts novel
SMP-657 Sound Media Player Gregory, Philippa. The lady of the rivers. (Cousins' war, book 3.)
SMP-790 Sound Media Player Tartt, Donna. The goldfinch
SMP-792 Sound Media Player Galloway, Steven The cellist of Sarajevo
SMP-794 Sound Media Player Child, Lee. Never go back: a Jack Reacher novel
SMP-796 Sound Media Player Grisham, John. Sycamore Row
SMP-800 Juv Sound Media Player Dicamillo, Kate. Flora & Ulysses: the illuminated adventures
SMP-799 Juv M Sound Media Player 39 clues Nowhere to run. (The 39 clues, unstoppable, book 1.)
BOD-2539 Juv SF Book on Disc Jinks, Catherine How to catch a bogle. (Bogle trilogy, vol. 1.)
SMP-801 Juv SF Sound Media Player Flanagan, John The outcasts. (Brotherband chronicles, book 1.)
SMP-802 Juv SF Sound Media Player Flanagan, John The invaders. (Brotherband chronicles, book 2.)
BOD-2528 M Book on Disc Crais, Robert. Suspect
BOD-2529 M Book on Disc Beaton, M. C. Death of a village: a Hamish MacBeth mystery
BOD-2530 M Book on Disc Robb, J. D. Concealed in death
BOD-2533 M Book on Disc Rendell, Ruth The babes in the wood: a Chief Inspector Wexford mystery
BOD-2538 M Book on Disc Greaves, Chuck. Green-eyed lady
BOD-2547 M Book on Disc Brandman, Michael. Robert B. Parker's damned if you do: a Jesse Stone novel
BOD-2560 M Book on Disc Ferris, Monica. The drowning spool (Needlecraft mystery, book 17.)
BOD-2564 M Book on Disc Grecian, Alex. The black country
BOD-5157 Book on Disc Schlink, Bernhard. The weekend
BOD-5554 M Book on Disc Fluke, Joanne Blackberry pie murder
SMP-447 M Sound Media Player Reichs, Kathy. Flash and bones
SMP-789 M Sound Media Player Evanovich, Janet. Takedown twenty: a Stephanie Plum novel
SMP-795 M Sound Media Player Galbraith, Robert. The cuckoo's calling
SMP-798 M Sound Media Player Penny, Louise. How the light gets in: a Chief Inspector Gamache novel
158.7 Sa39r Book on Disc Salzberg, Sharon. Real happiness at work: meditations for accomplishment, achievement, and peace
332.024 C848j Book on Disc Cramer, Jim. Jim Cramer's get rich carefully
337.73 R636b Book on Disc Rohde, David Beyond war: reimagining American influence in a new Middle East
342.73 L578l Book on Disc Levin, Mark R. The liberty amendments: restoring the American republic
345.02523 B643a Book on Disc Bonner, Raymond. Anatomy of injustice: a murder case gone wrong
523.1 L626a Book on Disc Lightman, Alan P. The accidental universe: the world you thought you knew
613 P76i Book on Disc Pollan, Michael. In defense of food: an eater's manifesto
613.85 R452h Book on Disc Riley, Gillian. How to stop smoking and stay stopped for good
616.8522 St76m Book on Disc Stossel, Scott. My age of anxiety: fear, hope, dread, and the search for peace of mind
796.332 G875k Book on Disc Kluck, Ted. Robert Griffin III: athlete, leader, believer
817.54 J563e Book on Disc Jillette, Penn. Every day is an atheist holiday! more magical tales from the author of God, no!
818.54 B279y Book on Disc Barry, Dave. You can date boys when you're forty: Dave Barry on parenting and other topics he knows very little about
921 C7644AAd Book on Disc Conroy, Pat. The death of Santini: the story of a father and his son
921 C78sh Book on Disc Shlaes, Amity. Coolidge
940.548 H836w Book on Disc Howarth, David Armine We die alone
973.92 H331b Book on Disc Haygood, Wil. The butler: a witness to history
973.931 B1762d Book on Disc Baker, Peter Days of fire [Bush and Cheney in the White House]
371.911 M279f Sound Media Player Mahoney, Rosemary. For the benefit of those who see: dispatches from the world of the blind
BOD-2518 SF Book on Disc Eddings, David. King of the Murgos. (Malloreon, book 2.)
BOD-2544 SF Book on Disc Weber, David Mission of Honor. (Honor Harrington, book 12.)
BOD-2545 SF Book on Disc Briggs, Patricia. Night broken
BOD-2561 SF Book on Disc Weber, David A rising thunder. (Honor Harrington, book 13.)
BOD-720 SF Book on Disc Niffenegger, Audrey. The time traveler's wife
SMP-797 SF Sound Media Player Martin, George R. R. A dance with dragons. (Song of ice and fire, book 5.)
BOD-2521 W Book on Disc Knott, Robert Robert B. Parker's Bull River. (Cole and Hitch novel, #6.)
BOD-2543 W Book on Disc L'Amour, Louis Kid Rodelo
BOD-2553 YA Book on Disc King, A. S. Reality boy
BOD-2520 YA SF Book on Disc Heinlein, Robert A. Citizen of the galaxy
SMP-803 YA SF Sound Media Player Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. (The Hunger Games trilogy, book 1)
SMP-805 YA SF Sound Media Player Collins, Suzanne Mockingjay. (The Hunger Games trilogy, book 3.)
SMP-793 YA Sound Media Player Zusak, Markus. The book thief
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